Check Who Unfollowed You on Instagram (FAST and Easy!)

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Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 07:12 am

If you’re like most Instagram users,  you use the platform to connect with friends, family, customers and share amazing moments of your life.

The average Instagram user has about 150 Instagram followers, this makes it a herculean task to track those you’re following but aren’t following back.

How To Check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Just imagine a social medial influencer or a business with hundreds of thousands of followers, knowing that your followers are growing and not declining is very vital.

There are many situations where your Instagram followers keep unfollowing you. This is not good as a brand and even for any user as we take pride in the number of Instagram followers that we have got.

How then do you how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram?

In this guide, we walk you through the step-by-step method on how to check who unfollowed you on Instagram.


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How To Check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

There are many ways to check who has unfollowed you on Instagram. This can be categorized into two

  • Manual Method
  • Automated Method using third-party applications.


How to Check Who Unfollowed You on Instagram Manually

This is the simplest and easiest way known by all how to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.

It’s can be very difficult to keep track of especially if you have thousands of followers.

You will have to monitor your follower list daily, and if you notice that there is a drop, you can review your list to know who has unfollowed you on IG.

I can guess what you’re already thinking – this is impossible to do. Yes, I agree with you especially when your Instagram followers fluctuate frequently.

Hence the need to review how to check who unfollowed you on Instagram using tools and third-party apps.

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How to Check Who Unfollowed You on Instagram Using Apps

A lot of Instagram users are asking about the best app to check who has unfollowed them on Instagram.

Instagram has blocked lots of APIs from tracking users activities due to privacy reasons. This places some form of restriction on what the third-party Instagram unfollower app can do.

Perhaps there’s an unfollower or follower Instagram app that you’ve been using and realized all of a sudden it stopped working, the changes made on these API by Instagram explains why.

They’re still a good number of third-party Instagram app that stills works to help you track unfollowers.

Below are the ones we have used and recommend that you also use to check those that unfollowed you on Instagram.

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Third-Party Apps To Check Who Unfollowed You On Instagram for Free

Below are some of the apps to track who unfollowed you on Instagram.



FollowMeter is one of the third-party apps on our list that you can use to see who unfollowed me on Instagram.

The app gives you insights on how popular your Instagram account is, unfollowers and ghost followers. Upon downloading and installing the Follow Meter for Andriod and iOS devices, you will be required to sign in to your Instagram account through the app.

On your Follow Meter dashboard, you will see your unfollowers, users not following back, new followers.

With the changes made with the Instagram API, the app has been able to upgrade and adapt, allowing users to check those that have unfollowed them on Instagram.

Download FollowMeter For iOS and Andriod:





Followers Tracker Pro

Just to clarify that the “Pro” in Followers Tracker Pro does not mean that it is only a paid version. It is free to download and you can use it immediately to check who unfollowed you.

The in-app purchases are only for extra features. It is not a must to upgrade in order to use it.

Followers Tracker Pro allows users to simply check Instagram followers, following, new followers, lost followers, unfollowers, comments and likes that were deleted.

To see your unfollowers, click on the lost followers tab and a list of your Instagram unfollowers will be displayed.

You can dig deeper into your Instagram analytics by reviewing your “ghost followers”, track average engagement per post, check out who’s posting nearby and lots more.

The Followers Tracker Pro is updated on regular basis to improve user experience as well as integrate better with the Instagram API changes.


Download Followers Tracker Pro For iOS:




Follow Cop

Perhaps you are an Andriod user looking for the best Instagram unfollower app, Follow Cop is the answer. The app allows users to track Instagram unfollowers, ghost followers, top likers, users who just unfollowed you and lots more.

The app only shows you those who recently unfollowed, hence you must check regularly to ensure that you don’t miss those valuable metrics.

Follow Cop has an amazing user interface with a dashboard that allows you to manage your Instagram followers with a click of a button.

With the app, you can do mass unfollow (maximum of 15 users). You can also use the filter feature to find fake Instagram followers and clean up your account easily.

The free version of Follow Cop allows up to 15 unfollows at a time, however, you can repeat the same step multiple times to complete your unfollow action. To increase the limit, you will need to upgrade.


Download Follow Cop For Andriod:



What to Do When You See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Once you have checked those who unfollowed you on Instagram, the decision is left to make as to whether to get them to follow you back, gain new followers or simply let them go.

However, if you decide to get the unfollowers to follow you back, you will have to put in some work and give it time to yield results. This work includes engaging with their posts through likes, comments, following them etc.

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How to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions on how to check unfollowers on Instagram for free.


Can you see who unfollowed you on Instagram?

Yes, you can see who unfollowed you on Instagram. This can be done manually or through the use of third-party tools.


What is the best app to see who unfollowed you on Instagram?

The best apps to check who unfollowed you on Instagram are:

  • Followmeter
  • Followcop
  • Follower Tracker Pro

Those are the best Instagram unfollower checker that you can use.


How to see who unfollowed you on Instagram without an app

To check who unfollowed you on Instagram without an app can be a rigorous effort. This requires you to manually track unfollowers daily.




Retaining followers and customers especially for businesses and brands is very important. With these steps highlighted above, you should be able to check who unfollowed you on Instagram.


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