How to See What My Boyfriend Likes on Snapchat

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Snapchat is a social media site that most people use to seek relationships, romantic partners, flirt and connect on a personal level.

Unlike Facebook, which revolves around engaging with friends, Snapchat promotes intimacy and amorous advances. 

See What My Boyfriend Likes on Snapchat

In this article, I will show you how to see what your boyfriend likes on Snapchat.


Can I See What My Boyfriend Likes on Snapchat?

Now, you will ask, “Can I see what my boyfriend likes on Snapchat?”

The answer is not really. 

Snapchat does not have a “like” feature that is popular on Instagram and Facebook. Although it fits the parameters associated with most social media platforms, it is uniquely different from them.

According to Snapchat’s founder, Evan Spiegel, the app is more of a “Camera app” and a “creative tool” than an actual social media site.

While there is an instant messaging feature on the app, it prioritizes streaks and snaps. There is nothing like comments or likes.  

The app has fantastic camera effects and filters, allowing you to look your best while sharing updates or sending snaps about your daily activities.

If someone finds your snaps appealing enough, they will drop a text or reply. However, the text can exclusively be accessed by yourself and the person who sends it. 


Snapchat Spotlight

In late 2020, Snapchat launched the “spotlight feature” on their platform, replicating the viral short-form content popularized by TikTok.

Spotlight is a standalone section of the Snapchat app. Videos that appear as spotlight snaps last 60 seconds long. 

When you access this section, the algorithm will display videos you are likely to enjoy (largely based on videos you may have watched before and the number of times you viewed them).

This is in addition to allowing everyone to share their snaps using a Snap Map location and letting other users access them wherever and whenever they like. 

Spotlight snaps differ from TikTok because it does not have a public comment section. The default status of Snapchat users is set to private.

Now since you can’t see what your boyfriend likes on Snapchat, is there a way to know if your boyfriend is cheating?

Yes, we will explore them below.


Ways to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating?

You must know that Snapchat has rich features that may encourage people to cheat.

It is a very user-friendly platform, and messages last for 24 hours, allowing anyone to eliminate any proof of their infidelity. 

Furthermore, flirting, opposite gender teasing, and banter are the norms on Snapchat. It has a way of connecting strangers and creating a romantic vibe around their interaction like never before. 

If you have a cheating boyfriend, his Snapchat account can be your strongest source of evidence. In this article, we will explore some surest ways to know if your boyfriend is cheating on Snapchat. 


His Snapchat Score Keeps Increasing

Snapchat Score is an accumulation of the number of snaps that a user has received and sent along with the stories they have uploaded.

The more a user interacts with others on the app, the faster the Snapchat Score increases. 

A good indication that your boyfriend may be cheating on Snapchat is if you see his Snapchat score constantly go up.

Through research, we have found that if your boyfriend’s score jumps by a few hundred, you should be concerned. This may imply that he has received and sent out plenty of Snaps.

Although a steadily rising Snapchat Score might raise red flags, it does not automatically suggest he cheats. There is a likelihood that he might be sharing numerous snaps with his buddies. 

If you are looking for more signs, there are other methods you can use to discover if your boyfriend uses Snapchat to cheat. 


Hidden Snapchat Friends

With the way your boyfriend uses the hidden friends feature on Snapchat, you can tell if he cheats. 

You simply need to log into his account and navigate to his profile.

On this page, you will have access to his profile details and friend list. If you are unable to find it, it signifies that he has set it to “hide” via privacy options. 

How do you make sense of his hidden Snapchat friend?

Once you have entered your boyfriend’s profile, an easy method you can use to check for his hidden friends is to study the emojis. They represent his relationship with them. 

These emojis can reveal plenty of details about their friendship level. For instance, you can find out if users are besties and the length of time they have been great friends. 

Listed below is a short list of popular hidden friend emojis on Snapchat:

❤️ (BFF)

This signifies that they have been close to each other for two consecutive weeks.

? (Besties)

This signifies that they are each other’s besties. 

? (Snapstreak)

This indicates the length of days they constantly send each other snaps. 

These emojis are highly accurate and will indicate if your boyfriend and other users have been sending each other snaps on a constant basis.


He Disables His Snapchat Location

Is your boyfriend’s Snapchat location disabled? This should be a cause for concern and could imply that he hasn’t been faithful.

Snapchat location lets you monitor your boyfriend’s location via Snap Map.

It gives you an idea of his current whereabouts and if they are in the right place. 

We have heard plenty of reports of ladies catching their men pants down with someone else via the Snapchat location.

The first place to check if you suspect your boyfriend is cheating is the Snapchat location. 

If he has disabled the Snapchat location, there is a high likelihood they are hiding their whereabouts – this should raise your suspicion. 


Use Snap Map to Monitor Your Boyfriend

Snap Map is another nice Snapchat feature that gives you a clue if your boyfriend is a cheater. As the name suggests, it has a map that enables you to track a user’s whereabouts.

It is so effective because it displays this data in real-time. 

You can also access the user’s “last seen” status. This lets you have a good idea of his location and find out if there is anything dishonest about his movements. 

Here’s how to use Snap Map:

  • Access the map by tapping the location icon in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  • The Snap Map will instantly pop up. 
  • Please be reminded that when you activate Snap Map, you’ll have to specify who can access your location. 
  • Next, you must set it to “everyone” so that you can view the whereabouts of users with similar configurations. To check your boyfriend’s location, tap the avatar. 

Snap Map is highly beneficial because you get to check his location precisely. If he is relaxing in some girl’s house, you will see it on the map, and everything will be clear to you. 


His Phone’s Battery Usage 

This is yet another good way of finding out if your boyfriend cheats on Snapchat.

Checking his phone’s battery usage can give you a clue, although most people are yet to realize this. While this is not a direct strategy, it’s still a wonderful way to check if your boyfriend is glued to Snapchat. 

Here’s how to discover his phone’s battery usage:

  • Launch the settings menu on his smartphone and tap the battery option.
  • Next, find out the extent of battery use for Snapchat.

If you notice that Snapchat consumes a lot of his phone’s battery, it implies that he is regularly using the app, and it should give you a reason to be suspicious.  

Please note that this strategy is not fully accurate. There’s also a possibility that he uses the app to reach out to his friends or watch other user stories.

High battery use levels are not strong evidence that he has cheated on you. You would have to look elsewhere for more signs to be sure.


See What my Boyfriend Likes on Snapchat FAQs


What are the other signs that my boyfriend cheats on Snapchat?

  • He is always on his phone. 
  • He is secretive about activities on his phone. 
  • He is mentally and physically distant from you. 
  • He pays excessive attention to the way he looks. 
  • He spoils you with presents for no cause. 


Is there a good Snapchat spy tool?

You can use a tool like Hoverwatch. Once installed on your boyfriend’s phone, you can regularly screenshot the screen.

You can set it to run after he logs into Snapchat. It also has a Keylogger feature that tracks messages he sends. 


Can you retrieve already-deleted messages on Snapchat? 

There is a data recovery page created by Snapchat to allow users to easily access all kinds of data sent and received via your account.

Some examples include pictures, video clips and texts. Snapchat knows you might want to access your texts even when they have been deleted automatically.




Although you can’t see what your boyfriend likes on Snapchat, if you suspect he is cheating, we have explored some strategies you can use to find out. 

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