How to Login to WeChat [Fast & Secured]

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Are you up to speed with today’s news? Perhaps you haven’t. How about you read it through your PC?

Once your WeChat account is logged in, you can glance at today’s news and respond to chats.

How to Login to WeChat

Wechat is popularly known as a free socio-networking app that allows users to send messages for free in a safe and secure way.

Though Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp exceed WeChat as a platform as it is highly accepted by all, WeChat isn’t totally ruled out from the picture as it has some great amazing features.

With your WeChat login, you can access your dashboard and access the amazing features that it offers. You can log in to WeChat without a username, password, or mobile phone number.

WeChat login can be done with a QR Code. This is done through a scan that is done on the QR code provided. This access can be done through your PC.

Once you successfully scan the code, you will be logged in to your WeChat account. In this article, you will find out all you need for a WeChat web login.

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What You Can Do with WeChat

Once you have set up an account on WeChat and successfully logged in, you can:

  • Read the latest news headlines
  • Respond to text messages
  • Send a photo(s) to friends and family free of cost
  • Play online games with a team of friends
  • Start a conversation with friends and family

These and much more are the benefits of having an account on WeChat. We know that you would like to enjoy all of these too.

If you don’t have a WeChat account, you can create your own today.

=> Create a WeChat Account Now

How to Login to WeChat App on Phone – Android and iOS

How to Login to WeChat page
WeChat App Download Page

Having the WeChat app is one of the fastest ways to log in to WeChat and access the dashboard. The WeChat app has lots of advantages.

This includes:

  1. You can easily and securely log in to WeChat with a username and password
  2. Have access to your account and read the latest news
  3. Chat with old classmates and friends
  4. Complete the WeChat web login with the WeChat app.

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How to Download the WeChat App

WeChat App is available for Android and iPhone. To download the WeChat app, visit the Play Store or Apple Store. You can also download the app from the WeChat website.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you can log in to WeChat and maximize the platform.


How to Signup for WeChat Account

To signup on to WeChat, it is very easy through the following steps:

  • Visit the Play Store, Apple Store or WeChat site to download the app
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Verify your Mobile phone number
  • Enter your username, gender, email, strong password, etc.
  • Click on Sign up to create your WeChat account.

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WeChat Web Login

Just like every other social media platform, WeChat web login is as simple as ABCD.

You don’t need to rack your brain to access the platform.

To login to WeChat, follow the steps below:

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Launch the WeChat app on your mobile device
  • Navigate to the three dots at the top and tap on it
  • Select WeChat using the drop-down option and click on it
  • Scan the QR code on your mobile screen
  • Position the open box on your PC screen to capture the QR code to login into WeChat
  • Once the scan is complete, you will be automatically logged in on your computer.


Solutions to “forget my password for my WeChat account”

If you can’t remember your WeChat password but have connected your email address, phone number, Facebook or QQ ID to your WeChat, you can easily find a solution to the problem. Here’s how:

Log in with your phone number and SMS

  • Navigate to the lower part of the WeChat Login Screen and select More options.
  • Tap Log in to Another Account.
  • Go to the Log in via Number option, tap your phone’s region code and input the accurate mobile number.
  • Select Next, and now select Log in via SMS verification code.
  • Select Send, and WeChat will send you a verification code via SMS. Input the SMS code and select login.


Log in via your connected email address and recovery password

  • Select “Unable to Log In?” at the lower part of the WeChat login page.
  • Select Email Linked, input your connected email address, and Select Next.
  • You will get an email from WeChat delivered to your connected email address.
  • Ensure you follow the directions outlined in the email to do a password reset.


Log in via WeChat ID/QQ ID

  • To sign in to WeChat, select More Options in the lower section of the login screen.
  • Next, tap login to Another Account and then select Other Login Options.
  • Tap Login Via WeChat ID/Email/QQ ID.
  • Input your email address and new WeChat password
  • Tap Login.


Log in with your Facebook Profile

  • Select More Options in the lower section of the WeChat Login page.
  • Tap Log In to Another Account.
  • Select Other Login Options and then select Log in via Facebook.
  • Select Connect To Facebook. Input your number or email and then your correct Facebook password. Next, select login.


Best Alternatives to Wechat



WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging platform in the world.

It could be said that WhatsApp is present on almost all mobile devices.

Owned by Meta, the app has garnered over 2 billion downloads across the world, and the number is increasing.

WhatsApp is the leading platform when it comes to functionality, convenience, audio capability, video chat, voice recording etc.

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to WeChat, WhatsApp is best for you.

It is one of the most popular messaging apps available today and is accessible on multiple platforms.

WhatsApp can be installed on PC, Android, iOS and Macintosh devices.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another popular chatting platform for mobile devices and PCs.

It also belongs to Meta and can be reached via or through their respective mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Facebook Messenger has the following features: video and audio chat, voice recording, picture and video sharing and Rooms, which allow you to create virtual events with your friends.



Viber is owned by a Japanese tech business, Rakuten, and has more than a billion users around the world.

If you wish to connect with people with similar interests, Viber is the best option for you.

Viber has a vibrant community of users that have similar preferences and qualities.

With Viber’s audio and video functionality, you can contact friends and family who are distant from you.

Furthermore, Viber allows you to interact with family and loved ones via beautiful stickers and emojis.

You can also use the disappearing messages feature to communicate with friends.

You can access Viber on the following platforms: macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux.



Telegram is a user-friendly, highly encrypted platform with numerous features.

The app allows you to utilize the “disappearing message” option on devices.

You can synchronize your chat sessions across various platforms and send multimedia files with no cap on sizes.

Another reason Telegram is quite popular today is its ability to host over 20,000 members in group chat.

Telegram has encrypted technology to protect it from cyber hacks.

Telegram is accessible on PC, Android, iOS and Linux devices.



Signal Messenger is an instant messaging platform popular for its privacy and encryption features.

The platform utilizes encryption to protect its messaging experience. It is also among the most secure chat platforms.

Signal messenger is a fantastic alternative to WeChat. For those who wish for a privacy-focused app, Signal is your best bet.

You can install Signal messenger on numerous platforms like iOS, Android, macOS and Linux.



Skype has won accolades for its video calling and chatting features.

It was bought by Microsoft in 2011, and since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds.

It has a daily average user of 40 million and the number tripled during the coronavirus pandemic. Although this number is low compared to other platforms on the list, it shouldn’t discourage you from testing it out.

It provides superior video and audio call features that allow you to communicate with your contacts effortlessly.

With the app, you can even chat and call non-Skype users at pocket-friendly rates.

Skype is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web, Xbox and Linux.



WeChat is an amazing platform for connecting people across the globe. We hope that you have found out how to create, log in and use WeChat account.


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