How is the Best Friends List on Snapchat Determined?

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If you are an active user of Snapchat even prior to 2017, you will understand that some features, such as the best friend list, have undergone some changes.

It is highly important to know about these changes to improve your engagement and reach.

best friends list on Snapchat

Without exchanging snaps with your friend on Snapchat, even if the person is your closest friend in everyday life, their account won’t be on your best friend list on the platform.

Since these are the users you engage with on the platform, even though you are not close in everyday life, Snapchat will determine that they are on your best friends list.

In this article, I will explain how the best friend list on Snapchat is determined.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


How is the Best Friends List on Snapchat Determined?

Snapchat prioritizes friendship. This differs from some other social platforms where any random person can “follow” your account.

Snapchat seems to encourage close relationships, like the way it is in real life.

In the next section, I will show you the factors that influence Snapchat’s determination of the best friends list.

On the platform, Snapchat arranges your best friend list depending on who you send snaps to the most.

These persons will be ranked top of the list.

Upon arranging the list, the real-life relationship between users on the platform is irrelevant.

Even if you are close to these people in real life, if you don’t exchange snaps with them regularly on Snapchat, they won’t be on your best friend list.

The best friend list is organized from top to bottom, the user you chat with and exchange snaps with regularly, then the user you interact with less often, in that order.

The list usually changes from time to time. So do not worry.

With lots of friends on your account, and you interact and snap daily with them, the list will frequently change and be reordered, with friends added and removed based on your interaction with them.


Factors That Determine How Snapchat’s Best Friend List is Placed


A Streak Between You and the Person

A highly significant factor that Snapchat’s algorithm considers when ranking or arranging your best friends list is when there is a streak between you and the friend for a longer time than the others.

If you interact with one another on the platform for around 24 hours or consecutive days at a time, then the friend will rise to the top of the best friend list.

Thus, a streak is an important factor for determining who will be placed as your best friend on the app.


Friends You Regularly Interact With

Similar to Streak, if you exchange snaps and interact with a particular friend on the platform, Snapchat will consider this to decide how and where to place them on your best friends list.

This happens after you interact with a friend on the app.

This is a simple way to move your friend to your best friend list.


How Often You Send and Receive Snaps and Media Files

By exchanging snaps regularly, Snapchat will use this as a factor to rank who will be on your best friend list.

This also refers to friends you exchange media files with. If you usually send photos, audio files, etc., to someone frequently, it is likely that they may be on your best friend list.

Sending and receiving multimedia and snaps is a great way to influence your placement into the best friend list.


Replies to Snapchat Stories and Snaps

Another important factor in determining the placement of people on the best friend list is adding replies to the best friend list.

If a certain friend often responds to your stories and snaps, the algorithm will add them to your best friend list.


The Number of People You Interact With

If you interact with two or three persons, they will be added to your best friends list, even if the number is up to 8.

The algorithm considers the number of people you often send messages to; even if it is below 8, Snapchat will still place them on the list.


How to Make Someone Your Best Friend on Snapchat

Adding someone to your best friend list on Snapchat is really simple.

All you have to do is engage and interact with them on a consistent basis.

If you send messages to your friends for a day or two, the algorithm will propel them on the list. 

Without any form of interaction or engagement in the chat, such as snaps or messages, Snapchat won’t add them to the list. 

Keep in mind that if you don’t respond to chats or snaps from friends even after they have sent plenty of them, the algorithm won’t add them to your best friend list. 

Since the algorithm prioritizes engagement, you have to chat with them regularly, and they are also expected to respond to you.


Who Can Access Your Best Friends on Snapchat?

The best friends list is highly confidential. It can’t be accessed by just anyone.

The only ones entitled to view your best friend list are those who are on your best friends list.


If Someone Is Your Best Friend On Snapchat, Are You On Theirs?

Yes, if someone is on your best friend list on Snapchat, you are definitely on theirs.

This is likely the case if you interact frequently and exchange snaps.

Another way of finding out if you are on someone’s best friend list is to check the emoji.

If you see a red heart, it means you both have been added to each other’s best friend list.

Since Snapchat considers engagement between users when determining who is on the best friend list, regular chat is a sure sign that you are on each other’s list.


Can You Update Your Best Friends List?

No, you can’t make direct changes to your best friend list.

You can’t “add” anyone to your best friend list by tapping a button.

Even if your real-life best friend isn’t on the list, you can’t do much more than regularly interact and exchange snaps with them.


Can You Remove Someone From Snapchat’s Best Friends List?

One of the easiest ways to remove anyone from your best friend list is to unfriend them.

When this happens, the user will instantly be removed from the best friend list.

Another strategy is to block the person for some days.

And carry on messaging and exchanging snaps with other users so that after unblocking them, they won’t remain on the list.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does Snapchat arrange your best friend list?

Snapchat arranges friends with the most engagement on the list.

So the more you and your friends mutually exchange snaps and interact, Snapchat will place them on the list.


Does accessing someone’s profile regularly make you their best friend?

No, this is not adequate enough to make the algorithm add you to their best friend list.

You have to interact, exchange snaps and send pictures to remain on the list.


Can you have somebody on your best friend list and not be on that person’s best friend list?

Yes, this situation can happen where you can be on someone’s best friend list, and the person may not be on your list.

If they keep interacting with you regularly, sending messages and exchanging snaps, the situation may change.


How does Snapchat rank best friends?

Best friends are arranged based on the frequency of chats and how many snaps they have exchanged.

The more frequently this happens, the higher they are ranked.


Do Snapchat’s Best Friends Go Both Ways?

Yes. This can happen if both friends continue to send messages to one another and respond to snaps and chats sent.

One way to find out this is through the heart emoji.


Is chat an important factor for determining best friends on Snapchat?

Yes, chats are an important factor in determining best friends on Snapchat.

When you send lots of messages to someone, it is likely that the person is added to the list of your best friend.


How do I find out if I am on someone else’s best friend list on Snapchat?

One way to find out about this is to check for the heart icon.

If you don’t see this, ask them to keep on sending you chats and snaps.


How Can I Become Someone’s Snapchat Best Friend?

Ensure you exchange chats and regularly snap with each other. If this activity occurs consistently, you will be added to their best friends list.




If you are an active Snapchat user, it might be valuable to have a best friend list that reflects the number of friends you interact with.

Best friends do not particularly imply that you have a close relationship.

It is merely a sign of consistent interaction.

The algorithm considers plenty of factors before determining the order of the list.

In this article, I explained how the best friend list on Snapchat is determined.


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