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15 Sure Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021


15 Sure Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2021

Perhaps you want to generate other streams of income to pay a few bills? Or, you’re simply searching for the option to replace your current job? Whatever your reason may be, there are many opportunities to make money online in Nigeria legitimately.

The internet has brought a lot of flexibility and made life easier. Not only has it made it easy for businesses to thrive, but has also helped people keep in touch and made it easier to make income.  In this article, we will share how to make extra money online in Nigeria. All the ways highlighted here are a legitimate and easy way to make money in Nigeria

Also, this article will highlight the secrets of making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start as well as the Latest Money Making Opportunities in Nigeria Today. Go ahead to bookmark this page as we will keep updating it regularly. 


Who can make fast money online in Nigeria?

Anyone with a computer and a source of the internet can earn money online in Nigeria. On the internet, it is all about value; what you have to offer to your audiences. What you can do?. Most people do not care about your state of origin, your religion, your qualifications or anything, all they care about is what you can bring to the table.

Perhaps you have skills such as content writing, graphic design, website development, coding, SEO, social media management, content marketing and much more, you can leverage it and make generate a steady stream of income.


If you read and write, you can make an income online. And if you possess tech skills, you can build a career that you are proud of. Recently, LinkedIn released a list of most demanded skills online, and guess what? Most of them are tech skills, but the good thing is that you can acquire most of these skills online for free!


Skills-gap in online marketingWell, if you don’t have a skill or you already do, you are covered in this article.


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Advantages of working online in Nigeria

There are a thousand reasons why you should consider working online.

  1. You can work online as another stream of income. As you go about your 9-5 job, you can devote a few hours a week and earn extra income online.
  2. Requires little or no capital. Like other businesses, working online is not capital intensive. With your computer and internet, you are ready to make money online.
  3. No need for extra expenses. Working online does not attract the cost of transportation, office wears etc.
  4. Flexibility. Working online offers you the flexibility that no other job can. You are in control of your time 100%.

Best ways to make money online in Nigeria today.

Here are the faster ways to earn money online in Nigeria:


#1 Make Money Online in Nigeria: Start Blogging

How to earn money online in Nigeria: Start A blog in Nigeria

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online today. Unlike lots of other jobs out there, blogging is unique because you don’t need to spend money to secure an office space, you can blog right effectively right from the comfort of your home.

Blogging is a very attractive and reliable way to earn money online in Nigeria. You can make good money with your blog in Nigeria. This is the most reliable online business in Nigeria today.


What is blogging?

Blogging is all about managing an information-based website. A website that creates and post information regularly on a specific niche. It could be entertainment, news, agriculture, business, politics, technology, jobs, sports, any information at all.

So if you build a website today and write about technology, that is a blog. And you can make money from your blog.

You might have heard of Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Hot Nigerian Jobs, etc are all blogs and are making legit money online in Nigeria. You too also earn like them if you start today.

How to start a blog in Nigeria is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose a niche you want to blog about, build your blog and start creating content. You can also contact us to build your blog today.

Once your blog starts growing and generating massive traffic, you will have the opportunity to start making money from it via Google AdSense, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, direct ads, selling your products/services and many more.

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#2 Make Money Online in Nigeria: Start Freelancing

How to make money online in Nigeria: Start A blog in Nigeria: freelancers in nigeria

Freelancing is a sure way to earn a steady income online in Nigeria. With freelancing, you have the opportunity to make money online in Nigeria free of cost. All you need is a skill. You can be in Nigeria and work remotely for established companies abroad.

If you are looking for a job that pays you real your convenience, then freelancing is the answer. As long as you have skills, it could be digital marketing, content writing, researching, graphic design, proofreading, coding or any interesting skills, you can work for others online and get paid.

Moreover, you can build a lucrative career with it. All you have to do is horn your skill and find businesses or companies who are looking for people with your skills, negotiate and get to work.

Did you also know that finding clients is very easy?

There are platforms that you can network with people who are looking for experts with your skill to help with different jobs. All you have to do is register as a member with as many of these platforms as possible, apply for jobs.

Most of these platforms are free and some allow you to create a designated business profile so that others can find you when they need you.

Here is a Freelancer Success Guide to get you started on your journey to your first $1000 monthly from freelancing. 

It is crucial to give it your best and have a good reputation. Because of the better reviews you receive from your clients, the faster you grow, and the more you earn.

Freelance Websites to Get Started with Freelancing

Some of the platforms that you can register and get freelancing jobs include: Fiverr, Upwork, FreelancerGuru and more.

It is a very lucrative industry. For example, every year, freelancers on Upwork makes over $1 billion.

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#3 Make Money Online in Nigeria: Start Affiliate Marketing

How to make money online in Nigeria: Start A blog in Nigeria: affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry.  Not only is it growing at a fast pace, but it is also already a massive global industry.

It is all about referring customers to products or services that you do not own and then get a commission for it. It is that simple. Let’s say you have a blog or social media pages that you write about laptops. People visit your pages to read about laptops and see pictures of the latest laptops.

