Can You Rewatch a Video Call on Messenger (YES, but…!)

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There are a thousand and one times we wish we could have access to a conversation previously had.

Having a voice or video call replayed could be of great value to a person at a different point in time.

Rewatch a Video Call on Messenger

You may have wondered how you could make this possible on the Messenger application or if it is possible at all?

First, to the question of the possibility of having a video call on Messenger saved and watched at a later time, the answer is a “Yes”. And for the question of ” How”, read further to find out.


How to Rewatch a Video Call on Messenger?

A video call with a senior colleague or friend that provided answers to certain questions of which you may need the reference of the call to always go back to, might need to be documented.

The same goes for an amazing time with family. You will want to rekindle the memory at instances where you may not have access to everyone who participated in the call.

How to do this on the Messenger app is not very upfront. This is because there is no direct video call recording feature on the Messenger app. This is to guard against the breach of privacy of individuals making use of the video call feature on the application.

However, there are a few ways to get a video call recorded on the Messenger app so that you can rewatch it later.

The first option that can allow you to document a video call so you can rewatch it is to make use of free video recording apps.

Another option you will be exposed to as you read along is using the screen recording feature.

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Video Recording Apps

Several apps exist that can enable you to record a video call on Messenger. One of these is Apowersoft.

Apowersoft is an easy-to-use software that is designed for different types of gadgets. You can use it on your Personal Computer as well as on your mobile device.

To make use of the app to get a video call documented, follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing to do is to have the Apowersoft app downloaded. There is another option of making use of the application directly from the website. If you have gotten the app, launch the app or go to
  2. Search for the link for recording video calls on Facebook and open it.
  3. Configure the settings of the video record to your taste; select the frame of the screen to be recorded etc.
  4. Enable the video recording to commence.
  5. Ensure you have a good and stable network connection. Otherwise, the quality of the video might be very poor.
  6. Afterwards, launch the Messenger app.
  7. In the chat section, search for the person you want to call. Open the conversation of the person and start a video call by pressing the video call icon.
  8. When the call is over, go to the Apowersoft app and end the video recording. Then, save it. This way, you can come back to rewatch the call session when you need to.

Other video recording apps exist such as Wondershare, Quicktime etc. Navigating through most of these video apps is quite similar.


Screen Recording

Screen recording is an added feature to iOS and Android devices that can record what is happening on the screen of the device.

It can be used to video record a video call session and save the record directly to the memory of the device for easy retrieval.


Using an iPhone for Screen Recording of a Video Call on Messenger.

The screen recording feature comes as a default feature in the iOS version 11 and higher iOS versions. The steps provided will guide you on how to have a video call recorded with an iPhone.

  1. Ensure the screen recording feature is enabled on the iPhone. To do this, go to the control panel. You can access the panel by swiping down the upper part of your screen.
  2. When you find the screen record feature, press the recording icon to start recording. A 3-second window period will be given before the screen recording commences.
  3. Go to the Messenger application and launch the app.
  4. Select the person you wish to have the video call with and open the dialogue section.
  5. Commence or accept a video call from the person while the screen recording will be ongoing.
  6. After the call, navigate to the control panel and go to the screen recording that is still ongoing and terminate the recording by pressing the red stop button.
  7. You can access the recorded video call on the device by going to the photo or video app. You can edit the video by removing all the irrelevant parts of the video that was recorded. With this, you have your video call on Messenger stored for rewatching.

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Using an Android Device for Screen Recording a Video Call on Messenger

For the Android version of 10 and above, the screen recording feature is made available. The process of using an android device to screen record is pretty similar to that of an iOS device. The major difference is in the location of the feature. On an Android mobile, it is easier. Here is how to screen record a video call on Messenger using an Android device.

  1. Locate the screen record feature by swiping down the screen to reveal several functions. Navigate to the next slide by the right to find the screen record feature. Another way of doing this is to add the screen record to the smart panel of your mobile device if such a feature exists. This will make it easier to access the screen record by swiping on the panel and selecting the screen record.
  2. Launch the screen record and configure it to the voiced screen record to enable the audio of the record.
  3. Enable the recording to begin by tapping on Start. Screen recording will commence after a three-second count down.
  4. Open the Messenger app.
  5. Select the chat for the video call. Initiate the video call by tapping the video icon or accept a video call.
  6. At the end of the call, locate the screen recorder and press the red stop button to end the recording.
  7. You will find the video on the screen record video section of your video files if the player you are using has videos grouped into different categories.


Can You Rewatch a Video Call on Messenger FAQs?


Do you get a notification if a video call is being screen recorded by the other party?

Screen record is within the control of a device. As such, Facebook does not get a notification nor can it send a notification out to either the person screen recording or the other party that a screen record is ongoing.


Why is the quality of my screen-recorded video call low?

To ensure that the video quality of a screen-recorded video call is higher, make sure there is a good source of internet connection.

Stop all apps that are running in the background; this can reduce the quality of a screen-recorded video as well. The quality of your camera can play a role in the increase or reduction in the quality of a screen-recorded video.



Have pleasant memories of a loved one from a video call on Messenger saved and rewatched, later.

The same goes for educative video call sessions on the Messenger app.

However, while trying to capture video calls on Messenger, it is important to get the permission of the other party before having a video call recorded.


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