How to See First Message on Facebook Messenger Without Scrolling

Today, almost all social media channels have both audio and video call features. Still, both tops texting. Majority of people prefer text over calls, especially introvert and those that are shy.

You get to see testing more among teenagers who always want to chat with other old time friends. With text, nonebody is able to monitor how long you have be conversing with your friend.

Have you have wanted to reference an old chat to see file, photos or valuable information but can’t because it is deep down your Facebook Messenger chat. At this point, you will get to know how difficult scrolling your Messenger chat can be.

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Do you want to retrieve your old Facebook post without scrolling down it? Well, you’re not alone, we understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be.

In this guide, you will learn how to see first message on Facebook Messenger without scrolling.

Without further delay, here’s how you can get back your old message on Facebook Messenger.

Why You Can’t See the First Message on Facebook Messenger?

Ever wondered why you can’t see what the first message on Facebook Messenger is without scrolling?

Facebook Messenger hides the first message of a conversation, but it is a deliberate decision. This first message is used by Facebook to analyze and learn how people use chat services, and use that data to improve the user experience.

How to See First Message on Facebook Messenger Without Scrolling

Below are the different ways on how to view first message on Facebook Messenger without scrolling.

1. Use Keywords for Search

Are you familiar with keyword concepts? It is basically, the term that you enter in a search engine to get your queries answered. You can also use keywords to find the first message on Facebook Messenger without scrolling.

You can enter the keyword phrase of your conversation with your friend in the Messenger search bar. To be able to successfully use this method, you must have an idea of chat conversation you had.

Here’s how to use Keyword to search for old messages on Facebook Messenger:

  • Launch your browser and open your Messenger chat
  • In the search section, enter the keyword
  • Click on “Enter”
  • If your keyword matches any of your old conversation, they will be displayed for your to see.


2. Access Older Messages via Facebook Messenger App

If you have a Facebook Messenger app, there is an easy way to see your old Facebook chat:

  • Launch your Facebook Messenger app on your mobile device and navigate to the home tab by clicking on the “Home icon”
  • On the home screen, you will see lists of users you have chatted withwhich is sorted by the time of chat. You will see the see the name of the person that you want to read the older Messenger chat
  • You will be automatically taken to the chat page you had with the person. Then you can scroll down to the particular chat that you want to read.

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3. Access Older Messages via Browser

Follow the steps below on how to read older Messenger chat via your browser.

  • Visit Facebook site (Official Facebook Website) in your browerser
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Proceed to click on the message icon just beside the notification bell. When you tap on it, you see a list of your most recent chat that you have had with a “See all in Messenger” option just at the bottom of the page
  • Tap on it and you a Messenger window will pop up in your browser
  • At the left side of your Messenger page, you will see “Chats”, with a search section below it. Perhaps the chat is with someone that you have not chatted with in a while, it is best to inout their Facebook profile name in the search bar to locate it. The chat will be displayed on your screen
  • Finally, scroll up the Messenger chat to view the older chats.



We all know how annoying it is when we are trying to see an old friend’s message on our Facebook messenger but we keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

Well, thanks to this amazing trick, you will be able to see the first message on Facebook messenger without even scrolling.


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