What To Do If Someone Posted Your Picture On Facebook Without Permission

Last updated on April 12th, 2022 at 04:52 pm

What can I do about a picture of me that I don’t like which someone posted on Facebook?

We’ve all been there before. You post something on Facebook and later realize that someone has posted your picture without your permission.

What To Do If Someone Posted Your Picture On Facebook Without Permission

This can happen for a number of reasons and it’s never a pleasant experience. Whether the person posting your picture did so maliciously or accidentally, it’s important to take action and protect yourself.

If you discover someone has posted your picture on Facebook without your permission, what should you do?

In this article, I will walk you through what to do if someone posted your picture on Facebook without Permission.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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What Can You do if Someone Posted a Picture of you on Facebook without your Permission?

Facebook frowns against privacy bridge and allows users to report posts that goes against it.

Below are the steps to take when somebody post your picture on Facebook without your permission.


Reach out to the Person

If someone posts your picture on Facebook without your permission, you have the right to reach out to them to take it down.

This should be the first step to take.

To do so, kindly private message the person that made the post calmly requesting that the delete the Facebook post with your picture.

In most cases, they will yield in and bring down the post. But if they don’t you can follow a more strict action below.

Report the Facebook Post

One of the actions to take when someone post your photo on Facebook without permission is to report it.

Facebook allows users to report post that they think is inappropriate.


How to Report a Photo or Video on Facebook

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Locate the picture or video of you that was posted without your permission.
  • Next, tap on the photo or video to expand it. But if the profile is locked and you can’t expand to see the full-sized picture, tap Find support or report photo.
  • Click the three dots at the top right of the photo or video.
  • Then click Find Support or Report Photo for photos or Report Video for videos.
  • Choose the option that best describes the issue and follow prompt.

This will notify Facebook to take down your picture or video that was posted.


Contact Facebook Support

If you have tried the steps above and still the photo stills remain on Facebook, you can contact Facebook customer support.

Facebook support live chat allows your to have a Messenger chat with the support team and report any issue that you are experiencing on the platform.

With the Facebook support system, your problem that be resolve real time.

However, to be able to access the Facebook live chat, you must have an active ads manager account.

The reason for this is because this service is only available to advertisers on Facebook.

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What To Do If Someone Posted Your Picture On Facebook Without Permission FAQs


If someone posts my picture on Facebook, without my permission, what rights do I have to have it removed?

As a Facebook user, you have every right to request the removal of a photo of you posted without permission.

Perhaps the person who posted it refuses to remove it, go ahead to report the post and contact Facebook support.


How do You Stop Someone from Posting Pictures of You on Facebook?

You cannot stop people from posting your pictures on Facebook, but you can prevent it.

Ensure that you control what you share on social media. You can also hide your post on Facebook as well as set up a private profile on Facebook.


Someone is Posting my Pictures on Facebook Without my Permission. What do I do?

Simply request the person to take down your pictures on Facebook. If the person refuses, proceed to report the account and post to Facebook.

You can also contact Facebook support to report the issue.


What can I do About Someone Posting my Personal Information and Pictures on their Facebook?

When someone shares your personal information or pictures, they are violating your privacy. It’s always best to ask before you share any pictures of you, your house, or your kids on Facebook.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from having your personal information shared on Facebook:

  • Be careful what you post on Facebook. Make sure you’re only sharing information that you want to be public.
  • Consider creating a private Facebook profile
  • Use the “who can see” feature to control who can see your posts.
  • Use the “block” feature to remove people from your news feed.
  • If someone does share your personal information or pictures, be sure to report it to Facebook.
  • Keep an eye on your Facebook activity, because it’s easy to accidentally share personal information or pictures.
  • Avoid clicking on links posted on Facebook.
  • Don’t give out your password to someone.


Is there a Way to Remove a Picture Someone Else Posted on Facebook?

There is no way to directly take down a picture of you posted on Facebook by someone.

However, you can ask the person to remove it. If that fails, be quick to report the post and contact Facebook support team.


How do I get Someone to Take Down a Photo of Me on Facebook?

To get some to remove a photo of you posted on Facebook, Send them a Direct Message or drop a Comment on the Photo and request that they take it down.

But if they refuse to do so, report the post to Facebook.


How do You Delete someone Else’s Photo on Facebook?

The only way to delete you photo posted on somebody’s else Facebook page is to request that they do it.

But if that does not work, you can then report the post to Facebook.



You may think you have no control over what happens to your pictures once they’re posted online, but you do have some say in the matter.

If someone posts a picture of you on Facebook without your consent, you can send them a private message explaining that the image violates your privacy and ask them to remove it.

If you’re worried about the consequences of doing this, talk to a lawyer first to make sure you don’t have any legal issues to worry about.

You can also report the post to Facebook as a violation of their community standards.

Following this guide on what can I do about a picture of me that I don’t like which someone posted on Facebook, you should be able to have the photo removed from Facebook.


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