How Long Does Hinge Just Joined Badge Last?

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Have you recently set up a new Hinge account and are researching how long does Hinge “Just Joined” badge last?

In this article, I will be sharing all the information about that.

How Long Does Hinge Just Joined Badge Last

You are not alone if you feel apprehensive about other users finding out that you just joined Hinge days or months earlier.

And the reverse is the case. If you are interacting with someone who has recently signed up on Hinge, you may be curious as to when the “Just Joined” badge will remain.

At the end of this article, you won’t get convincing answers to your question, but you will find other valuable information that will help you improve your profile on Hinge.


How Long Does Hinge “Just Joined” Badge Last?

After setting up a new Hinge profile, you will see the “Just Joined” badge for roughly 7 days or more.

Most Hinge members recall seeing the badge for 7 to 14 days.

Even Hinge has confirmed this. The process is as follows: A person signs up for a new account on the platform. The badge indicating that they just joined the platform will stick around for 7 to 14 days.

Since the account was recently set up, it will have an active status, and other users can easily tell that the account is a new one.


How do I Find out if Someone Just Joined Hinge?

The first step to finding the “Just Joined” badge is to navigate to the profile of the specific user.

You can access the Just Joined badge as long as your account has been active for a while.

This means that being an active user of Hinge for some time is a prerequisite to seeing the “Just Joined” badge on any user who has newly set up an account on the platform.

Furthermore, another way to see if a user has just joined the Hinge platform is when you want to match them.

So look out for the “Just Joined” badge whenever you are looking for a compatible match on the Hinge app.


Who Can See Just Joined On Hinge?

The fact is that not everyone has access to the “Just Joined” Badge. As a user, you must have noticed this.

The only way to see the “Just Joined” badge is if your account is an old one and you don’t have the badge on your profile.


Is the Just Joined Badge Accurate?

Yes, the badge is highly accurate.

Hinge is aware of users signing up on their platform, and they monitor their ( new users’) activities for a week.

After a week or two, the badge won’t be visible on the account.

Contrary to popular opinion, having a just joined badge is nothing to be ashamed of.

It is a strong indication that your account is newly set up and you are ready to begin your online dating journey.

In addition, the “Just joined” badge serves as a monitoring system that checks the amount of time you have signed in to the app.

After some time, the badge will no longer be available, even if the new user continues to be active on the platform.

This is why the Just Joined Badge is thought of as “weird”.

The badge can be found on new profiles that have been set up within a 7 to 14-day period.

Another way to see it is that the Just Joined Badge is often assigned to users who recently set up Hinge profiles but haven’t yet solidified their membership on the platform.

It helps Hinge developers monitor new accounts instantaneously to adequately analyze the activities and behavior of those who have signed up to the platform as new users.

They (new users) are entitled to all the interesting features that Hinge is known for. This includes signing in and uploading pictures.


Does Hinge Display that Your Account is New?

Yes, Hinge has the “Just Joined” badge feature that shows that an account is new (and possibly very active) on their platform.

This should be seen as a good thing, as it will help your account stand out and show that you are likely to participate in interactions.


How Long Does Hinge Just Joined Badge Last FAQs


Why can’t I get matches on Hinge?

Ensure that your pictures are updated regularly.

Add interesting captions and exciting and engaging prompts to grab the interest of other users!

This will improve your profile and allow potential matches to be open to interacting with you.


Can other users see if you are paying for a booster on Hinge?

No. Other users won’t be able to tell if you are using or have paid for a profile boost.

However, they can see the number of likes you receive due to your boost.

You can check who has accessed and liked your profile when you use a boost by navigating to the “Like You” feed.


Do other users get notified when I take a screenshot?

Well, if you wish to take a screenshot, it may please you to know that Hinge will not send notifications to users that you have screenshotted their profile or picture.

So feel free to take screenshots of their profile captions, pictures and even conversation.


Is it possible to know if my messages have been read on Hinge?

The simple answer is “No”. Hinge doesn’t yet have a read receipt or any feature that shows you that your messages have been read.

This is useful in two ways: you can’t tell if the other party has seen your message, and your message can’t be accessed or read by anyone.


How does Hinge choose who you should see first?

There are two factors considered when choosing who to show you first: who you are certain to like and who will probably like you in return.

It revolves around matching people who seem to have mutual admiration and liking for each other.

The hinge algorithm will learn about the profiles you like, comment upon and interact with in order to match you with compatible users.


Do male users make the first move on Hinge?

It has been shown that guys are 3x more inclined to send a like first on Hinge.

However, if it is a woman sending the first like, she will be very cautious about it, targeting a limited set of men.

This implies that one has to be very good-looking to encourage a lady to make the first move.


What is the male-to-female distribution of Hinge?

The male-to-female demographics on Hinge seem to be 36% of the users are women while 64% are men. This is why people refer to Hinge as the “new Tinder.” 


Why don’t people like my profile on Hinge?

Not having a single like, message or match on Hinge might be due to factors like Users in the location you have set your account in are not attracted to you (Typically happens if you reside outside a big town), you have not uploaded your pictures, or they are not attractive, or your profile isn’t interesting.


How do I boost my chances of getting likes on Hinge?

  • Use pictures that are visually appealing and are a proper reflection of your current appearance.
  • Do not give one-off answers.
  • Be honest.
  • Send comments to add distinctiveness to your profile.
  • Be consistent in replying to conversations.
  • Take your match on a date.


If I delete my Hinge account, will I lose all my matches?

Yes, once you select “delete account”, keep in mind that all your matches, messages and other data connected to your account will be permanently deleted.

Once you sign in after deleting your account, Hinge will request you to set up a new account.


Can you search for a specific user on Hinge?

No, Hinge doesn’t have a search feature that lets you search for specific users.


Why don’t I get messages from women on Hinge?

Perhaps you have to make the first move and send a message. A lot of women on Hinge prefer men to message first.


Do you receive more likes when you pay on Hinge?

Users who don’t purchase premium on Hinge are more likely to get fewer likes.

When you pay for Hinge, it lets you access users who like you, so for nervous and socially awkward people scared of initiating conversation, this feature may be very beneficial.


What is the ideal time to use Hinge?

Studies have shown that people usually engage more on dating platforms between the days of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Hence, these are the most ideal times to use Hinge if you want to get more engagement.




In this article, I have provided answers to the question, “How Long Does Hinge “Just Joined” Badge last? The badge is used to show that you have newly signed onto the Hinge platform.

One of the easiest ways to check out the “Just Joined” badge is to navigate to the user’s profile. Alternatively, it will be on display whenever you want to match.

Note that the Just Joined Badge on Hinge will be available to you if you have been on the platform for some time.


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