9 Best LitAnswers Alternatives for Free Chegg Answers

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Last updated on April 30th, 2022 at 03:00 pm

Chegg is among the most popular online coaching and homework assistance websites. It is highly regarded by students from many countries of the world.

The website boasts 4 million users, who are mostly enrolled in schools. Chegg is touted as a one-of-a-kind resource centre for plenty of students searching for assistance with their tests and schoolwork. 

LitAnswers Alternatives

On Cheggs, students can easily receive answers to their difficult study questions and download e-books and PDFs. In this article, we will be exploring the nine best LitAnswers alternatives for free Chegg answers. 

The covid-19 pandemic and lockdown situation has led to plenty of academic establishments and schools adopting e-learning and digital educational platforms. Because of this, we can appreciate how these tools make our lives better. 

Lots of students experience difficulties finding the right answers to their study questions, difficult schoolwork and tests. This is particularly true as schools and educational institutions have made the internet their base of operation.

At this juncture, we will briefly look at situations where learners and students try to find answers to their learning needs via Cheggs. 

Chegg is a paid platform, but the truth is that a greater number of students that access the site can’t pay the costly subscription charge. What they do next is go to Google to search for “free Chegg answers online” or “alternatives for free Chegg answers”.

One reason why Chegg is highly popular is that it isn’t limited to one subject or field alone. It has diverse academic fields. Thus, you can enjoy answers to multiple subjects or school questions.

Cheggs can supply you with answers to questions related to arithmetic equations as well as Shakespearean drama. 

Without further delays, let’s focus on LitAnswer alternatives for free Chegg Answers.

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9 Best LitAnswers Alternatives for Free Chegg Answers


Course Hero

Course Hero is a widely known learning platform for school students. There are over 2 million learning materials available on the platform.

You won’t have a problem getting resources that will be of great use to you. For instance, you will find educational guides on mathematics, sociology and chemistry. 

The platform also has a popular feature where you can receive clear and comprehensive explanations from certified teachers. 

These teachers and professors will furnish you with tailored support, advice, and timely responses whenever you need them. Course Hero has vetted all the experts on their platform to ensure that you are getting a quality learning experience. 

Another good thing about the platform is that you can set up a free account or pay for a premium subscription. 



PaperHelp is a unique homework, assignment and essay writing service. On the platform, you can link up with professionals who will support and assist you in drafting research papers, term papers and articles. 

All that is required is to post an order or pick a topic and monitor the progress status. Afterwards, you will be sent a preview of your paper. 

You can be sure that all the work you will get from PaperHelp has zero plagiarism and is custom-made to suit your academic needs. 

PaperHelp’s list of offerings includes Assignment and Homework assistance, research papers, term papers, projects and thesis, drafting of essays, study help etc. 

It is important to note that PaperHelp is a paid service. Although students are not charged on a subscription basis, they are expected to pay for every order they have placed. 

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Studylib is among the leading LitAnswers alternatives to free Chegg answers. This is unsurprising because it simplifies the entire learning process for students. 

For students facing assignment difficulties and assistance in essay writing, this platform is a lifesaver.  

Studylib facilitates quality learning experiences via the use of flashcards, educational resources, exercises, workbooks and teaching materials. 

The platform also supports study and research through its massive peer-to-peer learning catalogue. 

If you can’t access Chegg for free answers, Studylib boasts plenty of completed tests and assignment answers.

With a free Studylib profile, you can manage, distribute and even swap learning libraries and teaching aids. The platform gives you these privileges. 

The site also supports sharing of URL links, PDFs, EPUBs, video clips and pictures. 



Slader is another great platform that supplies students with plenty of homework assistance and solutions. Thousands of users utilise the site to get simple answers, all verified by professionals and learning gurus. 

Students can also seek assistance from their peers when finding solutions to school problems. There are also hundreds of millions of learning materials and thousands of vetted tutorial answers. 

Another great benefit of Slader is that its most important features – homework assistance and solution to difficult school work – are available for free. However, you will have to pay subscription fees to access university publications. 

But, every user with a free account will enjoy five free answers monthly without any form of payment. A subscription account will give you access to a huge catalogue of university-level answers and materials.



Looking for an avenue to interact with certified teachers regardless of time and place? Also, JustAnswer is the perfect platform for you.

