How To Remove Unwanted Videos From TikTok 2022

Tiktok growth as a social media platform is on the rise. It has become so popular among the younger age group.
In the same vein, this has created some form of vulnerability among children. Hence the purpose of this guide.
If your kids or relation is a victim of offensive and pestering videos on TikTok, how do you deal with it? In this guide, you will find out how to remove unwanted videos from Tiktok.

How To Remove Unwanted Videos From TikTok

Below is how to remove unwanted videos from TikTok:

1. Direct Message the Content Creator

Most content creators are kind enough and considerate to remove an offensive video from TikTok if only you ask.

To message the content creator:

  • Tap on the name of the TikTok content creator beneath the video
  • At the top left of the page, click on the three-dot icon
  • Proceed to tap on the message icon and politely request the content creator to remove the particular video
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2. Report the Video to TikTok

Perhaps you have reached out and the content creator is unresponsive, you can go ahead to report the video to TikTok.

How to Report Video on TikTok

  • Search for the video on the creator’s page
  • Press and hold the video
  • On the pop-menu, tap on “Report”
  • Then choose the option that best fit your reasons for reporting the video
  • Perhaps you were featured in the video and did not authorize it on TikTok, select “other” and detail the reasons why you don’t want the video live anymore.

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3. Contact TikTok Directly

Perhaps you’ve reported the offending video and it’s still not taken down, you can contact TikTok directly. The best part of TikTok is that it allows users direct access to contact them.

To contact TikTok, put together the offending video, the TikTok account in question and send an email with details of your complaint to [email protected]


4. Informing Relevant Authorities

If you’ve tried every option and still no headway, the best bet is to reach out to relevant authorities. In most countries, there are laws against abusive and harassing online behaviours.

You can reach out to your local authorities and report the issues or you can use search to get the contacts.

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Following this guide on how to remove unwanted TikTok videos, you should be able to take down abusive TikTok videos.

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