How to Remove Email Address from Facebook Account 2022

During your Facebook account creation, you’re required to verify your account via a valid email address or mobile phone number.

The purpose of this process is to prevent any possible Facebook account hack in the future and secure your Facebook account even more.

In cases of unauthorized action or product update and upgrade, you get notifications directly on your email address.

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However, you might not be comfortable with all of these email notifications from Facebook. The only solution is to put a stop to receiving email notifications from Facebook.

In this article, we will guide you on how to remove an email address from your Facebook Account

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into it.

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How to Remove Email Address from Facebook Account

To remove an email address from a Facebook account, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the 3 horizon icon at the top right side of your Facebook profile
  • Navigate to the “settings” tab
  • Under the personal information section at the account settings, tap on “contact info”
  • Choose the email address you wish to remove from Facebook, and click on “remove”
  • Enter your password again to verify this action
  • Finally, Click “remove email”

Facebook does not allow users to delete an email address on their account without changing the existing email.

Hence, to remove your email address from Facebook, you must first change your primary email address linked to the account before permanently deleting it.

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Imagine getting an email notification whenever a friend makes a post or comment on your post or even a friend’s birthday. At some point, this can really be frustrating.

Not everyone wants to know who just made a post or who is celebrating a birthday. Therefore unblinking your email from Facebook comes in handy.

We hope that this article guides you on how to remove email from your Facebook account.

You’re might want to review how to contact Facebook support to fix your account issues and also how to delete your Facebook account without a password.

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