That means these people that come to your page to a certain level trust your review, you can influence their decision with your content. Now, if you have an agreement with some laptop distributors, that for referral that buys, you get 10% commission.

These manufacturers now give you links to some of the affiliate products that you think are reliable. You then share these links with your followers through your product reviews. The idea behind the link is to track how many customers click to buy from your pages.

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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria from Affiliate Marketing

Now if you have 10k followers and 100 people click on your link and buy the laptop. And the laptop is worth N150,000. That means your commission is N15,000 per laptop. Which will be 100 X 15000 = N1.5 million. That means you have made 1.5 million Naira.

That is pretty much how affiliate marketing works. The laptop is just an example. You can do the same for digital products, software and many more. If you have massive followership on social media where you focus much on products or services, you can make a good passive income doing affiliate marketing.

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Also, you can start a blog in Nigeria in Affiliate Marketing or create social media pages targeted at a distinct niche and manage affiliate. But ensure that your reviews are authentic and you only endorse products or services that you have used or can vouch for.


What are Some of the Affiliate Sites in Nigeria?

To make it easier, there are affiliate networks where you can register with them as an affiliate and you find many products or services to promote. Example of popular affiliate networks includes Expertnaire, Jumia AffiliateKonga Affiliate etc.


#4 Make Money Online in Nigeria: Start Copywriting

How to make money online in Nigeria: Start A blog in Nigeria: Copywriters in Nigeria

Copywriting is one of the vital elements of effective online marketing that can never be overlooked. By definition, Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (written or spoken) that inspires the target audience to take some form of action that you care about. Today, Copywriters happens to be the highest-paid writers in the world.

Copywriting is writing copies with the end goal of advertising or marketing. The copy is intended to persuade someone to buy a product or influence their beliefs.


Who is Copywriting Suitable for?

This lucrative online money making opportunity is best for people who have a great passion for writing.

Although copywriting can be intimidating, I have an ‘A’ grade in this skill. I teach business owners how to write compelling sales copy that will get even the most unwilling person to pay for their offerings without hesitation.

Copywriting is no magic…It’s just a skill that can be mastered. So if you want to horn your copywriting skill to double your chances of making money online writing email copies for email marketing, why not contact us today, we’ll guide you on how you can write compelling marketing copies for clients and get paid for it.


#5 Get Paid Online Daily in Nigeria: Start Video Blogging on YouTube

vlogging in Nigeria

This is a very smart way to make money online in Nigeria. With over 5 billion videos watched daily on YouTube, there is a lot of opportunities that it presents. People spend so many hours online watching videos that inspire, entertain or educate them. You can create an account on YouTube with your channel and become a video blogger.

Additionally, all you have to do is select a niche that you will focus on. It could be Technology, Fashion, Marriage, Politics, Football, Music, Health, Comedy and many more. Then build your audience consciously.

As you grow your channel and visibility, you will have people contact you for adverts. Also, you can partner with brands. Sell your products, become an affiliate marketer or serve third-party ads.

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#6 Earn Money Online as a Student: Social Media Marketing

earn online with social media marketing in Nigeria

This is a profitable online career anyone can venture into. It involves helping businesses or brands market their products or services on social media. You might have to acquire this skill to become successful at it. There are great videos on YouTube that you can watch for free to horn your skill and get money online in Nigeria.

You can also contact us for a one-on-one coaching session on social media marketing and digital marketing in general.

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Once you can understand how your favourite social media works, then you can work as a social media marketer. As an expert, your job will be to help businesses find customers or sell products online for a fee. You can also promote your products online.

With over 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users, everything is all about social media.

It is time to capitalise on it and make money online doing so!

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#7 Publish a Kindle eBook

How to publish on kindle in Nigeria

Do you have awesome writing skills? Are you a great storyteller and can build a large fan base of people who would be ready to pay money for your stories?

If you are looking for ways to monetize the skills you have acquired, then you should consider publishing ebooks online.

Writing and publishing an e-book is one of the quickest ways a lot of people are making money online without spending in Nigeria.

Publishing an ebook on Kindle is one simple, lucrative business but rare ways to earn consistent passive income online.

Importantly, choosing a marketable topic and compelling content is something that you will have to get right if you want your e-book to get sold out and become a best-seller.

This online money making opportunity is best for people who have in-depth knowledge on certain topics or are experts and want to share or people who are passionate about research and guide.

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#8 Create an Online Shop

selling online in Nigeria

If your goal is to earn big money online, then this is for you. Ecommerce business is very lucrative if you can establish your brand.

Some platforms enable you to have an online shop. A good example is Shopify, Jumia and Konga. You can create and own a shop, upload and sell your products and make money.

Perhaps, you do not have products or the capital to get products, you can look for popular distributors, copy their products into your online store. Whenever a customer places an order, it is forwarded to the distributors, they supply the product to the customer and you get paid for it.

And if you need an eCommerce website built for you, kindly reach to the best website developers in Nigeria to get started now.

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#9 Create Online Courses

Creating online course in Nigeria

You can create online courses and make money online in real-time. If you are a specialist or expert in any field that you feel confident to impact on others, why not create a course? Create a course online, promote it to students who need your knowledge and experience.

