How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost

LinkedIn learning is a magnificent learning platform that has been employed to scale up people’s skills and yield better human resource capital for companies and personal brands.

Do you wish to take advantage of the platform and would want to know how much it would cost you?

A rundown of how much you will spend to acquire knowledge on LinkedIn learning will be shared here. So, read through to find out more.

How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost


Introduction to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning is a site that teaches people using tutorial videos with specific learning goals per video.

There are more than 16,000 courses on the platform with each being further broken down into small videos. Each video is set to provide an aspect of its course.

Generally, LinkedIn learning has three-course categories. There is the business category, creative category and technology category.

Each category is broken down into sub-categories.

For example, the business category is broken down into 15 sub-categories. These sub-categories are made to cover as many aspects of the category as possible.

In Creative, you will find courses in photography, music, web design etc. Under Technology, you will find courses on programming, application information etc.

For Business, courses that can be accessed include; soft skills, leadership, management etc. can be found.

As a video-centred platform, there are on-demand video courses for all the sub-categories. That way, you can easily access and complete a course on the platform.

Personal courses are not the only courses available on LinkedIn learning. Professional certification is possible on this platform as well. 34 professional certification courses are available on LinkedIn learning.

This genre is educational and can scale your career portfolio.

LinkedIn Learning also provides training and courses for organizations, government agencies, employers, educational institutions etc.

An organization can make use of the courses offered on the platform to improve its efficiency and administration. Of the Fortune 100 companies, 78 of them make use of LinkedIn learning.

Making use of the platform is very easy. All you have to do is create an account with the platform to join its 27 million active users.

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How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost

To maintain the level of excellence and proficiency provided by LinkedIn learning, the platform pays its employees to produce content of high value.

As a result, the users of the platform have to pay for the courses available. How much you will spend on LinkedIn learning is dependent on how you want to go about it.

There are two general ways to go about the payment for the courses available on LinkedIn learning.

You can go with the periodic subscription or pay for each course taken.


Periodic Subscription

Just like any other platform, you can subscribe to LinkedIn learning on a monthly or yearly basis. A one-month free trial is made available for you after which an automatic renewal will ensue.

If you go with the monthly subscription option, you get to pay $29.99 per month. However, the other option of paying annually is cheaper as you will end up paying a $19.99 monthly subscription fee.

You can decide which will work best for you depending on what you want.


Payment Per Course

If you are only interested in learning a few courses, doing a monthly or annual subscription might not work best for you.

Instead, you can go with the option of paying per course. You select the course you want to take and make payment for the course alone.

For this form of payment, giving a standard cost is not feasible. This is because every course differs in price.

However, it has been observed that a number of courses come at a fixed $49.99 bill.


Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It?

What are the possible benefits of LinkedIn learning? Is LinkedIn learning worth it? Discover the answer to these questions by reading further.


Technical Knowledge

At the core of LinkedIn learning is imparting technical knowledge about different subject matters.

People can learn how to handle and succeed at a subject say Communication without having good knowledge about communication prior to the course.

You can greatly improve your knowledge of different subjects related to your career field and the knowledge gathered is practicable.


Career Advancement

Learning is one sure way to improve your career. This is not just about updating your profile and adding a million and one certificate earned to your LinkedIn account.

This is about getting equipped to give your career the needed push to advancement.

Even if you started as a novice, it is okay, as much as you give yourself to learning on this platform and implementing what you have learned, you are definitely going to be pushing the scale higher for your career advancement.

For a platform like LinkedIn that has a lot of emphasis on service sales, learning to be better at the service(s) you provide is important in advancing your career.


Interaction and Networking

The way the courses on LinkedIn learning are offered, there is room for interaction between the tutor and the students.

This way, people are not just taught, they can get clear explanations when they are stuck or confused about anything being taught.

Networking is one outstanding feature that LinkedIn learning makes possible for its users.

You can easily connect with people and increase your social capital and endorsement on LinkedIn using LinkedIn learning.



LinkedIn learning is a wonderful program that can play a huge role in recruiting and employing people to fill in different vacancies.


i. The Recruiter

With the thousands of persons that have been trained in the platform, LinkedIn learning has served to produce highly competent potential staff for different companies.

It has and can also provide recruiters with the needed skills to make the work of recruiting easier and how to best manage the persons being reviewed and eventually employed.


ii. The Employee

As for the person who is seeking a job, LinkedIn learning helps to equip employees to do better in terms of their work output.

The whole idea of LinkedIn learning is to provide certified individuals who can produce a better version of themselves in terms of the services they provide and how they relate with others.

Since the platform provides a lot of services to top companies, it knows exactly what you need as someone in need of a job because it is aware of what is required for better positioning for job placement in certain work establishments.


Cost of LinkedIn Learning FAQs


What is LinkedIn learning refund policy?

After making a monthly subscription to the service, you cannot get a refund.

However, you can get a refund for a course purchased within the refund period which is a maximum of 30 days after the course was purchased.

You can cancel your subscription before the next billing date to prevent your account from being debited.


How much does LinkedIn learning cost?

The standard monthly subscription fee is $29.99. However, paying an annual subscription fee reduces the cost per month to $19.99.

If you wish to purchase a course, the cost will be dependent on the course chosen.




LinkedIn learning can help you build your career journey as a personal brand at a relatively cheap price.

All courses on the platform come with a certification which serves as a testimonial of the skills you’ve acquired.

You can allow them to reflect on your profile on LinkedIn and gain professional certifications to build your academic portfolio for a professional resume.

As a company, you can learn better human resource management strategies and business improvement.


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