Difference Between Touch Facebook and M Facebook

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Facebook is the most widely visited site. It is accessed by hundreds of millions of people daily. Hence, it is unsurprising that developers at Facebook frequently update the site in order to enrich the user experience. 

Smartphones began to gain widespread acceptance in 2007. Facebook introduced Facebook Touch around 2009 to gain new ground and adapt to these changes. 

Difference Between Touch Facebook and M Facebook

If you are seeking information about Facebook Touch and want to find out how Facebook Touch differs from m Facebook, this article is for you. 

You can get detailed answers to your questions here. 


What is Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch is a powerful Facebook application with a lot of capabilities. It was designed with H5 apps for use on touchscreen smartphones. 

Today, Facebook Touch is known for its fantastic UI and is much touted as a great Facebook mobile app alternative. It can be accessed via all models of smartphones. 

While m Facebook is popular with many Facebook users, Facebook Touch has superior quality graphics and offers a better user experience. It also has a quicker loading time than m Facebook. 

Facebook Touch users are guaranteed high performance even in areas with poor networks.

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Facebook Touch vs M Facebook: What’s the Difference?

  • The first difference is in the URL. If you access M Facebook via your web browser, the URL address will appear http://m.facebook.com. However, when you browse Facebook Touch, the address will appear as http://touch.facebook.com. 
  • Facebook Touch has superior graphics and better image quality than M Facebook. M Facebook site has lightweight content and compressed quality photos. 
  • Facebook Touch is built primarily for smartphones. Hence, it is properly optimised to conserve data, and its users can enjoy a rich user experience. 
  • Facebook Touch has more sophisticated features and functionalities than M Facebook. The reason for this is that Facebook Touch is developed with smartphone users in mind. On M Facebook, the resolution quality is lowered to scale performance up. 


How Can You Get Facebook Touch on Your Phone?

At the moment, it is not possible to install Facebook Touch directly from your respective mobile application store. Neither Google Play Store nor Apple App Store has an app called “Facebook Touch”.

For instance, when I searched for “Facebook Touch” on Google Play Store, I stumbled across “Facebook Lite”, which is an entirely different app. 

To install Facebook Touch, you have to secure its application package or APK file. From there, you can complete the installation.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app, sign in to your Facebook account to enjoy superior graphics resolution and a pleasant browsing experience.

The methods below will guide you in installing Facebook Touch application package:

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Update Your Device Authorisation Settings

Before installing the Facebook Touch app, you will need to update your phone’s authorisation settings. In this regard, you will have to enable “unknown sources” to install apps on your device. 


Search for Facebook Touch 

Launch your device’s mobile browser. On the search bar, type in “install Facebook Touch”. Alternatively, you can input this wherever the URL address is located. 


Pick a valid APK file

You will find plenty of APK files but ensure you pick the ones that satisfy all the terms of service or user agreement. 


Install the APK file

Since you have chosen the correct file for installation, the next step is to begin downloading. Select “install” or “download” and wait for the download to complete. 


Make use of the App

Open the app and sign in to your Facebook account to reap the benefits of Facebook Touch’s powerful features. 

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What Does Facebook Touch Have to Offer?

Facebook Touch was developed due to the yearnings of its users for a more pleasant browsing experience. Here are some of its most significant features:

  • It offers a superb Facebook online experience for everyone. It is suitable in areas with bad network service. 
  • Access superior quality images at optimised loading time. 
  • It facilitates better inclusiveness. It can be used for both page and group needs. 
  • Facebook Touch can be accessed via smartphone browser apps and desktop devices. 
  • The user interface is uncluttered, simple to use and straightforward. 
  • Great chat window and communication portal. 
  • Facebook Touch is a fantastic, sophisticated version of Facebook. A trial will convince you. 


Facebook Touch’s Limitations

Facebook Touch is vastly better than M Facebook. However, it is not a perfect tool as there are a few limitations regarding its usage. Let’s find out what they are:

There is no clear cut distinction between M Facebook and Facebook Touch to a lot of people. Many users have already gotten used to M Facebook and are less likely to change to Facebook Touch. 

Months after Facebook Touch was introduced, Meta has put out newer versions of the app for smartphones. Many users believe that they are a step ahead of the original one. 

