How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Telegram

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Telegram is a messaging app that has recently become very popular. It offers many features that are not available in other apps.

One of those features is the ability to search for a person’s phone number.

How To Find Someone’s Phone Number On Telegram

However, many people aren’t aware of the fact that you can find other users’ phone numbers on this app. Telegram is a secure instant messaging

If you know someone’s phone number, you can use Telegram to find out where they live, who they’re talking to, and what their phone number is. You can also use Telegram to send messages to people.

In this article, I will guide you through how to search for a person’s phone number on Telegram.

I will also show you how to contact them using Telegram.

Before you begin, make sure that your Telegram account is active. If you don’t have a Telegram account yet, make sure to sign up today.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started on how to find someone’s phone number on Telegram.

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Can I Find Someone’s Phone Number on Telegram?

Absolutely yes! You can easily find someone’s mobile number on Telegram. Following the methods below, you can search for someone’s phone number on Telegram.


Requirements to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Telegram

To find someone’s phone number on Telegram, you must have a Telegram account and be connected to the internet.

With these requirements met, you can proceed to search for someone’s phone number on Telegram.


How to Find Someone’s Phone Number on Telegram

You can easily sync your Telegram app with the contact list and search for the contacts that are on Telegram.

That’s the simplest way to find your friends on Telegram.

This works if you already have the person in your contact book. What if you want to find the number of a Telegram user you’ve just met who isn’t on your contact?

On Telegram, your number is public to only those who have saved it in their contact book. However, there is an option to change the privacy settings and decide who you want to see your number.

For instance, if you change the privacy settings to ”Everyone”, any Telegram user can find your number.

That’s a legit way to find someone’s number on Telegram without deploying third-party tools.

However, if the user has not set their privacy settings to public, you cannot view their phone number on Telegram except if you directly ask them.


1. Use the Telegram Phone Number Finder Tool

With the Telegram phone number finder tool, you can easily find a user’s phone number by entering their username.

What is required of you is to find a trusted tool and enter the username within the search bar.

Then exercise patience for the results to show up with the requested information. This might seem to be an easy way to find a user’s phone number on Telegram, but it is not reliable.

With the strict policy on users’ data and privacy, it’s almost impossible for tools like the Telegram phone number finder to be able to deliver accurate results, especially when the user has made their details private.

Also, you must be careful with the tools you have installed into your device to avoid your details being compromised.

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2. Ask The Telegram User For Their Phone Number

If you’re looking for the safest, most trusted and easiest way to get someone’s Telegram number, then this is it. Ask them for it.

It is not compulsory to ask for this via Telegram. You can use other mediums to request their mobile number.

Perhaps it is someone you want to partner with. You can send in your proposal and request for their contact details to be shared with you.

Maybe you don’t have direct means to contact this person. You can reach out to any of your friends who have a good relationship with them on Telegram and ask them to request a phone number via Telegram chat.


How to Get a Phone Number From a Group on Telegram

This section will explore how to get a mobile number from the Telegram group.

You can achieve your aim of getting a phone number from any group on Telegram by directly reaching out to the username and requesting their contact.

Another method may entail singling out contacts and interacting with them on a different chat box, known as private chat, to request their phone number.

It is simple to get phone numbers from any Telegram group via its official app on iOS or Android devices.

Alternatively, you can use the Telegram desktop version to access the group and get the number.

Here’s how to find a phone number from a Telegram group without hassles:

  • Access the Telegram desktop on your PC.
  • If you haven’t signed into your account yet, just input your phone number, country code and authentication code.
  • Alternatively, you can also access your Telegram account via the mobile app.
  • Navigate to the left panel of the Telegram desktop to access every conversation.
  • At this stage, you have to open the particular group from where you wish to get a number.
  • You will find the channels and groups you are a member of in the upper section of the screen.
  • You can navigate to the chat on the left panel or enter the name of the group in the search field to access the conversation.
  • After accessing the chat box, you will find the entire group information like the number of members, active members and many more.
  • You have to select the group name by selecting it at the upper section of the screen.
  • Next, a list of every group member will appear whenever you select the upper part of the screen.
  • You have to tap the particular group member that you wish to get the phone number.
  • You will find all the details alongside the option to call and text.
  • Select Send Message on the user details page.
  • After selecting this option, another window will pop up on your screen, enabling you to chat privately with the user.
  • Next, you can request their contact details in this private chat. You can oblige the group member to reveal their contact details.


How to Hide Your Telegram Phone Number

Just like Google Voice, WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms, an active phone number is needed to authenticate a user account in Telegram.

But the good news is that Telegram lets you choose to hide your phone number and showcase only your username to other users within the chats.

Privacy options in Telegram also offer you the opportunity to discourage strangers from accessing your profile and chatting with you, even if they have your phone number.


Hide Your Phone Number From Anyone on Telegram

Telegram’s default option lets everyone access your phone number. But Telegram also gives you the opportunity to hide your phone number from other users.

Here’s how:

  • Access Telegram
  • Select the menu option and tap Settings from the menu options.
  • On the Settings screen, head to Privacy and Security and then Phone number.
  • Then on the subsequent screen, check the “Who can see my Phone Number?” section and choose either My contacts or Nobody.

Let me show you what these options mean for your phone number visibility on Telegram.



Prevents everyone from seeing your phone number



Allows anyone who wants to chat with you to see your phone number (similar to WhatsApp).


Other Methods to Hide Phone Numbers in Telegram

There are other interesting methods to hide your valid phone number from other users on Instagram.

These include creating a Telegram account via Google Voice, Landline Number, Skype or a temporary mobile number.


Use a landline

You can utilize a landline phone number to authenticate your Telegram account.


Google Voice use

If you utilize a Gmail Account and reside in the United States, you can enjoy a free Google voice phone number that you can authenticate Telegram account.


Get a Burner Sim

An alternative is to use a temporary SIM card and utilize the sim card to validate Telegram.




Getting someone’s phone number can be a bit difficult, especially when the person hasn’t made it public anywhere.

Following this guide on how to find someone’s phone number on Telegram, you should be able to get the phone contact that you are searching for.


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