Recover JCPenney Login Password (7 Easy Steps)

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In case you have lost your JCPenney password, you can follow the guidelines found on this page and retrieve it without any problems.

If you find it difficult to remember a strong password, consider choosing one of the most popular options out there.

How To Recover JCPenney Login Password

Not only will you be able to easily recall the password you created, you will also make it much more difficult for someone else to use your password if they happen to know it.

JCPenney credit cards are accepted in more than 670 locations in 47 U.S States.

They’re even accepted at more than 300 restaurants and gas stations! You can earn up to 100% cash back on purchases made with your JCPenney credit card each quarter.

Plus, JCPenney Visa Gold Card holders will earn an additional 2% rewards on their purchase at and an additional 1.5% rewards at

The idea behind an online account is that you can add points to it, and then use the points to get access to different benefits.

In this article, you will learn how to recover JCPenney login password.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.


What Makes JCPenney Exceptional?

JCPenney is a well-known name for quality products and services. The company also offers great customer service and outstanding products at affordable prices.

As a result, they have become very popular with their customers.

Over time, it has established a strong reputation for delivering quality products and outstanding customer service.

As a result, they have become one of the most popular brands in the world. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to clothing.

JCPenney’s website is an excellent place to find information about its products and services. If you need help finding the information you’re looking for, the company provides a support page on its website.

This support page includes helpful articles and videos. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact JCPenney Customer Care via phone, email, or live chat.


How to Recover JCPenney Login Password

To retrieve or reset your JCPenney login password, follow the steps below:

  • Launch your web browser and navigate to
  • On the login page, find the ”Forgotten Password” button.
  • You will be redirected to a pop-up page, simply enter your User ID, Zip code, SSN, etc.
  • Next, tap ”Continue” to go to the next page.
  • Proceed to your email address associated with the account to complete the verification process.
  • Once you have completed these steps, navigate to the JCPenney login page to log in again.
  • Congratulations, you can now access your JCPenney account.


How Can I Contact JCPenney Credit Card Customer Service?

After you’ve tried the above steps and you are still unable to log in to the JCPenney account with the new password, contact customer support by phone.

JCPenney Customer Care is available at 24/7 to help you fix all of your issues.

You can call the JCPenney customer service line at 1-800-322-1189 to speak with the support team or dial this number from any mobile device for instant help.

You can also contact JCPenney Customer Service by sending an email to our support team at this email address: [email protected].

Your request will be attended to immediately.

NB: Make sure to detail your issue and attach the necessary screenshot to help understand your issue and get a swift resolution.


How to Apply for a JCPenney Credit Card



It is simple to make an application for a JCPenney credit card over the internet. Here are the steps you have to follow to finalize your application.

  • Access the JCPenny credit card application portal.
  • Input your personal details. You have to add your annual income and indicate whether you are a homeowner or you are paying rent. As far as you are above the age of 21, you can add your spouse’s income as well as your investment earnings.
  • Choose any option you wish to add to your card. You can select to get e-statements, specify an approved user, register for card security or an insurance service for your credit card that lets you make payment for your balance under specific conditions.
  • Select “Continue” to finalize your application.



If you like, you can take a trip to a JCPenney store and file an application to the salesperson. The data you have to provide will essentially be the same.

For convenience’s sake, use this JCPenney store location to get to the closest store near you. For further inquiries, get in touch with JCPenney’s support team at 800-542-0800.

JCPenney provides a unique bonus for anyone who registers for its card. For instance, if your application is approved, you can enjoy a same-day 15 percent discount.

Your credit limit is based on the quality of your application. However, in the future, you can always upgrade or downgrade.


Online Account Access

JCPenney credit cardholders enjoy easy management of their accounts over the internet, whenever and wherever they may be. They can easily and instantly make bill payments, review their account balance, update their personal details and a lot more.

  • Access
  • Input your User ID and password.
  • Select Continue
  • Forgot User ID
  • Select the “I forgot my User ID” option.
  • Input your account number and zip code.
  • Select continue.
  • After authentication, your User ID will be sent to the email you have provided.


How to Pay JCPenney Credit Card?

How To Pay JCPenney Credit Card? There are numerous methods you can use to make payments to your JCPenney credit card bill. This can be carried out via the internet, phone or mail.



  • Sign in to your JCPenney profile after accessing the JCPenney payment portal.
  • Select the Pay My Bill button.
  • Input the payment amount, routing number and bank account number. Next, select Submit.
  • The payment will be finalized and will appear on your account in three working days.


Via Phone

You can call JCPenney Credit Card Bill Pay Phone Number toll-free at 1-800-527-4403. This number can help you pay for your JCPenney credit card account.

Before calling, ensure that your account details and credit card are available.

To pay through this method, you have to offer the customer support team your credit card number, the amount you wish to pay and your billing information.

You also have to indicate a payment method. The customer support team will validate your payment and issue you with a confirmation number.


By Mail

By Mail If you wish to pay your JCPenney credit card but do not possess the means or resources to do so over the internet or in person, don’t fret.

There is a payment method via mail. It is quite straightforward and takes some minutes. Here are the steps below:

  • Get your payment details. You are expected to be ready with your JCPenney credit card number and the payment amount.
  • Send a money order or cheque for the amount you want to pay, directly to JCPenney.
  • Don’t forget to add your JCPenney credit card number to your money order or check.
  • Send your payment to this address: JCPenney, P.O. Box 960090, Orlando, FL 32896-0090.

That’s what is needed! So far as you ensure you pay before the given deadline, your account will be credited and won’t incur late payment charges or accrued interest.


Via the Mobile App

You can also make bill payments via the Synchrony bank mobile app. This is another method for credit cardholders. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Access the app and log into your account.
  • Navigate to the menu bar in the upper left corner and select the payment option. Input the amount you want to pay and choose your method of payment (like bank account and bank card).
  • Go through and finalize the payment details. Next, select the Submit option.
  • After processing the payment, you will get a confirmation message.


How to Recover JCPenney Login Password FAQs


How can I access my JCPenney account?

Access the JCPenney online credit page. Input your user ID and password. Tick the “Remember User ID” option if you are utilizing your personal computer. Select the “Secure Login” option to access your JCPenney account information.


How can I access my JCPenny e-statement?

You can review your JCPenny credit card e-statement by signing in to your web account. Alternatively, utilize the Android or iOS mobile app. However, you need to first register for the “e-bill” option. Also, review your statement once it is sent to you via mail using the file address.


How do I find my JCPenney card number?

Check the back of the card and locate the 19-digit number


Can I use my credit card from JCPenney at Walmart?

No. Similar to other store credit cards that are accepted at particular retailers, JCPenney credit cards can only be used in JCPenny stores and platforms.



It can be frustrating when you try to access your JCPenney account, and you’re unable to do so.

Follow this guide on how to recover JCPenney, you should be able to retrieve your JCPenney password.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with JCPenney.


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