It is one website that enables you to have unrestricted interactions and discussions with learning gurus to your satisfaction.

The platform allows qualified learning specialists and professors to review and analyse your assignment and present accurate solutions. An amazing benefit is that they will always prioritise your needs and set up times that will favour you. 

The site is highly effective because you enjoy assistance with school work and literary studies. But you will have to pay for the service. Limitless chatting experience with study experts costs $5 for a single day trial subscription. 

But, some answers you will get are not exclusive or private. This implies that you may still receive free solutions to questions other students may have enquired about. 



Sparknotes is a widely used online learning platform, especially for anyone who needs notes. The website boasts a massive catalogue of notes. 

SparkNotes is a one-stop shop for students seeking explanatory notes. It has a panel of professionals that are focused on producing the most easy-to-understand notes for students. 

Sparknotes can furnish you with explanatory notes on all topics from Richard Wright to Charles Dickens, as well as a wide range of academic subjects.

Its literature category is the best on the internet and an essential guide for many literature enthusiasts and book lovers. 

With the Sparknotes algorithm, you will have no problem generating a fantastic note, custom made for you.

If you are seeking free Chegg answers in an explanatory note format, the platform is right for you. Sparknotes is completely free to access. You can enjoy its quality educational material without making any payment. 



Quizlet, as its name implies, provides solutions to quizzes. It is a reputable platform and a fantastic Chegg alternative that supplies homework support, essay drafting and academic advising services.

Quizlet has two account types. The first is free to set up and use. This will give you access to schoolwork assistance but with minimal content. The second is the Quizlet Plus plan. You will have to pay a fee to enjoy that package. 

Quizlet Plus Package gives you access to a private academic guide whose role is to provide you with round-the-clock learning support. For instance, they can answer your questions and provide homework assistance. 

If you are a fan of quiz games, then you will enjoy the platform in its entirety. Quizlet has an interactive quiz interface.  

What sets Quizlet apart from other learning platform sites is its AI-powered algorithm. This enables users to memorise challenging topics in a simple manner. The site process is streamlined so that you can send in multiple questions.


Paul’s Online Math Notes

If you are looking for a platform where you can learn college-level mathematics online, Paul’s Online Maths Notes is perfect for you. It is perfect in that it provides mathematical answers in simple note formats. 

However, answers and solutions to math problems are mostly pre-written. There are no professors currently on the page, so there is no means of directly submitting your mathematical problems for solutions on the platform. 

However, the site can be freely accessed by anyone. There’s no need to set up a profile to get top solutions to math equations. This differs considerably from Chegg.

The site has a disadvantage: it is exclusively for mathematics students. No other subject exists on the website. 



For students in need of new, secondhand and vintage books, Bookfinder is a fantastic resource tool. The site has a powerful search feature that enables you to find even vintage or rare books. 

Bookfinder has a database of more than 89,000 book retailers and vendors who can easily provide you with any book of your choice. 

Bookfinder has a simple layout and interface. With a single click, you can get access to thousands of book titles. The entire search process takes less than five seconds. 



Although Tutorbin may not be as widely known as some sites in this article, they make up for that in quality and credibility. If you are keen on getting superior quality homework services, we advise that you try Tutorbin. 

The site has a large number of qualified and knowledgeable tutors. Your questions and queries will receive a timely solution. 


LitAnswers Alternatives to Free Chegg Answers FAQs


Is it possible to unblur Chegg?

This is false. Even if it’s possible, Chegg will rectify that glitch. 

Beware of fake sites that claim to do this. 


How can I receive Chegg answers without having to pay for them?

It’s almost impossible to get Chegg answers if you don’t pay or subscribe to them.  However, it’s important that you pay before you use the platform. 

If you can’t, seek an alternative from our list.  


Is it possible to receive a free Chegg study trial?

Chegg users do not enjoy any free trial period. 

Access to the platform is granted once payment has been made. 


Is Chegg a better alternative to textsheet.com?

It depends on the user experience, which is very subjective.  Most students disagree that textsheet.com is better than Chegg. 




LitAnswer was among the most popular platforms that allow students to unblur Chegg’s answers. But today, the site is inactive, and this has caused a lot of worries.

Today’s article explores nine of the best LitAnswer alternatives. 

Ensure you share your experience with these free learning platforms by sharing this article with your thought on social media.


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