Facebook Password Requirements (+Tips to Secure Account)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 10:29 am

So, you created a new Facebook account to start a fresh spot in your social media presence. You can’t wait to start sending friend requests to people all over the world.

But there is something you seem not to get right when opening the account – password settings and structure.

Facebook password requirements

Yes! There have been some new settings on how to set your Facebook password which you need to incorporate into your new account opening.

In this article, you will be learning about the current Facebook password requirements you need to open a Facebook account successfully.

We live in a world where security is paramount in everything we do, and having a piece of prior knowledge in cyber security is key also very important.

There are lots of courses out there you can take to understand what security and protection are all about.

It is not compulsory to know the whole pack about ethical hacking, but knowing some preventive measures will play a large role in making sure that you are protected.

This is why Facebook has taken to make this an effect in the way you set your passwords when opening an account. People tend to create passwords that are so easy for people to decode and have cost people to lose their accounts.

But, there is a way to go about this now with the new password requirement provided by Facebook to help its users with account protection and recovery.

Below are the following key password requirements to open a Facebook account.

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Current Facebook Password Requirement

Not everyone is new to the name Facebook though, but some I can bet are just hearing about Facebook, and once they become new to it, they can’t wait to open an account.

Here are the criteria for a Facebook password:

  • Minimum length
  • Maximum length
  • Minimum complexity
  • Password history
  • Avoiding personal names
  • Security tips


Facebook Minimum Password Length

As things continue to get hard with security and protection, it is now more important to extend the length of the password when creating one.

Facebook has issued a new password requirement to extend its password to at least a minimum of 6 characters. E.g., a “123456” a 6-character word or letter will make it hard for a hacker to find their way into hacking your account.

This is one of the password requirements which Facebook has taken into action. Some time ago, it used to be four. But, now it has been increased to six for better protection and security.


Facebook Maximum Password Length

This is for stronger password protection. As the minimum length for a password is 6 characters, there is no maximum length for password creation.

If you choose to extend or create a password of 100 characters, it is possible. At a point, I have tried personally to use a password of 250 characters, and it still worked.

But use a character word that you can easily remember. You don’t want to use a password of over 100 characters. At least, 10 or 12 is fine.

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Facebook Minimum Password Complexity

From the word, you can understand what is to be done here. It is one of the Facebook password requirements to add some complexity to your password setup.

So, in setting up your password, you should use things like numbers, letters, and punctuation marks.

In this scenario, your password should be looking like this, “Ball234llers9”. You can see how complex this is, and imagine someone trying to crack into this.

It is going to be so hard to do. The goal of this is to mix things up and make things complicated for a hacker to decode. By using and adding some complexity to your password setup, you are making your password strong and hard for penetration to happen.


Facebook Password History

This is unique in a way for you to create a more and better access point for your Facebook account. It is a strategy Facebook uses to guarantee the security of your account.

This is more for people with existing accounts who wish to change their passwords to a more unique one. If you try to change your password, the existing one must be different from the current one you are trying to change to.

It is also crucial to make use of this if you think your password has been out there and you think it is not safe. This is a way to make your account strong and free from hacking.


Avoiding Personal Names in Facebook Passwords

In creating passwords, avoid using personal names such as your name, date of birth, pet names, maiden names, name of your car, and name of your son or daughter.

These things are things that hackers look into when trying to crack your password. And if you are fond of using such personal names as your password, you are about to get hacked.

Use things that are hard to come by but easy for you to remember. Do not always forget that. The harder the password is, the better protection you have over your Facebook account.

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Facebook Password Security Tips

To make your account free from hacking, you need to adopt this new FB password requirement. To use this feature, you need to use a different Facebook password from your email password.

This makes your account very strong and difficult for hackers to penetrate.

There is a reason for this – is that, when you find that your account has been hacked, you can always recover your account from your email.

But if your account is created with the same email you used for your Facebook, then your account is gone.


Facebook Password Special Characters

Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s easy to get started, but you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best password possible to protect your account.

Adding special characters to your Facebook password gives extra security and complexity to your password. With the high volume of Facebook account hack daily, it is very important to implement this.

Examples of Special characters to use in your FB password are  $,#,@,!,%,^,&,*<,>,[?  etc. It may come at the beginning, in-between or at the end.

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Facebook Password Requirements FAQs


Is There a Facebook Password Lenght Limit?

There’s no limit to the extent you can go with your Facebook password. The longer the FB password, the more secure it is.


How Can I Make My Facebook Password Strong?

To make your FB password strong, follow the best practices below when creating it:
  • It must be easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess.
  • Don’t use the same password you use on other social media platforms for Facebook.
  • The longer the password the better and more secure it is.
  • Don’t use your email, phone number, name or birthday as a password.
  • Change your password immediately if you think it’s compromised.

Note: When creating your Facebook password, make sure to mix it with uppercase and lowercase letters and also, introduce special characters to it.



Facebook passwords may seem simple, but they’re not. With over 2 billion active users, keeping them safe is essential.

There have been so many stories of how Facebook accounts have been taken over by hackers which could not be recovered again. This is due to the lack of knowledge on how to make an account protected.

Facebook has now provided these sets of password requirements to make your accounts protected. Go over this article to understand these steps because you will always need these steps in case you come across such issues in the future.


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