Want to Check Who Reported You on Instagram (Do This First!)

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There are instances where you get a notice from Instagram about your account due to report from users. In this situation, you are eager to know who actually reported you to Instagram.

Getting a ban on your Instagram account due to these reports can be frustrating especially when you’re sure that you have not violated any Instagram policies.

How to Check Who Reported You on Instagram

In this article, we will guide you through how to check who reported you on Instagram.

Let’s go!

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Why Was My Instagram Account Reported?

Your Instagram account might have been reported for any of the following reasons:

  • Posting abusive or offensive content
  • Using copyrighted content without proper credit to the owner
  • False report by a competitor if you’re a business


How to Check Who Reported You on Instagram

There are various ways on how to check who reported you on Instagram. Below is how to see if someone reported you on Instagram:

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1. Check The Comments

Perhaps there is a review that was dropped on your post that you missed out on that led to your Instagram account being reported. I recommend that you review your most recent post to find out who reported you on Instagram.

Going through these comments might reveal the name of the person that reported your Instagram account. Once you find to see the user that took the action on your account, make sure to find out why they reported your account.


How to Check Instagram Comment to Find Who Reported You to Instagram

To check this out, follow the steps below:
  • Open your Instagram account on the app or web
  • At the lower right corner of your screen (for mobile ) or at the top right corner for desktop, press the profile thumbnail
  • Navigate to your profile screen to review your most recent Instagram post.
  • Click on the poster and read through all the comments on your most recent post

Following these steps, you will be able to see the negative comment that might have attracted the report on your Instagram account.

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2. Check Your Instagram Inbox

In trying to check who reported you to Instagram, it is important to review the direct messages that you have received.

Probably, you might have received a chat about a post recently made and you did not respond or try to resolve the issues that resulted in your Instagram account being reported.

How to Check Instagram Inbox to Find Who Reported You to Instagram

  • Log in to your Instagram account via the app or the desktop
  • At the upper right corner of the screen, click on the airplane icon to access your private messages

Make sure to go through all of your most recent chats to see if there were messages that might have caused it. Also, check through the message request section at the top right corner to be sure that there is no pending request that caused the report of your Instagram account.

If there was a complaint from a user that was left unattended to, that could be the user that reported your Instagram account.

3. Review Your Instagram Followers

If you have a lot of Instagram followers, this step might be tedious and difficult to achieve. You can always review your followers count to see if there are any changes – such as a drop in the number.

There might be possibilities that the user that reported your Instagram account has unfollowed and blocked you.

How to Check Your Instagram Followers to Find Who Reported You to Instagram

  • Log in to your Instagram account via the app or desktop
  • Navigate to your profile by clicking on the thumbnail
  • Tap on “followers” to see the list of those who currently follow you and also to check if there are any changes.
  • If you suspect that someone has unfollowed you, navigate to the search bar of your Instagram account
  • Once you can confirm the Instagram profile in question, you can then proceed to verify it from the list of your followers
  • Upon entering the profile you get a “User not found” prompt, that confirms that the person has blocked your profile after reporting your account to Instagram.

Once you have fixed the issues on your Instagram account, it is best to reach out to that person to know why and also sort the issues they had with you or your business.

This will help improve your brand reputation.

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Have you reported a post on Instagram that wants to check the status of your report? You have the privilege to check the status of your post or account report in the Instagram app from your “Support Request” section.

To review the report you made on the Instagram app for iPhone and Andriod, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • At the bottom right corner, click on your profile picture
  • Proceed to click on “Settings”
  • Then click on “Help”
  • Click on “Support Request”
  • Then click on “Reports”

You can now see displayed the report that you have made available for you to view the status. It is also important to note that not all reports will be viewable in your “Support Request” tab.


Who Can Report You on Instagram?

Any user on Instagram is eligible to report any account or content that they find abusive or offensive. The account or post reported are not taken actions based on your complaint.

Also, the violating Instagram account will not get notified immediately or have the post taken down.

The Instagram team will have to dig deep to confirm that the issues reported are actually true and go against the community guidelines.

Perhaps it goes against the policies, the account will get notified and the content in question taken down.

The person who reports the account will not be left out in the outcome. They will also be notified of the status of their report.

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What to do if You Have Been Reported on Instagram?

To keep the social media space safe, you must take responsibility for every content posted on your Instagram account.

If the content you posted was a mistake or oversight, make sure not to repeat such again as it will place your account at the edge of being disabled and you might not be able to recover it again.

Perhaps this was done by your competitor to spite you and your brand, your can always contact Instagram customer support to report this to them.

They will help you retrieve all that you might have lost from the account and ensure that such a user is unable to take such action again on your Instagram account.

Make sure to always keep up with the best practices and follow the community guidelines as well as Instagram terms and conditions so that your account will remain active.


Does the Reported Instagram Account Get Deleted?

The simple answer is no. a reported Instagram account does not get deleted immediately. The report has to be reviewed by the Instagram team.

Reported Instagram accounts are only deleted when found to be violating the policies. And this is done after a thorough review of the account in question.

If an account is in right standing by sticking through to the terms and conditions, there is nothing to get worried about.  There are instances an account is falsely reported. In such cases, Instagram will not take any action on such an account.

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We have to always take responsibility for all that happens on our Instagram account. Hence, the need to know how to check who reported your Instagram account.

Following this guide, you should be able to find who reported you on Instagram.


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