How to See What My Boyfriend Likes on Facebook

Facebook is among the leading social media websites. There’s hardly anyone without a Facebook profile.

It is highly popular as it plays host to more than 500 million daily active users. 

While it is true that you are active on Facebook, there is a big chance that your boyfriend also regularly uses Facebook. 

See What My Boyfriend Likes on Facebook

Since Facebook has a large user base, it’s inevitable that you must wonder who your boyfriend chats with and what he likes on Facebook.

A great way to have a general idea about your boyfriend’s activities on the social media platform is to check the photo he likes. 


So What Can You Find Out From Seeing What Your Boyfriend Likes on Facebook?

You might ask this important question. You might be unsure if there are any benefits to seeing what your boyfriend likes on Facebook.

This section of the article highlights the key info you can get from checking it. 



Many Facebook users react to posts or pictures they are interested in. One of the most popular forms of Facebook reaction is through the use of the “like” feature.

It’s a way of expressing appreciation, affection or approval of something. While there are other Facebook reactions, e.g. anger, care and love, most people prefer the “like” button. 

By seeing what your boyfriend likes on Facebook, you can discover things that catch your boyfriend’s interest. Let’s reveal a mystery to you.

Assuming your boyfriend is celebrating his birthday soon and you don’t know what present you should buy for him, seeing his Facebook likes can give you an idea of what gift will make him happy. 

As you explore your boyfriend’s Facebook likes, you can link up what you have seen to the random discussions you have had with him in the past. Then, you can get a gift that will gladden his heart.

From another perspective, this would give you an idea of the kind of woman your boyfriend is attracted to and whether he is not being faithful to you.

The truth is that if your boyfriend likes photos of some girls on Facebook, you’d want to see the assets that these girls have, right?


New Friend or Relationship

Another reason why you need to check your boyfriend’s likes on Facebook is that it is key to unlocking a deep secret.

It might lead you to know his friends even before he introduces you to them.

In some cases, you might find that some of his Facebook likes might give you a clue if he is cheating or not. 

On social media, people usually show their commitment to one another by checking out the other person’s timeline to keep track of their past activities and even like some pictures or posts on their Facebook page.

This is how they prove how solid their friendship is. 


How to See What My Boyfriend Likes on Facebook

You can use plenty of strategies to find out what your boyfriend likes on Facebook. Let’s explore them all:


Add Him as a Friend or “Follow” Him

The quickest and easiest way to access your boyfriend’s liked posts and pictures is to add or follow his Facebook account.

There’s a feature that enables you to access the list of users who have engaged with any post you are checking on your feed. 

Since you have added his Facebook account, you can easily see whichever Facebook post he has liked or commented on.


Using the Public Profile Details

Each Facebook profile has an information section that gives an overview of the pages they like. 

You can use this method to discover your boyfriend’s liked Facebook page. 

You can always find this information on the profile page of everyone on Facebook. Navigate to About Info. This section will show you a rundown of the pages your boyfriend has liked, categorized into types.

To easily discover the information section, access the profile page of your boyfriend, and select the “about info” (…). Navigate down to the about page and look for the Likes heading.

This holds the names of the pages your boyfriend likes on Facebook. 


Profile of a Mutual Friend

Another way to discover your boyfriend’s Facebook likes is to navigate the profile of a mutual friend and go through every post; then, you will find out whether he has liked anything on that person’s timeline or not.

There is a very nice feature that Facebook offers as it enables you to find the names of people who have liked a specific picture or post.

Thus, if you want to check if your boyfriend likes a certain picture or post, you can do that. Just tap the picture, and the list of users who liked the picture will be displayed to you.

You can visit the profile page of any mutual friend to keep watch on any of their posts. It’s a good strategy for discovering whether your boyfriend likes the user’s content.


Add Him With a Fake Account

This is a dubious but effective way of finding your boyfriend’s likes on Facebook. You can easily set up a fake account that you can use to monitor his activities on Facebook.

This is ideal if he has blocked your account or restricted you from seeing certain parts of his feed. 

You can sign up with a fake name and add him up as a friend. He will most likely accept your Facebook friend request, and then you will have access to all his liked posts and pictures recently. 

From your news feed, you can check out his entire Facebook content, especially if he has set them to “public” or “friends”.


Facebook Cheating Signs to Take Note of

Here are some signs your boyfriend is cheating on Facebook:


He Invests Plenty of His Time on Facebook

While there is a chance that everyone enjoys spending an inordinate amount on Facebook, your boyfriend’s abnormally long hours on Facebook may be a sure sign of cheating. 

He can exchange messages with his side-chick or fling on Facebook. Thus, if your boyfriend is active on Facebook every hour of the day, you need to get to the bottom of that situation. 


Late Night Texting Session

An important sign of a cheating boyfriend on Facebook is late-night chats.

So, for any reason, if you catch him peering at his phone screen and typing energetically at midnight, then you should be very suspicious. 

If you want further evidence, you can even use some spy apps to collect copies of conversations before you take decisive actions.

Still, you can summon up courage and confront your boyfriend. If you have excuses that revolve around their job, then there’s a chance that the person they are cheating with is a workplace colleague. 


Hidden Friends on Facebook

Is it possible to hide a list of friends on Facebook? 


If you cannot find your boyfriend’s friend list, it should be enough to rouse your suspicion. 

This is because cheating boyfriends always take advantage of this feature to cheat on their babes. This should make you very watchful, so you can get them while they are at it. 


Your boyfriend has so many fake accounts

Although there are smart reasons for setting up more than one Facebook account, it is usually among the signs of cheating. 

If you have noticed that your boyfriend likes setting up plenty of fake accounts, you should find out why he does this.

Chances are that he could be reaching out to different girls with pseudo identities. 

Sometimes, people carry out unlawful activities with false accounts. 


He refuses to let you go near his smartphone

A cheating boyfriend will safeguard his phone more than anything because that’s where the cheating takes place.

If your boyfriend cheats, you will notice that he is sneaky and protective of his smartphone.

If he is plain honest and sincere, he won’t try to keep his phone away from you. When he begins to jitter and act furiously when you pick up his phone, you should be suspicious. 


See What my Boyfriend Likes on Facebook FAQs


Can I change who can access my Facebook posts?

Tap the hamburger menu option in the corner of your post. Next, tap Edit Privacy.

In the next box, select the privacy level you need for your post. You can set your post to be seen by “Only me”, “Public”, “Custom”, and “Friends”. 


Can I check my activity log on Facebook?

Yes. Launch the Facebook mobile app. Navigate to and select the menu option. Next, go to your profile and tap the three-dot menu beside “Edit Profile”.

You will see “activity log” listed among the options. 


What’s the best spying app for mobile phones?

You should try mSpy app. It works for all devices -Android, iOS & Windows. The app will enable you to monitor your boyfriend’s shady activities.

It will help you get data about his whereabouts, access his text messages and track what he does on social media. 



This article covers all the techniques you can use to discover what your boyfriend likes on Facebook.

We also explored some signs of cheating on Facebook. Ensure you share this article with your friends and loved ones. 


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