Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles (Yes, BUT…!)

Last updated on April 10th, 2023 at 03:41 pm

Have you tried interacting with somebody on Hinge, but you are confused about whether Hinge shows Inactive profiles?

Another scenario is that you might be inactive for some time and are curious to see if other users can find out that you have been inactive on Hinge.

Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles

In this article, I will be providing answers to the question, “Does Hinge show Inactive Profiles?”.


Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles?

The simple answer is “Yes”. Hinge displays an inactive profile. There is a feature that lets users check who is inactive and who is active on the platform.

The reason it was introduced was to make it easier for users to tell if their match is online. This feature lets you find anyone’s active status on Hinge. You can easily tell if a user is inactive on the platform.

All you need to do is look out for the “minutes ago”. It is a good sign of how active a user is on the app.

This will help you to know if someone has been inactive or active on the platform for a while.


What is the Number of Inactive Profiles on Hinge?

As you know, Hinge is very popular for its tagline, “designed to be deleted”.

This implies that after the app has achieved its aims and has connected you romantically to someone new, you can remove it from your mobile device with no fuss.

It’s not surprising that there are lots of inactive profiles on Hinge.

Still, because of the app’s robust technology and algorithms, they certainly won’t appear in your recommendations or your feed.

However, more than 70 per cent of the platform is believed to be active weekly.

We can infer that it has a dynamic and bubbly user base that still frequents the application.

Some people enjoy logging in even when they have found someone they like because it is a fantastic tool for connecting with people of similar interests and creating lasting friendships.

From what I know, inactive profiles are rarely recommended to users, and I doubt that I have ever interacted with someone who has not replied to my message in a timely manner.

While the Hinge user base isn’t as engaging as Snapchat’s or Facebook’s, they still access the app regularly and chat with people often.

Thus, if you are consistently not getting responses from a user you are interested in, there is a certainty that they are inactive on the platform.

And I am not sure of the length of time that Hinge displays inactive profiles because Hinge hardly shares data about the number of unused and old accounts that have been cleared from their platform.

However, I understand that if an account has remained without login for a couple of months, it quickly gets deleted from the platform, and it won’t get displayed on any user’s recommendations or homepage.


How Do I Know if Someone is Active on Hinge?

If you are regularly using dating apps, you will know that it is not nice to waste time on someone unresponsive. Thus, it is important to discover if a user is active on Hinge.

Although Hinge won’t directly let you access users’ logs on the platform, I will share some tips that will enable you to see if someone has been online on the app – whether you are using a free or paid account.


Send Them a Message

This is certainly the most straightforward way to find out if someone is active or inactive on the Hinge platform.

As I initially stated, Hinge users are vibrant and regularly respond to messages.

This implies that ghosting is not a typical pattern of behavior for those on the platform.

So replying to your messages in a day or two is a sign that someone is active on Hinge.


Swipe Them Once More

If you are not aware, after unmatching someone, you can swipe right once more with no issue or hassle.

Although this might be weird, if you are sincere and aren’t in search of a casual fling (such as Tinder or OkCupid) and you are keen on ensuring that the person you are interested in is active, this is a great strategy to discover this information.

If they swipe you in response after a while, then they are active on Hinge.

However, if you do not get a swipe back, it implies that they are no longer using the app.


React to Their Prompt or Bio

The ability to react to certain information on a user’s profile is among the most unique features of Hinge.

It is available to both iOS and Android device users.

Users can easily react to anything on a user’s profile, including photos, an updated bio on their new profile or even a prompt on Hinge.

It is one of the ways users can use to interact with others since it is very easy and authentic and can help simplify and improve the conversation thread, generating comfort and interest.

If they respond to your prompt or engage with your profile afterwards, it is a sign that they are active on Hinge.


Find Matches on Hinge

One sign that someone is inactive on Hinge is that their profile won’t show up on Matches.

Thus, browse through the matches to find their profile information.

If you don’t see the user on Hinge matches, it implies that the user has been inactive for a long while.


Do Hinge Profiles Remain Active Even After Leaving the Platform?

Most users are not aware that deleting the Hinge account is not the same as quitting the app.

Your Hinge profile will remain available on the platform even if you opt to uninstall it from your smartphone and not use it any further.

This means that someone might find it later.

Many users have enquired from me if there is a possibility of remaining visible even after logging out of the platform.

The simple answer is “Yes”.

Unless you deactivate or delete your profile, other users might find it.

However, if you opt to delete your account from Hinge and unlink your mobile number and email from it, it will completely disappear from the platform. This means no one will be able to find it.

A key reason why people permanently delete their profiles is that they don’t wish for their sensitive data, photos, and profiles to be shared publicly on the internet.

This is why deactivating your profile on dating platforms after it has served its purpose is a good idea.

Deleting your profile can also prevent the embarrassment of a mutual friend of your spouse or partner seeing you on Hinge.

This is enough to tarnish your relationship with your new match.

Note that after deleting your account on Hinge, it might be impossible to retrieve it, including the username and photos linked to it.

If you are not convinced, you may have to keep your account active.


Does Hinge Shows the Inactive Profiles FAQ


Is it true that Hinge shows inactive profiles?

Yes. While you won’t find a lot of inactive profiles on Hinge, particularly in your recommendations, they still exist on the platform.

Hinge will try to limit the possibility of these profiles showing up.

This is why some users encounter inactive profiles from time to time.


Does Hinge only show users who are active?

Hinge prioritizes users who are very active on their platform.

However, at times inactive profiles may also show up, particularly if they have a good degree of compatibility with your profile or if you have swiped through possible matches and the app has run out of profiles to display to you.


What are the signs that someone has deleted their account on Hinge?

While there is no surefire method for knowing whether a user has permanently deleted their account or has blocked your profile, you can try searching for them in your conversation or message.

This way, you will have an idea of whether they have quit the platform or blocked your profile.


How Can You Tell If Someone is Very Active on Hinge?

In this article, I have outlined some tips that can assist you in finding out if someone is active on Hinge.

In addition, you can check the online status of each user under their name on their profile.

This way, you can find out the last time a user was active on the platform.


Can I still appear on Hinge if I delete my app?

After deleting your Hinge app, your profile won’t appear in the “Likes you” or “Matches” section.

This implies that your account will cease to be active on the platform.




It is worth finding out if one is inactive or active on Hinge.

It might be that you wish to engage with someone you are interested in and wish to chat with them.

I hope this article has equipped you with all the important facts you should know about whether Hinge shows inactive profiles.


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