How to Download Facebook Reels Video on Android & iPhone

If you’re very active on Facebook, you must have noticed ‘Reels and Short Videos’ section on your Facebook News Feed.

With the introduction of Facebook reels, the engagement rate on the platform has increased.

Not only can you watch Facebook reels, you can also watch Instagram reels on Facebook. You can find the ‘Reels’ tab displayed alongside other shortcuts.

Download Facebook Reels Video
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Facebook has a lot of videos uploaded daily and this can be a real challenge to sift through all the content.

It becomes more challenging when want to download reels video on Facebook to watch offline or other platform.

In this article, you will discover how to download Facebook reels video easily..

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Can I Download Reels Video on Facebook?

There’s currently no official way to download Facebook reels video. However, there’s a work around to download videos on Facebook.

With lots of third-party services, downloading all forms of video including reels has become much more easier.


How to Download Facebook Reels Video with Music

To download Facebook reels video with music, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook app and login to your account if you haven’t.
  • Navigate to the “Reels” tab and search for the reel you desire to download. If you want to find the reels that you posted, click on your profile at the upper right section of your screen and locate the ”My Reels” section.
  • Click on the three dot icon at the lower-right section of your screen.
  • Choose “Copy link”.
  • Navigate to the online downloader site like
  • Paste the URL of the Facebook reels video that you copied  in the section provided.
  • Next, tap on “Download”.
  • Tap and hold the ”Download Video in HD Quality” and select “Download Linked File” to download the reel.
  • Once you have downloaded the video, open your file manager and go to “Downloads”.
  • Open the reel file downloaded and click on then “Share” button.
  • Next, click “Save Video” to save the Facebook reel video to your photo application.

Note: These steps to download Facebook reels is applicable to both Android and iPhone.


How to Down Your Own Reels from Facebook

Did you know that Facebook has an in-built feature that allows you to download your own reels video?

Yes you can. However, it does not allow you to download the reels with the audio added from Facebook or Instagram music library.

The original reels audio will be saved to your gallery with music.

To download your Facebook reels video, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Facebook app and login to your account if you haven’t.
  • Navigate to the menu section and click on the “Reels” shortcut.
  • Click on your Facebook profile photo at the top right section of your screen.
  • Below the ”My Reels”, launch the reel video you desire to download.
  • Next, click on the three dot icon at the bottom-right corner.
  • Tap on the “Download reel” option.

That’s all. The Facebook reels video will be automatically saved to your smartphone’s storage and you can access it via the gallery or photo app.

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Why Can’t I Download Reels From Facebook?

If you’re are trying to download others reel video on Facebook, there’s no official way to do so, except you use third-party apps like

Perhaps you are having issues downloading your reels, you can contact Facebook live chat support to help you fix the issues real time.



The Facebook Reels is one of the most powerful features to gain visibility and also consume content of all types.

Following this guide on how to download Facebook reels video, you should be able to easily save reels video from Facebook.


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