Get Verified on Instagram for Free (7 Easy Steps)

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You are not the first individual asking the question “how to get verified on Instagram for free?”.

I understand the need to have that blue checkmark just after your display name. Having the blue checkmark gives not just a sense of recognition by Instagram.

How to get verified on Instagram for free

It also portrays a sense of popularity and professionalism among other friends or followers on the platform. 

However just to properly define the Instagram badge. In search and on the profile, a verified badge is a check that shows next to an Instagram account’s name.

It indicates Instagram has verified that the account you’re viewing is the official account for the public figure, celebrity, or worldwide brand you’re following.

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Who Can Get Verified on Instagram?

Who can get verified on Instagram

Did you take a few seconds to notice not just the Instagram usernames of the above celebrities but also the number of followers each has?

If you just did, you certainly understand it’s not about the followers. Getting verified on Instagram certainly has nothing to do with the number of followers a user has been able to acquire.

A lot of users buy these followers. And of course, you can’t be applying for verification with fake followers, the Instagram Algorithm would certainly fish you out and trash you if need be.

So who can get verified on Instagram? Popular figures in society, Media Celebrities. Politicians, etc. The reason is not that unpopular users are neglected.

However, it’s easier to verify users who are usually on the news, or in publications. 


How to Request Verification on Instagram?

Getting verified on Instagram is not so difficult anymore. This is because making an actual request is not as tasking as it used to be.

Now users can request from their devices, mobile, tablets, etc. 

Request Instagram Verification Page
Request Instagram Verification Page

Let’s get started:

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile. This can be done by clicking on an icon at the bottom right corner of your mobile device. This icon also displays your profile picture.
  2. There you can find an icon very similar to three bars stacked on each other, at the top right end or corner of your profile.
  3. Navigate to and select the icon for settings. You can find this icon as you scroll down just a little bit.
  4. The next thing to do is find the “Request Verification” option as you scroll down through the setting options.
  5. Thereafter you should see a form. This form usually has the username of your Instagram account filled. If you find a different username prefilled, it would be wise to return to the home page. You would have to confirm that this is the account you wish to apply for verification with and for.
  6. Next, you have to be very precise as you type in your full name. However, if you run a business, it’s best to type the full name of the social media manager. 
  7. Next, you have to attach a photo for Identification. Not just any photo. If you are applying as an individual, you should be ready to submit a driver’s license, or passport, or Identification card. However, if you are a business, you should be submitting an article of incorporation as the case may be. Most times, you might have to submit a very recent electrical bill as well.
  8. Remember you can submit via uploading the document or taking an immediate picture of the document. However, ensure the picture is well taken.
  9. The final step would be to submit this entry by clicking on the submit or send button at bottom of the verification request page.
  10. It’s not over!


What Happens After You Request Verification on Instagram?

Instagram has moderators who review your request and account. They make the decision relative to the approval or denial of your Instagram verification request.

So don’t go celebrating just yet. However, once your request is successful, you will get a notification telling you about your verification.

This notification usually comes on the application.

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Does Instagram Request Payment for Verification?

Of course not! Instagram will never for the sake of verification ask you to make any sort of payment. Instagram verification is free of cost.


How Often Can You Request or Apply for Instagram Verification?

Note that you do not necessarily need to feel bad if you got rejected or no response from Instagram. You can always reapply after 30 days. No matter what, ensure you do not reapply before the next 30 days.

This is because if you continue to apply multiple times, Instagram will cancel your application.


Tips to Get Verified Fast on Instagram

Of course, you can see all the standards and necessities to get verified on Instagram if you visit Instagram’s help center.

According to the platform, they do consider a lot of factors during the process of evaluation for the various accounts. The evaluation process is there to ensure that every verified account meets or met the verification criteria. 

Furthermore, the following factors are being considered during the verification process:


1. Authenticity

It is a very rational factor. Of course, it would be senseless to verify an account that does not represent an actual person, an actual business, or an actual entity.

Instagram carefully considers the authenticity of the individual, business, or entity that is requesting verification. 


2. Uniqueness

Every business or personality requesting a badge on Instagram must have a unique presence on the platform. This stands to mean that only one account should be made available per applicant, or business. 

There is only one instance in which a business may have two or more verified accounts. That is a language-specific account.

However, note that Instagram does not verify general interest accounts. Example: @dogsmemes, etc


3. Completeness

Instagram takes into consideration the rational completeness of any account’s profile that seeks verification.

You would need to make sure you have a good biography setup and profile photo during the application. Also, you need to keep your account active during the whole process.


4. Notability

If you are requesting verification, your account must be notable. Notability in the sense that your account will have to represent a brand, or person that is highly sought for.

Instagram would only review accounts that they can find features in news sources. Also, note that they do not consider sponsored media content.


5. Reliability

Understand clearly that even after verification you can lose your badge. If you try to mislead or present false information to Instagram you might just as well get a disabled account.


6. Linking to Other Social Networks

As much as you can, during and after verification do not have links to other social media channels on your profile. It is highly advised against. 


7. Publicity

Whoever told you private accounts can get verified scored a big lie. It does not work like that with Instagram. You cannot get verified as a private account.

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Can Instagram Remove your Verification?

Note that Instagram can take back or remove your verification status. The following factors could lead to a verification removal from Instagram:

  1. Instagram can remove your verification status, or even disable your account if you advertise, sell, transfer your verified badge.
  2. Instagram can remove your verification status if you promote services that violate any guideline or terms of use they function on. See community guidelines here. See terms of use here.
  3. Yes, Instagram can disable your account entirely if you are caught attempting to get verified via a third party.
  4. Finally, you can lose the badge if you frequently switch your account from public to private. 


Why Should You Get Verified by Instagram?

Maybe you are included in the list of users who often wish they had the blue badge, but the question is why.

Actually, the following are the reasons everyone wants to get verified by Instagram as soon as possible.


1. Instagram SEO

If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of the ACRONYM SEO note that it means, Search Engine Optimization. Now, if you get verified by Instagram, for every search that relates to your username, you rank first!. Amazingly true. 


2. Proves Originality

Listen, a lot of users will open various accounts with usernames similar to yours. This is done especially when you start to gain a lot of social media attention.

Now, getting verified stands you out. You rank higher of course in search results. You also don’t have to worry about Instagram verifying a different account with your name on it.


3. Famous

We now know what it takes to get verified. Note that to get verified you will definitely have to include links to pages or news outlets that have said a few things about you, or your business.

Getting verified means you are famous! Getting verified means to an extent you are watched by news outlets and you are newsworthy as a business, or a person.

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Instagram is a community. Getting verified is a very big deal to a lot of users on Instagram. However, if you continuously apply for verification without any results, halt.

Always, check to see if you are following everything just right. However, it would be very paramount to say getting verified means authenticity, and recognition.

Do the right things, apply for verification and certainly, Instagram will respond.


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