How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Facebook

Last updated on October 7th, 2022 at 01:15 pm

A lot of interactions and relationships are built on Facebook on a daily basis.

The social media platform is a great place for connection and networking. People have leveraged greatly on the Facebook platform to make tremendous success in business and socialization.

Find Someone’s Phone Number on Facebook

There have even been case scenarios where people find love just by connecting on Facebook and going on to build a wonderful relationship.

Sometimes, it begins with a message, and at other times, a simple exchange of contact details. In a nutshell, there is nothing wrong with trying to genuinely connect with someone on Facebook.

Getting the phone number of a person you wish to relate with can be a great place to start.

So, how then do you find someone’s phone number on Facebook?

This question is relevant given the privacy protection policy of Facebook that preserves the privacy of its users and makes it impossible for you to get the phone number of someone you are not connected to without their consent.

Does this mean that you cannot get the phone number of anyone on Facebook?

That’s not true. Even with the privacy policy of Facebook in place, there are still a couple of ways you can employ to find the phone number of a person on Facebook.


Facebook Privacy and Need to Respect User’s Privacy

Before we go further into discussing in detail how to get the contact details of a fellow Facebook user, it has to be asserted that the privacy of every user of the Facebook community must be respected.

As such, getting the number of someone on Facebook must be with genuine interest at heart.

At any point in time when the user does not feel comfortable continuing a conversation or relationship with you, you must be respectful of the person’s decision.

Anything contrary to this can lead to dire consequences as Facebook does not take the violation of the privacy of its users lightly.

Having said this, let’s go on to find out a few ways you can get the phone number of a person on Facebook.


How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Facebook

Though there is no direct phone number button on Facebook, you can still manage to get someone’s number on this platform using any of the means explained below. Read further to find out more.


Through Their Facebook Profile

If you want to get the contact details of anyone on Facebook, the first place of call should be the profile of the person.

Facebook does not penalize any user who chooses to leave their contact details on their profile. Some people are a brand and manage a page for different reasons.

Some of these persons provide a means for you to reach out to them. While it is unlikely that you will find the phone number of a person in their profile, the chance still exists.

Scroll to the About section of the account under Basic Info and you may either find their phone number or a means of contacting the user of which you can build a relationship and ask for their phone number directly.


Using Google Search

You can make use of the Google search engine to look for the phone number of a person on Facebook.

If there is any documentation on the world wide web where the phone number of this person is enlisted, you may find it if you search for the person using the Google search engine.

In a situation where you cannot get the phone number directly, you may get referrals to other platforms from the search that can be of great help to your phone number search.



The Messenger platform is another way of getting someone’s phone number.

How? This will involve a direct approach. There is no harm in honestly and politely sending a direct message to someone via Messenger and requesting their phone number.

Your best bet is to build a simple yet honest conversation and establish your reason for reaching out. If the user feels secure enough, you just might get the phone number you are looking for.


Business Page

If the basis for which you want to get someone’s phone number on Facebook is business inclined, you can try checking out the business page of such a user or brand.

Most business pages have their contact info open to the public. Therefore, getting the phone number of a person who owns a business page should not be hard.


Search Other Networks

Most persons use their real names or a derivative of their real names to create their Facebook usernames. You can leverage this fact to check out this person on other social media platforms.

You might be in luck and find contact information about this person from other social media platforms.


Email Address

If getting the phone number of someone on Facebook is seeming impossible, why not try checking for the email address of the user you are hoping to connect with?

Having their email address will serve you with the opportunity to relate to the person. From there, you can generate enough rapport to earn the phone number of the person.


Audio Call

The whole idea of getting the phone number of someone on Facebook is to be able to make a call right?

If that is the case, you can try making the call directly on the Facebook app. Yes, Facebook allows you to make audio calls on the platform.

It is one of the innovations of the platform to serve its users better. Simply reach out to the person in question and seek their consent to carry out an audio call.

Here’s how to configure the audio call should in case you do not know how to do it.

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the More (•••) icon at the upper part of your page.
  3. Initiate the audio call feature and select the user you wish to call.


Using Facebook Phone Number Finder Software

There is the option of making use of a phone number finder software.

There are apps that claim to be able to provide you with the phone number of someone on Facebook. Honestly, most of these apps are not legitimate.

It is best to make use of other methods provided in this article to check for someone’s phone number on Facebook.


How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Facebook FAQs


Can I find someone’s number directly on Facebook?

There is no direct phone number finding feature on Facebook.

This means that you cannot directly access the phone number of a Facebook user except if it is included in the profile or a post by the user.


Can I make an audio call using my personal computer?

As far as you are making use of an updated web browser, you can make use of your personal computer to make an audio call on Facebook.

Unlike your mobile device, the More icon (•••) is found beside the message button instead of at the top of your profile page. You can initiate an audio call by clicking on the icon.




Even with the limitation of the Facebook user privacy policy, people can still get the phone number of someone they may want to relate to.

If the right approach is employed and the reason for the search for the phone number is genuine enough, anyone can earn the phone number of another user of the Facebook platform.

Sending a direct message and building a rapport with a user is all honesty is one way to earn their phone number.

And honestly, this is the best and most recommended way; just ask for the phone number if you can afford to directly connect with the user.


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