How To Recover Deleted Comments On Instagram 2022

With the increasing popularity of Instagram, it has grown to become one of the leading social media sites for anyone seeking entertaining and educative content.

From the short reels videos, and funny memes to photos, Instagram is an amazing platform for all.

Instagram has launched the “Recently Deleted” feature that allows anyone to restore the post and comment that they have mistakenly or deliberately deleted.

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This is feature is only possible for posts and comments deleted within 30 days interval.

Perhaps you’re here because you have deleted a comment on your post or someone else’s post. How then do you recover the Instagram deleted comment?

In this guide, I will show you how to get deleted comments back on Instagram.

Without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Why are Comments Deleted on Instagram?

There are various reasons why Instagram comments are deleted. They include:

  • Instagram may delete comments that go against the community guidelines and standard
  • Abusive and offensive comments might get deleted by Instagram
  • The content creator may also choose to delete the spam comment on a post they have published on Instagram
  • Comments left on other’s posts on Instagram might also be deleted if it’s inappropriate

Therefore, Instagram as well as users on the platform can delete comments on a given post.

But then, there are instances where a user wants to delete a particular comment, and mistakenly deletes an informative comment. If you find yourself in that situation, how then do you retrieve the deleted comments on Instagram?

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Comments

To undo deleted Instagram comments follow the steps below:

  • Click on the undo button at the upper right of your Instagram screen just after you delete the comment.
  • Note that this pop-up notification to undo the deleted Instagram comment last for less than 5 secs. So you have limited time to recover the deleted comment.

Perhaps you fail to undo the deleted comment at this time, it will be deleted permanently from your post comment. This method is for those who have mistakenly deleted an Instagram comment and want to get it back.


How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Comments

At the moment, there’s no option to see and recover deleted comments on Instagram.

For instance, if you accidentally deleted an Instagram comment and did not click on the undo notification within 5 seconds, the Instagram comment will be permanently deleted, and you can’t restore it.

Be it that the deleted comment was on your post or someone else’s post, it is gone forever if you fail to undo it immediately.

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Contact Instagram Support to Restore Deleted Comment 

You can reach out to the Instagram support team to help your restore your deleted comment. While there’s no guarantee that you will receive a swift response due to the high volume of requests that they receive daily, you can still give it a try.

Here’s how to contact Instagram Support Team to fix your deleted comment issues.



How to Keep Your Instagram Comment Safe

Since there’s no way to restore your deleted Instagram comment without the undo option, you can take a screenshot of the comments.

This will help you refer to the comment in future if it is deleted as well as proof that such a comment was made on the post.

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Once your Instagram comment is deleted without you tapping on the “Undo” button, there’s nothing you can do to recover it.

Although there’re some Instagram comment recovery tools out there, there’s no guarantee that they will work and might also tamper with your account privacy.

I hope that this guide on how to recover deleted comments on Instagram helps you to restore your accidentally deleted Instagram comment.


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