How to See Deleted Twitter Accounts (In Seconds!)

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Every day people send out hundreds of millions of tweets expressing themselves and sharing happenings around them. 

Humans, by nature, thrive on social relations and interactions, so it’s completely normal to engage with others and share our daily activities. 

See Deleted Twitter Accounts

However, with the way Twitter is designed, and with the constant pressure that emanates from other users, we may send out tweets that we may later regret and want to delete.

Many situations may lead you to look for deleted tweets from a certain Twitter account, and regardless of what your intentions and interests are, this article will point you in the right direction. 

In this well-written article, you will learn valuable things like:

  • How to find specific accounts that have been deleted.
  • Tips to see tweets that are already deleted 
  • Ways you can retrieve your deleted tweets as a saved file.

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Why do People Want to See Deleted Twitter Accounts?

At some point, you may wonder, “why do people want to see deleted accounts or tweets?”

Shouldn’t deleted accounts stay deleted?

The truth is that this isn’t the ideal scenario.

Deleted accounts or tweets may carry vital data or details that a user accidentally deleted for reasons like the need to create a good Twitter impression.  

On some occasions, having plenty of tweets on your account can be detrimental. 

At times, these tweets may be duplicated or have a similar pattern to others, and many of your tweets may look like them – the point is, there is nothing wrong with deleting old tweets. Everyone has done it. 

If it’s hard to believe, check out the deleted tweets from your favourite celebrity. There’s always a cause for deleting an account or an old tweet. 


The Need to Retrieve Valuable Data and Information

You may have possibly sent out a tweet with valuable information, and afterwards, you erased it. 

There is absolutely no problem with this because everybody does it. 

There is no need to be distressed. You can easily see deleted tweets or accounts with the strategies we will explain to you. 


To Convince People or Advance an Argument

At times, we may need to see a deleted account or tweet to convince people about something. If this is your reason, then we will show you the best way to do this. 

It is within your rights to check for deleted tweets or accounts to advance any argument, but it is quite easy to retrieve these items.

At times you can download some tweets as archive files. 


For Fun or Personal Reasons

Twitter is a playground of some sort. 

Sometimes you might want to see deleted accounts or tweets for the fun of it.

If this is your motive, we are not going to judge. And there’s nothing wrong with searching tweets for personal reasons. 


Methods to See Deleted Twitter Accounts and Tweets 

A tweet can be anything from a picture or video clip to a link or text. 

You are not required to be aware of the content of a tweet to search for a deleted account, but it can help make your research easier. 

But, if you have no idea where to begin your research for a deleted account or tweet, don’t 

be frightened – this article will give you all the directions you need. 


Use an Online Archive Tool like Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a powerful archive tool. It plays the role of a time machine for the internet. 

Just as the name of the website implies, you can use it to find a person’s tweet or account that has already been deleted a long time ago.

This is particularly beneficial for your mission. 

Visit the website via this link

You can use this platform to check deleted accounts and tweets by inputting the URL of a Twitter account and waiting for a few seconds for the machine to work on its thing. 

Navigate to the Twitter account you wish to recover the deleted tweet from and tap “Browse History”. 

Next, you have to check the page where the deleted tweet was sent out. 

If the tweet contains a popular hashtag that you can quickly find, the better.

Although this may take a bit of time, you will finally get the result you want. Since the tool utilizes an external server, this method is functional regardless of whether Twitter is facing downtime. 


Google Cache

If you wish to see a deleted Twitter account or tweets that are not available on the site, you can do a simple search on Google.

It is also an effective method you can use.

Simply input “Twitter + The account’s name” in the Google Search Field. Next, click the “cached” tab. This will allow you to see an earlier cached version. 

For deleted tweets, it will be better and quicker to see them if you have related or the exact text of that tweet. 


Online Third-party Tools

These days, you will find 3rd-party tools for almost every task on Twitter: schedule Twitter posting tools, auto-tweet senders, save Twitter videos/pictures and most definitely, tools that help you find deleted accounts or tweets. 

If you do a simple Google search, you will see plenty of tools that can help you do this. Popular examples include Twuko and SnapBird. 



With Twuko, you can easily access and check deleted accounts and tweets at no cost.

What is required of you is to input your Twitter username in the space provided on the homepage. Then you can check any deleted accounts or tweets. 

This is just one of the many tools that can help you find deleted Twitter accounts or tweets.

One downside to this tool is its safety and reliability, which can be a big concern because it is not endorsed by either Twitter or any reputable brand. 



Snapbird is a great tool that assists users in checking old accounts and tweets, categorizing, filtering and managing them and even reviewing comments and retweets.

However, it is not effective in retrieving specific Twitter media files; you need to use other 3rd-party tools to review them. 

You must note that there’s a serious downside to making use of these tools. It may jeopardize your account security. 

It should simply be used when every other method does not effectively work. 


Retrieve Your Twitter Account Archive

Let’s assume you are looking for a deleted tweet that you sent out months ago. 

The good news is that you can retrieve the archived tweet with no hassle!

Twitter records archived data in accordance with privacy laws authorized by the United States government. 

Anybody with a Twitter account can save an “archive” file at their convenience. All that’s needed is to make a request from the social media platform. 


How to Request Your archive on Twitter

Here are some steps that will help you retrieve your Twitter archive: 

  • Input your correct password, navigate to settings and privacy and then click the “Request archive” button.
  • This method is very effective because Twitter detects highly important tweets and stores a record of them. This record serves as an archive file. To date, they have successfully stored so many tweets with this strategy. 
  • Now that you have successfully made your request, an email notification will be sent to you. Enter and start saving the zip file; it reads “Tweets Archive”. 
  • Once you are done selecting the “Download Archive,” access the zip file to recover the file stored in CSV format. This is possible with any good spreadsheet application. It’s not compulsory to use any Twitter archive viewer. Fear not!
  • With the viewable archive, you can access already-deleted tweets and accounts from months ago. 

The Twitter archive can be a saviour. 


How to Recover a Deleted Account

For deleted accounts under the 30-day time frame, the steps below will help you recover your account:

  • Access your Twitter app on your smartphone or enter 
  • Input your login details.
  • Before you log in, a popup will emerge requesting your confirmation of your account’s reactivation.
  • If you go ahead with the reactivation, you will be rerouted to your main timeline. 

This means that you have successfully recovered your deactivated account. 


See Deleted Twitter Accounts FAQs


Can Deleted Tweets be recovered?

Yes, you can recover deleted tweets, as we have seen in this article. 

It takes some skills and patience. 

Hopefully, any of the methods above will help!


Does Twitter Archive contain Search History?

Absolutely. The social media site stores all data relevant to your account. 


Does WayBack Machine work on deleted Twitter accounts?

Yes. It works. So far as you have the web address of the Twitter account you are searching for; the tool will effectively display the archived tweets from the deleted account. 


If I deactivate my Twitter account, does it remove everything?

Once you deactivate your Twitter profile, you are one step from total account deletion. It will take around 30 days to delete your account.

As long as you don’t sign in within this time frame, your account will be irrecoverably deleted and will no longer exist. 




This article explored the various ways to see deleted Twitter accounts and the tools that can help you access them.

The best option is either Google cache or the Wayback Machine. 

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