Create a Verified Clickbank Account in Nigeria (Fast and Easy!)

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One of the most asked questions by both experienced and beginner affiliate marketers is how to create a verified Clickbank account in Nigeria?.

The truth remains that a lot of Nigerians always find it hard to successfully open a Clickbank account. If you are in that shoe, then this content is for you.

How to Create a Verified Clickbank Account in Nigeria

It could be irksome to see others make millions of dollars through Clickbank and you couldn’t join. 

You’ll feel left out, especially if you’ve tried it several times. While some even managed to open a verified Clickbank account, it was banned eventually; even with the money in it.

Some have lost thousands of dollars in course of this. 

While it might seem pretty impossible, the actual thing is that you can create a ClickBank account as a Nigerian and maintain it successfully for as long as you can. However, there are some things you need to know. 

Thus, the purpose of this article is to walk you through the nitty-gritty on how to open a verified ClickBank account in Nigeria that won’t get banned. This article will teach you the rules, so you can know how to break them. 

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What is ClickBank!

How to signup for Clickbank

So many Nigerians often ask, “What is ClickBank”? And why do I need to open an account? Clickbank is a California-based company that matches product owners with affiliate marketers. 

The first set of people are those who want to make more sales in their businesses. They are called vendors or clients.

These include 6 million brands, entrepreneurs, firms, and companies who want their products to reach more buyers. 

While the other set of users are those who can drive traffic and make end-consumers buy the products.

They are called affiliates who are remunerated with commissions. There are more than one hundred thousand affiliates on ClickBank at the moment. 

In other words, Clickbank is purely an affiliate market network. Founded in 1998, ClickBank now exists in more than 200 countries, and it has facilitated affiliate marketing transactions that are worth over $4 billion. 

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Use a VPN

The reason you cannot create a ClickBank account from Nigeria is that the IP addresses on your device could tell the Clickbank website your location.

To solve this, you can use a VPN. This VPN has to “change” the location of your device to where you want it to be – can be Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, or anywhere.

The very important step to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria is to have a VPN. 

Some VPNs are not free. However, you can download Windscribe. Windscribe is a virtually free VPN with varieties of options. Subsequently, we will be going through this one after the other:

Opening a Clickbank account in Nigeria

How to Create a Verified Clickbank Account in Nigeria

1. Fill out the First Form

When you have clicked the sign-up button, you’ll land on the page where Clickbank will require you to fill in certain details to proceed with further registrations.

Meanwhile, bear in mind that your VPN must be switched on throughout the signing-up phase. 

The first data to fill in is your country. The default country on the drop menu is the United States. Although you can pick the United States, it’s better to pick other countries.

The reason is simple, the United States is so particular about tax. 

Assuming that you filled in the United States when signing up, the Clickbank system will require you to submit your tax record and security number before approving your account. These details can be so hard to get if you are not residing in the United States. 

Hence the reason we advise you to pick other places. On this note, you can pick Germany or any other country that is not too particular about tax compliance. Your VPN address must correspond with the location you chose. 

After selecting your country, go ahead to fill in your name; both the first and last. This is the name that will be your Clickbank. At this juncture, it’s important to note that you don’t necessarily need to use foreign names, your Nigerian names are good to go. 

The next step in the first form is to fill in your phone number. Since you have chosen Germany earlier on, you cannot register with a Nigerian phone number. Thus, you have to use a German phone number or the phone number of any country you have chosen. 

You might wonder, “how do I manage to get a German phone number while I’m in Nigeria?” It’s easy.

Some mobile applications will provide you with foreign phone numbers. However, some of them always ask for premium subscriptions before being able to use them. 

On this note, we will recommend an app that is by far the easiest to operate and doesn’t require a premium subscription. Go on Play Store and download an app called “Receive SMS: Free Phone Number.” You will generate foreign phone numbers there. 

Registration of phone numbers is important because Clickbank will send the confirmation code to it. Without inputting the confirmation code, you cannot register your account. 

The final step, in this phase, is the email address and password. Input your email address accordingly. Make sure you don’t use your work Gmail especially if it’s Nigerian-affiliated. A simple Gmail is enough. 

Concerning the password, you have to create a strong one. Otherwise, Clickbank won’t allow you to proceed with your registration.

While doing that, bear in mind to intersect upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters in the password. An example includes “Harrison44%*#@”.

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2. The Second Form: Completion of Profile


Clickbank profile

After you’ve signed up, Click Bank will send a confirmation mail to your email. This will require your confirmation, after which you may choose to complete your profile or do it some other time.

Fill in your first and last names accordingly. Then insert your Gmail address. 

The next stage is to select your country of residence or origin. At this juncture, make sure that your country matches the one on your VPN. Again, don’t pick the United States. Pick some other countries that are not too strict with taxes. 

Clickbank will request your phone number again. Insert the exact numbers you used in signing up and continue. The next questions Clickbank will ask you are street address, province, city, and zip code. You can get all these details by making simple searches, about your selected country, on Google. 

Having filled in the above details, you’re getting closer to owning an approved Clickbank account. However, you will need to input your payment method and optimize your performance. 

Type your name in the “How Would You Like To Be Paid” box. Afterwards, give some details about why you’re on Clickbank and the range of your company’s revenue. Click on “save”. That’s it. You now have a Clickbank account to carry out your affiliate marketing business. 



Apart from the recommended procedures above, some often choose the other way. The other way is liaising with relatives who live abroad to would open and operate their Clickbank accounts for them.

While this may sound like a haven, it has a lot of dents. There are risks of fraud through which some people have been swindled of a lot of money. Moreso, most people don’t like this option for privacy reasons.

On this note, the approach we recommended above seems appealing to a wider number of Nigerian affiliate marketers.

Its only warning is that your account is safe once your VPN is always switched on when you’re using Clickbank. 

That is how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria and receive payment without a ban.

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