How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger Without Them Knowing

Is there someone you don’t want to chat with on Facebook messenger or perhaps someone cyberbullying you? The healthiest thing to do is to block them.

How then do you block someone on Facebook messenger?

In this guide, you will learn how to block someone on Facebook Messenger without them knowing.

Sounds great? Let’s get into it.

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What Happens When You Block Someone On Facebook Messenger?

When you block someone from Facebook Messenger, the following happens:

  • The blocked user will not be able to contact you through Facebook chat, Messenger Chat and Call
  • If a blocked person join your Facebook group conversation, you will get a notification
  • You cannot see the online activities such as last seen on Messenger
  • The blocked person can see group chat messages and verse versa
  • Blocking someone does not delete the previous conversation had.


How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger Without Them Knowing?

Firstly, it is important to note that blocking someone on Facebook Messenger does not automatically block them from on Facebook timeline.

You will still be able to access them on your timeline. However, you can also block the person on Facebook easily.

To block someone of Facebook Messenger, follow the steps below:


How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger Using Android

  • Launch your Facebook Messenger app
  • Click on Chats
  • Click on the Facebook user’s name that you wish to block on Facebook Messenger.
  • Proceed to click on the “Information” icon at the right of your screen just after the video icon.
  • Navigate down and click on the “Block” option
  • Tap on “Block messages and call” to block the user on Facebook messenger.

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How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger Using iPhone

  • Launch your Facebook Messenger App
  • Click Chats to display all of the chats you have had
  • Search for the Facebook user you want to block
  • Click on the profile picture at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down and tap on “block”
  • Tap on “Block messages and call” to block the user on Facebook Messenger.

With these steps, you will be able to block someone on Facebook Messenger via iPhone.


How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger FAQs


Is Blocking on Facebook and Messenger the Same?

Blocking someone on Facebook is not the same as blocking someone on Facebook Messenger.

When you block someone on Facebook Messenger, they are restricted on certain actions at the chat and call level. They are still your friends and you will see them on your timeline.

But when someone is blocked on Facebook, you lose complete access to the Facebook user’s profile.

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Can I Know if Someone Has Blocked me on Facebook Messenger?

There is no notification from Facebook to you when you’re blocked on Facebook Messenger. However, the status on that chat can a hint. Such as ‘This person isn’t available right now” or “You can’t reply to this conversation,”

But then this is not 100% accurate as you get the same notification when some temporarily deactivates their Facebook account.


What Message do You See When You try to Message a Blocked Person?

The text box, camera icon does not display for a Facebook Messenger profile that is blocked. Also, a notification will be displayed when you try to initiate a chat – “This person isn’t available” message on the desktop and “You can’t reply to this conversation” on mobile




At this stage, you should have mastered how to block someone on Facebook Messenger without them knowing. Whichever device that you are on, you can block anyone on Facebook Messenger.


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