How to Get Canva Pro for Teachers (FREE and Easy!)

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The Canva app has been designed with teachers in mind. With Canva, you can create and share professional-looking graphics quickly and easily.

Teachers can create engaging lessons, and use images from the Canva library to supplement their lessons.

Canva Pro for Teachers

Also, students can make posters, presentations, and other documents with ease.

The Canva team has worked hard to ensure that Canva is easy to use, but also powerful and comprehensive.

You can start using Canva today by visiting the Canva website.

If you’re a teacher or school looking to use Canva for free, make sure to read this article to the end.

What if you’re not a teacher? Canva offers a paid version of their app called Canva Pro which is normally priced at $12.99 for up to 5 people.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


Canva for Education (Canva Pro Free account)

Canva for Education is a great tool for K-12 educators and their students as it’s easy to use. It has powerful editing tools and is free of cost.

Canva for Teacher website

This tool makes it easy for teachers to create, collaborate and visually communicate in the classroom and beyond the four walls of the classroom.

As a teacher, you can sign up here and invite your students to access Canva Pro free for a lifetime.

Perhaps you’re directly from a school administration, all you have to do is contact the Canva team and make your request known to them.

Afterwards, the Canva team will grant you access to Canva pro for free through a special link and the students will now get it for a lifetime when they signup with that invite link.

It’s that simple and easy to get.


How to Get Canva Pro Free for Teachers

As a teacher, you can get a lifetime free Canva pro account. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Canva for Education registration page on your browser.
  • Sign up with your Email Address provided by the school, department, or Google-certified email domain. Alternatively, you can create an account via Microsoft, Google, Clever, etc.
  • Fill out the signup form displayed.
  • Afterwards, choose your profession as a Teacher.
  • Proceed to get your verification done
  • Enter the requested information and make available evidence that you’re a teacher; such as teacher certification and employment documents.
  • Wait for about 48 hours to hear back from Canva about your application.

In the meantime, while you wait, you can use the free version of Canva.


How to Use Canva Pro for Teachers

Canva is free and easy to use by teachers. Below is how to use Canva pro for teachers.

  1. Launch the Canva for Education sign up page.

  2. Sign up with your Email Address provided by the school, department, or Google-certified email domain. Alternatively, you can create an account via Microsoft, Google, Clever, etc.
  3. Follow the registration on-screen instructions.

  4. Afterwards, choose that you are a Teacher.

  5. Tap “Get verified”.

  6. If you signed up with a verified educational email domain, access will be granted right away.

  7. But if you don’t have a verified educational email domain, go ahead to upload a photo or scanned copy of an approved document, and your application will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Once your application is approved, you can access Canva pro for free as a teacher.

Learn how to set up your Canva class and collaborate with your students easily.


Canva Pro Free For GitHub Student Developer

GitHub has teamed up with Canva to make its tools accessible to students and instructors on GitHub.

The deal allows students to get their free Canva pro accounts for 1 year by entering the code STUDENT at checkout.

Hence, as a student, you’ll get a one-year Canva Pro – that’s $119 of value-free of cost.

You don’t need to have design skills to be able to use Canva. It is a powerful design tool you can create professional-looking images on the fly.

You don’t need to be a designer to use it – in fact, you don’t even need to be tech-savvy!

=> Signup with Github

=> Signup for Student Developer pack


If you’re not signed up with GitHub Student Developer Pack (GitHub SD) yet then you have to first register for the program.

That’s a qualifier to claim a one-year free Canva pro for students.


Canva Pro for Teachers FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions on how to get free Canva premium for teachers.


Can I get Canva Pro Free as a Non- Teacher?

You cannot get Canva pro free for teachers if you are not a teacher as there must be an affiliation with an institution to be able to get the invite link.

There’s good news. You can still get Canva pro free of cost.


Is Canva pro free for teachers?

Canva is free for teachers. However, you need to provide supporting documents that you’re a teacher.


Do teachers get Canva pro for free?

Yes, if you’re a teacher, you are eligible to get Canva pro for free.

The requirement is to sign up with a verified educational email domain or upload documents that show that you’re a teacher.


Should I go for Canva Pro Version?

Yes, I recommend that you go for the Canva pro version to avoid any service interruption in future if you’re not a teacher or student.

I have been using the Canva premium for years now and it saves valuable time.

This saving time helps me focus on three other things that let me make money. So my ROI is so high that investment is negligible.

=> Get Canva Pro here.


Is Canva pro free for educators?

Canva is free for educators. However, you need to provide supporting documents that you’re an educator.


How much is Canva pro for teachers?

Canva Pro is free for teachers. If you’re a teacher, you don’t need to pay to use Canva.


Is Canva for education the same as Canva pro

Canva for education has all of the premium features as Canva pro and more features that support classroom teaching.




Following this post, you should be able to get Canva pro free for teachers and have access to all the amazing features.

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