What Does SB Mean on Snapchat

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Let’s assume that you are chatting with a friend on Snapchat

Then, they reply with a snap that read: ‘SB now.’

what does sb mean on Snapchat

And now you wonder, “what does SB mean?” What does it connote?

All social media platforms, including Snapchat, have their own lingo, acronyms or slang. Users invent these acronyms to express meaning.

This could represent anything from snaps, photos and video clips. 

Sometimes, a new user may find it difficult to master their usage. 

In this article, we will explore the meaning of SB on the Snapchat platform. We will also educate you on secondary issues like:

  • What is the full meaning of SB on Snapchat?
  • What is the function of SB on Snapchat?
  • Best way to send SB a Snapchat user?
  • What is the full meaning of SB on Snapchat?


What is the Full Meaning of SB on Snapchat?

The full meaning of SB is Snapback. It is a way of encouraging you to send a message back to them.  

However, you will find other meanings of SB online. But within the context of Snapchat, SB means snapback.

Thus, whenever you see this acronym, ensure you reply to it!

Text might not be enough!

At times, the other user may be requesting your image or video. 


What is the Function of SB on Snapchat?

Snapback shares similar functionalities with other snaps. 

It revolves around sending back a video clip you have shot on your phone or a photo of happenings around you. 

Similar to other snaps, it will disappear after a twenty-four-hour time frame. 

Thus, you may need to record or send a new one.


How to SB a Snapchat User?

It’s almost the same as sending snaps, as usual.

Although there is no need to capture pictures or videos from chat, it makes things easy. 

These steps will guide you in doing it:

  • Access the chat.
  • Next, tap the camera button.
  • Capture your picture or record a video. You can also send a message. 
  • Tap send!

Kudos! You just sent an SB (Snapchat)

You can engage with other users without any room for confusion.

Please note that for an SB to happen, a snap should have been sent.

Alternatively, you may be the one requesting a snapback.


Most Popular Snapchat Terminologies

Snapchat is a completely different landscape.

In this environment, there are plenty of slang or terminologies that you should know when on the platform.

For instance, there are:

  • SFS. Snap for Snap
  • FFF. Follow for Follow.

Many users use slang like this frequently, together with SB, for subscription and followership. 

Using them incorrectly will cause users to ignore or overlook you. 

Here are other popular terminologies associated with Snapchat. 



Snapcode is basically a QR code that is given to each user. It is completely unique, allowing you to quickly add friends to your list.

To view your Snapcode, navigate to your profile section, located in the upper left. 


Capture Button

The capture button is the round button located in the lower area of the dashboard. To snap an image, tap the capture button. Press and hold it to shoot a video clip. 


My story/Our Story

In the world of Snapchat, this refers to a group of snaps or video clips that are posted to a restricted list of friends (My story) or for general view (Our Story).

In this case, the snap in question is not sent to a single user but a large number of people.



Most users have an idea of snaps, but new account owners may have no clue that the platform has a standard chat feature similar to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. 

You can access your chat list when you navigate left from the camera screen. 



Snapchat also allows you to access other users’ stories. You may also find recommended stories that the algorithm believes you’ll appreciate. 

You will find a highlight of your friend’s stories. Next are the stories from popular figures, websites and brands that will be placed underneath this.


Team Snapchat

Snapchat will deliver messages to you every once in a while. They generally send information about updates and seasonal greetings.

While these messages are not too regular, you will most likely see Team Snapchat as one of your chats. 


Snapchat Score

We consistently get assessed in all areas of our lives, and there is an assessment tool for Snapchat.

It is called Snapchat Score. It is a number-based score system that assesses your activeness on the app. You can get the snap score from your profile.

There are many factors that influence your Snapchat score, but the most common is the number of snaps sent by you. 

For highly active Snapchat users, their snap score will be above 6 figures. In contrast, those with limited use of the app will have low scores. 


Snap Streak

Snap Streak is a term that refers to an exchange of snaps between users on back-to-back days.

To continue the streak, there has to be an exchange of snaps at least once a day. A streak starts when you have sent and received snaps. This is not just about texts. 

A sign of a streak is a fire emoji that shows up beside your friend’s name.



On Snapchat, Bitmoji is a cartoonish avatar of yourself.

Your Bitmoji is a playful part of your profile that shows up instantly on your profile, especially when you have not uploaded a story or want to use Snapchat stickers.

You can find it in friend suggestions. Thus, you can simply use it to search for users you know. 



Lens is augmented reality technology which enables you to insert graphical features into Snaps.

When you film a video, it closes up on your face and then adds animations. The most popular lens is large dog ears and tongue. 

Navigate to the right of the capture option to access the world of lenses. 



Snappable is a similar kind of lens that enables you to add others. 

Snappable hosts collaborative games, while others deliver an “experience” – a vague term that simply refers to a different variety of AR.

You can send this to anyone on your friend list, and, at times, you can heighten the entertainment value by adding them to the lens. 

To access Snappables, tap the icon beside the capture button to the left. 



Filters are a different customization option. They are similar to lenses, although they can only be added when you have captured a snap.

Some examples of filters include Bitmoji, geolocation and color enhancements. 

You can always add filters to your snaps by swiping left, or tapping enable filters. Equally, you can swipe left after capturing a snap.



Stickers Just like filters, stickers can be added whenever snaps are captured. 

You can select a graphic design relevant to seasons or special occasions, e.g. Thursday or a Xmas light, all through festive holidays.

Some are simple artworks, while others are images. You can always increase their size by tapping the zoom option. 



When you preview your picture or Snap, you will find a list of menu items in the upper right. Among these is Scissors. 

It assists you in outlining parts of an image and stores them for stickers.


What Does SB Mean on Snapchat FAQ?


What Does MK Mean on Snapchat?

In the world of Snapchat, MK is an acronym that means “mmm, okay!”

However, there is a major difference between OK and MK. Typical OK simply means “okay”. Just that 100%. 

On the other hand, MK suggests “mmm” before “okay”, which is a different interpretation. For instance, a friend may text “MK” when they doubt what you say to them. 


What Does FYI Mean on Snapchat?

FYI is a Snapchat acronym that means “For your information”.

You can use this slang to start a Snapchat text like, FYI, I was at the party yesterday” or “FYI, I have shared the new snap with Cynthia”.

FYI can seem a bit acrimonious at times. Most users typically use it to show dismay and bafflement that the other party has no idea about. 


What Does IG Mean on Snapchat?

IG is a Snapchat term that stands for “Instagram” or “I Guess”. For you to better understand this, pay attention to the context.

For instance, if a user sends you a message like, “Check my IG,”.

It indicates that they have shared a picture on Instagram and request that you access their IG page.

However, if the user says, “IG I will need to confirm from her next week”,. IG connotes “I Guess”. 


What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

GTS is a Snapchat slang that means Good Times and is used to express reminiscence, deep longing and nostalgia. 

Additionally, it clarifies that the photo is an old one and the user isn’t sharing it instantly. 


What Does LMK Mean on Snapchat?

What Does LMK Mean on Snapchat? LMK is a Snapchat slang that means Let me Know.

For instance, if you are planning to take action and set up a meeting with a user, and they send a message that reads “LMK”, it shows that they patiently await your course of action and desire that you tell them whenever you are ready. 




Snapchat is a world of its own, rich with acronyms, slang and lingos.

Similar to Facebook and TikTok, users use this acronym, slang and lingo to communicate and engage with ease.

Thus, it can be quite challenging to stay abreast of all.

This article covers an important question, “what does sb mean on Snapchat?”.

Ensure you share this article with your friends and loved ones via the share button below.     


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