It is unfair to compare the Facebook Touch desktop mode with M Facebook. 

Although these limitations pale in comparison to its benefits, it is entirely your prerogative if you think Facebook Touch is best for you or not. 


What is the Best Way to Turn Off Facebook Touch Notifications?

It’s no fun being incessantly disturbed by notifications. Whenever a user “likes” or comments on your post, Facebook pushes notification alerts to your phone, and it can be annoying. 

However, there are strategies you can use to quickly disable notifications. Let’s explore them below:

  • Launch the “settings” app on your mobile device. 
  • A list of menu items will emerge. Next, click “Apps”.
  • You will see Facebook Touch app among the list of apps. 
  • Then, select the Notification option.
  • Next, toggle off the notifications and close the app. 
  • If successful, this method will disable Facebook Touch notifications on your smartphone.  

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Account Details and Privacy Preferences for Facebook Touch and M Facebook

Most users will observe that there is a marked difference between Facebook Touch and M Facebook in the area of account details, personal information and privacy settings. 

Facebook Touch offers simpler access to this data when compared to M Facebook. Here’s how:


Launch the App

Before accessing your account details and privacy set up, it is important to first launch the Facebook Touch app. If you don’t have the app installed on your phone, check out the simple guide in the first section. 


Sign in to your account

The second step is to sign in to your Facebook account. Just input your username or mobile number. Then, add your password. Make sure it is accurate. If you don’t own a Facebook account, select “Sign Up” to set it up.


Update settings 

Once you sign in to your account, you will be able to access the home page. Select the hamburger icon in the upper right corner. On the next display, find “help and settings” on the menu listings and select it.


Access and Update Your Information

After accessing the settings menu, it will be easy to update your preferences and restrictions or even view your account details. Ensure you go through the community standards and terms of service. 


Facebook Touch Messaging

If you want to chat or engage in direct messaging via Facebook Touch, you’ll have to use the Messenger App. Hence, install the messenger app if you want to interact with family, friends and colleagues. 

Facebook Messenger app was introduced around 2011. It is known for its instant messaging capabilities. Over time, it edged out Facebook Chat in popularity. It is even utilised by people without a Facebook account. 

As soon as you finish installing Facebook Messenger from your respective mobile app store platforms, you can directly enjoy a top-notch chat experience. For instance, you can access it via iOS, Android Watch, Android and the like.

Messenger can also be used directly on your PC as you can download plug-ins to optimise it better. Note that Messenger is specially developed for chatting. Hence, you can either chat with individuals or set up a group chat. 

Messenger also enables you to send multimedia files like photos, video clips, sound recordings, GIFs, avatars and stickers. 

On Messenger, you can see if the user you are interacting with is typing in real-time. There are also read and message sent receipts available. Timestamps are available to give you an accurate time frame of when messages were delivered, received and viewed. 

Search for specific messages via keywords or search messages for the ones sent by selected persons and businesses. 

Get message requests from non-Facebook friends. Browse filtered messages, unread messages, spam messages and find out who is present on Facebook in real-time. 

You can also find out the period when someone was online via Facebook Messenger. 

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Difference Between Touch Facebook and M Facebook FAQ


Is it possible to do a Privacy Checkup via Facebook Touch?

Absolutely. You can update your Privacy update on Facebook Touch through the following method:

  • launch the Facebook Touch app.
  • Navigate to the hamburger icon and tap on it. 
  • On the next page, tap the “Settings and Privacy” option from the list of menu items. 
  • Find your Privacy Checkup underneath the “Account” option. 


How do I update my Facebook Touch profile photo?

It’s easy to update your profile picture via Facebook Touch. Tap on your profile photo. You will be allowed to either modify or change your profile photo.


How can I keep track of my Facebook Touch activity?

You can track your activities on Facebook Touch via the activity log. It is located in the “Settings & Privacy” section. You can browse through all your activities for present and past days, months and years. 


Is Facebook Touch better on a pc?

That’s false. Facebook Touch is specially optimised for smartphones. However, if you access it on your PC, it will have the same interface as your touch device. 



Facebook Touch is an important app for any lover of Facebook. It will improve your Facebook browsing experience and allow you to enjoy numerous Facebook services seamlessly.  


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