What is the Recommended Format for Implementing Schema Markup?

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A study carried out on ten million websites shows that a mere forty-five percent of websites implement JSON-LD structured data.

Google has stated that JSON-LD is the recommended format for adding schema markup.

Recommended Format for Implementing Schema Markup

This has increased the need for using JSON-LD, especially now that Google Assistant is now present in vehicles and houses.


What is JSON-LD Structured Data?

JSON-LD is a code that you can insert at any place on a web page, which expresses schema.org structured data.

You can insert it in the head section in addition to other metadata, such as the meta description and title tag.

You may also insert it close to the end of the code or next to the body tag.

The reason JSON-LD is better than other structured data formats is that it never modifies the HTML code and is simple to lay out and implements in a website.


Why is JSON-LD the Recommended Format for Implementing Structured Data?

When compared with formats such as RDFa, JSON-LD has a lot of benefits.

They include:

  • It doesn’t have an impact on page performance since it loads without delay.
  • It can be inserted into a web page without affecting any HTML tags and structure present.
  • Web builders can simply reuse it because it adheres to JSON syntax.
  • It makes use of linked data.

Because of all this reason, Google encourages website developers and owners to implement JSON-LD structured data format on a web page.

It lets each unit become connected in a seamless way.


How Can I implement JSON-LD to my WordPress Website?

You can use plugins to insert schema.org JSON-LD markup in your WordPress website. Some of the best plugins include:



WordLift has a WordPress plugin that can be used to insert JSON-LD automatically according to the kind of content on your page.

It utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) to gather entities with names suggested to the tag editor for content.

These entities feature special IDs in the environment of data.

Through these identifiers, WordLift collects information and instantly uses JSON-LD to add it to the web pages.


Schema by Hesham

This plugin is effective and fast in injecting schema-structured markup via JSON-LD to any WordPress website.

When you add structured data relevant to your pages, your website will have higher search visibility and stand out more on search engine results pages.


  • Simple to use and figure out without hassle.
  • Effective for all kinds of schema.org,
  • Allow multiple schema types based on post category or post type.
  • Allow all kinds of Schema to be inserted into your site content.
  • Personalize your source data using schema.org attributes.
  • It can be easily validated via Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • It uses JSON-LD format, which is highly endorsed by Google.
  • Easy to use, set it and forget it, with minimal settings.
  • Easily reuse your post metadata, installed using 3rd-party plugins.
  • Capable of improving the functionality of 3rd-party plugins, themes and extensions.


Markup (JSON-LD) Structured in Schema.org

This plugin easily lets you add schema.org JSON-LD markup on your web pages.


Schema App Structured Data

This plugin helps in setting up schema.org markup for your author, pages, category and page content utilizing data that is already presented in your WordPress site.

Simply set up the plugin, insert your logo and provide your business name.

And your content will be better optimized to be processed by search engines, improving site traffic, better click-through rates and many more.

The plugin features three important site structures: site links search box, site name in results and breadcrumbs.

It can set up the following markup: search, page, blog, post, category, author, tag, breadcrumb list, website and videoobject.

You can modify a post and page schema markup via default settings (for example, you can set the default to product) by modifying the generated JSON-LD for individual pages.


Recommended Format for Implementing Schema Markup FAQs



While there are other types of schema markup, like microdata or RDFa, they are difficult to use with HTML.

A primary issue with this is that this format needs HTML for use.

JSON-LD is highly functional, similar to other formats, but doesn’t require HTML.

This implies that you can implement JSON-LD in your page without affecting its content or HTML.

JSON-LD enables search engine algorithms to learn more about a specific entity. This is why it is highly valued in SEO.

In 2015, Google stated that it will begin accepting JSON-LD as a structured data format.

This was a major development in the SEO community because all other structured data formats were very difficult to use.

While JSON-LD employs the data in schema.org, however, it doesn’t need HTML to exist in the web page content.

Although the team at Schema has been playing around with JSON-LD, it is just lately that Google has its door to the JSON-LD format.


Does JSON-LD Positively Impact SEO?

While we can say for certain if JSON-LD offers any SEO benefit, we understand Google endorses it and utilizes JSON-LD to facilitate rich snippets in the Knowledge Graph.

When your website begins to get snippets from the knowledge graph, you will enjoy a lot of associated benefits like:

  • Branding and improved reputation (e.g., logo beside your business name ).
  • Social proof (review stars beside your product page)

and many more.


How do I add JSON-LD code?

It is usually easy to add JSON-LD code in the <head> of your site.

You can also add it to the content of your website or any other place for whatever reason.


Does Google favor JSON-LD?

Yes, Google encourages the use of JSON-LD with structured data if it is enabled by your website’s setup.

It is the most effective schema markup format to add and run at scale.

This implies it is less susceptible to errors by users.


Is JSON-LD popular?

JSON-LD is utilized by more than 40% of every website.

In fact, in the top one million websites, over 50% use JSON-LD.


Which code can I use JSON in?

Commonly used codes like Python, C++, C#, PHP and Java offer top-notch support for JSON data structure.

These codes cater to service-oriented structures that are relevant to JSON and its application for data exchange.


What are the limitations of JSON?’

No error management – JSON has a low system for dealing with errors.

No comments – This statement can cause a lot of difficulty for web developers.

Security – JSON can be unsafe when utilized with browsers that are insecure or unreliable.


What are the advantages of JSON format?

  • It is simple to handle.
  • It has more effective schema support.
  • It is faster
  • It is a self-describing data format.


Which search engine platform favors the JSON-LD syntax?

Google favors JSON-LD markup format.


Who is known as the father of JSON?

Douglas Crockford is a US-based developer who took part in the research and creation of the JavaScript language.

He established the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and has built many JavaScript-related applications like the modification tool JSMin and code analysis tool JSLint.


What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is a format for encoding data on the web.

It is simple to access and manipulate structured data online via linked open vocabularies.

It is highly recommended by Google and the W3C and has emerged as the successor of JSON format.

It enables linked data to function on the web.

The goal of JSON-LD is to offer search engines relevant information about online pages via the semantic web.

This ultimately assists in creating a connection between published content and search intent.


What is LD in SEO?

LD stands for linked data in the world of SEO.

It is a much easier and quicker way to extract data from web services to deliver search results.

It also allows for better indexability from search engine bots such as Bingbot or Googlebot.


Why do a lot of developers use JSON, and where is it mostly used?

Reason for the popularity of JSON: JSON is becoming increasingly used in API development and online platforms because it assists in swift data transmission and web page results.

It doesn’t demand extra code for analysis as it is textual, simple to handle and lightweight.


What web service uses JSON?

Some popular web services like Facebook, Twitter and Google utilize JSON for API.

In addition to that, JSON is the most widely used data format topic on Stack Overflow.


Are there alternatives to JSON?

Yes, programming languages like MongoDB, Avro, OData and Protobuf are alternatives to JSON.


What is the full meaning of API?

API fully means Application Programming Interface. It is a channel for application software and computer programs to interact and exchange data.



JSON-LD offers website owners and SEO professionals an easy format to structure their data for search engines to extract and analyze.

This data can assist search engines in delivering more relevant search results in SERPS.

It is also beneficial to website owners because it improves click-through rates and engagement.

This implies that JSON-LD is a very valuable tool for boosting your site’s SEO results and driving traffic.

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