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Discord is an interactive platform that lets you engage with your colleagues, friends, schoolmates, or people. Discord is a hub for people who have similar interests, values or passions.

It shares some functionalities common to other messaging apps in that anyone on your server is free to “ping” you. 

How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Discord

As a Discord user, it can be irritating or provocative when you get incessant texts. This might warrant “blocking”. Blocking is one of the most used features on Discord, going by the sheer number of trolls on the platform.

If you are curious and want to know how someone has blocked you on Discord, this article is for you.

You will learn the easiest way to find out if you have been blocked on Discord and strategies you can use to block others on Discord.

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How to Tell if You’ve Been Blocked on Discord

An effective method of finding out if you have been blocked on Discord is sending any user a private message.

Generally, if your private message is successfully delivered, it implies that the user hasn’t blocked your account. You have no problem whatsoever. 

However, it’s a different case when you have been blocked. You will observe that as you check your chat records with that user, Clyde, the Discord bot will pop up and display an error code. 

The bot will convey the reasons why your messages failed to go through. For instance, you can get messages like:

  • The recipient is on a different server and does not have access to yours. 
  • You have toggled off instant messages on the same server as the recipient. 
  • The recipient has opted to accept direct messages from friends solely. 

You will also get a link to a detailed explanation of the cause of your being blocked. Please note that Clyde won’t indicate the main reason for your inability to send any messages to the recipient. 

In the scenario where you were chatting with a user and are suddenly facing difficulties in sending him/her messages, there’s a high likelihood that you have been blocked. 

Another great method to check if you have been blocked is through your friend list. If you can’t find the user on the list, it’s a strong hint that you may have been blocked. 

In the next section, we will explain in detail how to find out if someone has blocked you on Discord. 


How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Discord

Below is how to find out if someone blocked you on Discord.


React to Message  

As it turns out, the inability to send a message to a recipient is not the only way to find out if you are being blocked. As the Clyde bot has noted, it could be due to other reasons.

For instance, the Clyde bot may emerge because you are not on an entirely different server from the recipient. This implies that you are no longer friends with the person. 

Another scenario could be that you have toggled off direct messages from the settings menu. This could prevent you from sending messages. 

So what’s another reliable way of checking out if a user has blocked you? Easy. Try reacting to whichever text message of theirs you can find.

If you observe a shaky screen, it indicates that you have been blocked. However, if the reaction pops up in a flash, then you have not been blocked. 

In summary, if you have been blocked, you will notice a forcibly shaky screen and no response when you try reacting to a text. 


Inability to Access a Profile

Another good way to find out if you have been blocked on Discord is an inability to access the user’s bio or profile. 

If any user blocks your account, you will be instantly deleted from their friend list. It will be impossible to check out their profile data as well. 

There are “less harsh” alternatives to an outright block or unfriend. A good example is “mute. Although this feature is only effective in the Discord voice phase, it can cause you to be unable to speak.

However, you won’t have any problem listening to voice messaging on your end. Most Discord users are comfortable utilising this option rather than unfriending or blocking features. 

From your end, there’s nothing you can do if you have been blocked or muted. 


Notifications of Error by the App

If you do a quick search for the username of the individual you believe has blocked you, an error notification will pop up.

The reason for this is that the user has received your message, but you can’t access their profile.

Don’t forget that if you send a message to a user and the screen begins to shake. This means that the recipient has blocked you. 


Inability to Send Messages

One sign that a Discord user has blocked you is your inability to interact or send a message to them.

It is an awful experience when you can’t contact or exchange messages with someone you are familiar with. 

This shows that the person has lost interest in further interacting with you, and he/she has utilised the block option. 

This action is so bad that it will restrict you from getting notifications and alerts. You won’t even get a mark or indicator to show that you can send or receive messages from that user. 

This is a sure sign that you have been blocked. 


How to Block Someone on Discord Without Them Knowing

Blocking is one way to restrict users and prevent messages from trolls, annoying peeps and extremists.

There are two strategies you can use to block anyone on Discord easily. 


1. Block from Chat

This method will revolve around blocking a user within a channel. To effectively block the person, ensure you right-click the username and tap “block.”


2. Block from Profile

To block a user via their profile:

  • On the message area of Discord, tap on the username.
  • Navigate to their profile photo and tap it. 
  • On the upper right, tap the hamburger menu icon.
  • Tap Block. 

Please note that blocking can effectively limit chat and conversation. However, the blocked user may still view your write-ups and access your status but will be prevented from sending direct messages to you. 

A better alternative to blocking is to mute the user. This entirely disables a person’s ability to voice out without inhibiting interaction via chat. 


How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Discord FAQs


What Should I Do If I’m Blocked on Discord?

Honestly, regarding this issue, you are powerless because you can’t contact or engage with the other user. 

Alternatively, you can set up a new Discord account and chat with them, but it won’t be effective if they only receive messages from friends.

Another suggestion is to seek assistance from friends of friends. These are mutual friends willing to reconcile you and the user and cement the friendship. 


What happens if you block someone on Discord?

You won’t be able to access their messages when a user blocks you on Discord. You might receive a periodic “1 Blocked Message” error if you are on the same server as that user.

This is glaring evidence that the user has been blocked by you. 

If you change your mind or are intrigued, you can opt to unblock the user to access the message. Or, you can act unconcerned and carry on with normal activities. 


Why is it that Discord doesn’t tell me if I’m blocked?

In matters of blocking, muting and restricting other users, Discord sticks to the “no evidence, no alertness” principle.

This process aims to limit users’ access to such details to prevent them from making a fuss out of it. 

You can never tell if you have been blocked unless you take deliberate steps to check it out.


Why am I unable to contact users who have blocked me?

It doesn’t look like Discord will be reviewing its “no alertness, no evidence” rule shortly. So only the tips we have listed above can help you check whether you’ve been blocked by a user on the platform.

These tips are helpful in finding out if, indeed, a user ceased communication with you.


Why Should I block a User on Discord?

There are several reasons for wanting to block someone on Discord. As you know, blocking ultimately limits a user from accessing your profile and sending you messages.

You should use the block option on Discord, if:

  • The user has a negative influence on the platform.
  • The user compromises your security, safety and mental health. 
  • The user has a toxic perspective.
  • The user shares hateful messages and bigotry. 
  • The user is incessantly harassing or bullying you. 



In this article, we have explored reliable methods you can use to check if you have been blocked on Discord. If you try each step and the results are not good, it increases the likelihood of being blocked. 

The bad thing is that it is impossible to message the user directly and seek to be unblocked at this stage. However, you can always channel your request through a mutual friend and ask them to solicit on your behalf. 

All the same, the best thing to do is to respect the user’s decision. You shouldn’t try to scuttle it through any means. 


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