Once they will sign up to learn, you make extra money sharing knowledge. So, instead of hoarding the knowledge, share it and earn income from it.

Recent studies reveal that online tutors make an average of over $10,000 per course. You can be one of them.

Lastly, there are several platforms that you can sign up for to create your course. Teachable is one of them. You can click here to sign up with Teachable


#10 Become an Amazon Associate

amazon affiliate


Amazon Associate is a peculiar kind of affiliate program. This program allows website owners as well as bloggers to monetize their niche website using affiliate links and get paid a certain commission when any website visitor clicks on the link and eventually buys a certain product.

This is not different from the affiliate marketing opportunity explained above. Becoming an Associate with Amazon can be very profitable, but, many people fall short of lucrativeness because they lack the skills in it an not ready to put in the work.

Here is a quick start, 30 days affiliate commission challenge. The results are always mind-blowing.


Other Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria


#11 Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading in Nigeria

There are different challenges faced by lots of Nigeria when it comes to dealing with the naira – such as high inflation rates and not being able to access banks.

Looking at the growth of digital assets over the past decades now is the perfect time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

You can choose to store your crypto for the long term and then watch it grow into what you are proud of or you can learn how to trade with it.


#12 Publishing Profitable Online Articles

Publishing articles online to make money

Today, anyone can publish an article with a device and internet access. To make it even easier, online content-sharing platforms like HubPages allows anyone to create and monetize their blog posts, most especially when they are relevant to the audiences.

As a member of the platform, you earn money online by applying for Google AdSense and the HubPages Ad Program.

This will allow ads to be displayed in your article. As a Hubler, you can earn USD $1,000 monthly!


#13 Selling Your Old Textbooks For Amazon Gift Cards

selling book on amazon

As a student, you have to earn money online fast by selling your old textbooks for Amazon gift cards. Our Textbook can be space consuming and also rarely do we use it for more than a semester. 

Once you have successfully passed that semester and have acquired all the knowledge you need, you can sell in exchange for Amazon gift cards that you can invest in buying new textbooks for the new semester.

Smart right?

You have access to check the worth of your textbook on the website and also, you have visibility on the shipping cost.


#14 Offering Feedback on Websites and Apps

Offering feedback online for money

No Websites is developed perfectly  Primegate Digital has gone through a series of modification update based on feedback from our audiences over the years.

There are paid surveys and feedback to make money online in Nigeria.

You can assist the emerging tech giants to improve their website user experience by navigating their website and offering meaningful feedback.

These paid surveys and feedback will take about 10-20 minutes of your time to complete. Once you have completed the task through feedbacks on their questionnaires, you can earn up to $100 per test through sites like UserTesting.


#15 Data Entry

Data entry

As a student, we manage lots of data during projects. If you have great attention to details, you can get paid online by entering data.

These are certain data entry websites that you can get started with today;  check out Clickworker and Smart Crowd.  You can signup to help complete the small but valuable task of a bigger project, which includes data entry and research.

The pay for this varies from project to project and from task to task. 



How can I make legit money online in Nigeria?

All the suggestions in the article are legit ways to make money online in Nigeria. Do your research on which you have the skill or passion to start earning cash online in Nigeria.

How can a student in Nigeria make money online in 2021?

Making money online in Nigeria today is not for a selected few or kinds of individuals. Anyone who wishes to have passive or multiple income streams including students can make money online in Nigeria. As a student, you can make money from best freelance websites in Nigeria during holidays or free hours.

How can I make fast money online?

It takes effort and consistency to make fortune. When it comes to making money online, you have to have the needed skill and also put in the work to make money fast online in Nigeria. Once you have been able to set up the system, you will reap lifetime from your efforts.

How can I make money online in Nigeria for free or without spending a dime?

Who says it’s impossible to make money online in Nigeria without investment? Well, for you to make money without paying, you will need to have acquired top digital marketing skills that are the most sort after. Then you can offer your skill in return for money as a freelancer.

How can I earn money online daily?

Most freelance websites allow you to generate income daily but payout happens at the end of the month. One of such platforms that payout at the end of the month is Google Adsense. Besides, Expertnaire affiliate program in Nigeria payout every Friday which makes your TGIF a blast!

How can I make money online in Nigeria as a teenager?

As a teenager in Nigeria, you can earn money online with your mobile phone and internet source. Age is not a barrier to making money online today. Ryan Kaji is 9-years old and the youngest YouTuber who makes nearly $30m in a year by “unboxing” and “reviewing” games and toys. 

How can I make money online as a girl in Nigeria?

The above ways to make passive income in Nigeria are not gender restricted. If you are looking for how to make extra money online in Nigeria as a girl, the highlighted ways are the answer.



Now, making money online in Nigeria should seem like a pleasurable exercise and not a burden. 

With our list of ways to make money online in Nigeria for passive income, we believe this should give you plenty of ideas to start making money online in Nigeria today.

It will take some hard work and consistency. But it’ll be well worth it in the end when you find yourself on the road to financial freedom in a very short while.

You can also share this article with your friends that may need some money-making ideas.