3 Simple Steps to Get Verified on Facebook for Free

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Having a verified profile on Facebook is something that most people want. It makes you look like you are serious, trustworthy and sincere.

In order to get verified, there are certain rules that you need to follow which includes having a high number of friends and following the guidelines.

How to Get Verified on Facebook

Let’s have a brief look at how to get Facebook verification!

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What is Facebook Verification?

Facebook verification is a process of proving your identity on Facebook.

Facebook verifies your identity using the information you provide and then makes sure that their user database contains this data in order to prevent any fraudulent account from being created.

So in simpler terms, Facebook verification is a mark of trustworthiness and authenticity on the social media platform.

It can be achieved by using biometric data, such as face recognition software, to make sure that the person who wants to verify themselves is who they say they are.

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What Facebook Verification Isn’t

With the launch of verification, Facebook is hoping to curb fake news and bullying on their platform.

The authenticity of profiles can be confirmed by following a few simple steps before it is publicly visible. With this new feature, users will only be able to see verified content.

Facebook verification isn’t just about checking identities; it also aims at offering protection from phishing scams and fraudulent activities conducted by scammers.


Why Verify Your Facebook Page?

If you want your Facebook Page to live long and prosper, then it’s important to verify it. This allows you to control who can see your Page and what they can see.

Verifying your Facebook Page is just one step towards building trust with your audience and promoting the success of your career or business on the platform.

Verifying your Facebook Page allows you to make sure that the information being posted on your page is legitimate and not fake or spam.

You can also verify your page to get ads on your page from verified advertisers and gain access to advanced features like custom audiences and content insights.

According to Facebook, there are a number of reasons why you should.

  • It helps increase trust in your Page and our community.
  • Facebook verification helps protect the integrity of advertising on Facebook by making it harder for bad actors to create fake accounts or spread spam.
  • It helps make sure that everyone who wants to share content from your page is really you or someone approved by you.

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How to Get Verified on Facebook?

For a long time, Facebook has been the most popular social media platform. With more than 2 billion registered users, it is not surprising that many people are looking for ways to get verified on this platform.

This guide will help you learn how to get verified on Facebook in 5 easy steps.


Step 1: Choosing Kind of Account

Facebook verification can be for both; a Facebook profile and a Facebook page.

When you will apply for verification, you will be asked for your profile link along with what you are verifying. You have two options to choose from:

  • Page
  • Profile

Facebook makes it easy for users to get verified on their profile by only requiring the URL of the user’s profile.

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Step 2: Confirming Authenticity

When applying for Facebook verification, the account holder needs to provide information like their address and date of birth. It is important that they have either a valid ID or passport in order to verify their identity.

This includes things like a driver’s license or passport as well as any other type of ID card. For some people, this may be inconvenient but it is necessary for validation purposes.

The accepted forms of identification to get verified on Facebook are:

  • Driver’s license
  • Tax filing
  • Recent utility bill
  • Passport
  • National identification card
  • Articles of incorporation


Step 3: Confirm Your Notability

Facebook account notability is a measure of the number of people who follow you on Facebook, as well as your level of engagement.

You have to provide evidence for your notability. In this part, you will be required to provide some basic information such as the country or region where your account is most popular.

Another aspect could be your audience. This includes what kind of audience you attract the most, what their likes are, and why they follow you.

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Step 4: Wait

Facebook verification is a multi-step process that starts with the user filling out the Facebook verification form and then waiting for approval, which can vary depending on the type of account.

Facebook’s security team reviews all applications, but it takes about two weeks for them to approve your account.


Facebook Verification Form

To get verified on Facebook, you must fill and submit the Facebook verification form. Upon submission, it will be reviewed by the internal term.

=> Click Here to fill the Facebook verification form.



3 Qualities to Get Facebook Verification

1.     Authenticity

The question of what counts as “real” on social media has been on the rise. With so much fake content in the world, it is hard to know what is real and what isn’t.

Facebook is all about authenticity and being yourself. The more raw your content is, the higher are the chances to get verified faster.


2.    Uniqueness

By creating a unique profile, you can make sure your personal brand stands out among the sea of other profiles on social media. And these days it’s necessary for success!

The more unique your Facebook profile, the better chances of getting it verified.


3.    Notability

There are many reasons why Facebook requires notability for verification because it stands out the most is to ensure that the information posted on its platform is accurate and real.

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Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting Verified on Facebook

1. Professionalism

The main reason why you should keep your Facebook profile professional is that it’s important for getting an ‘A-Blue Tick’ on your profile.

This is because Facebook uses this as a measure for how well you maintain your account and can be crucial if someone wants to make sure they don’t miss out on opportunities like job offers or when they might be interested in meeting new people.

For example, a social media manager is posting a tweet about a new product and uses an image of the product as the tweet’s background.

The company is not associated with the logo that appears in the image and it has no relation to their brand.

What do you think happens when your company’s name or logo is used by an unauthorized source?

It can lead to bad publicity, causing your brand to be associated with something negative. In order to avoid this type of situation, it’s important that your brand remains professional in branding and messaging.


2. Updated Information of the Company

Facebook uses this badge to help people easily identify which businesses have their information updated. If you want your company information in order, make sure you follow these four simple steps:

  • Update your address and phone number on your personal profile and make sure they are accurate.
  • Update your business name on the About Us section of your profile.
  • Make sure all contact information is up to date on Facebook Business Page.
  • Make sure the most recent photo of you or a representative is uploaded and not older than one year.

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3. Cultivate Your Community

Growing your community on Facebook is an essential part of your social media strategy. Without the proper and active engagement, you will not gain the traction you are looking for.

The best way to get verified on Facebook is to foster your online community and engage with it once they reach specific numbers.

It’s important to remember that the more people in your community who can verify your business or brand the better chance of getting verified early on.



Facebook is a social media platform that has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. It is now used by more than 2 billion people across the globe, which makes it the most popular social media platform in existence.

The importance of getting verified on Facebook is that it increases the authority of your brand and increases its visibility in search results.

The verification process also shows users that you are legitimate and that your content meets their standards for quality.


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