Can Others See Who I Follow on Twitter (YES, but…!)

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Twitter is a widely-populated social network and with its vast audience may come certain worries, one of which can be the things that are open to the public eye in the network.

As a newbie to the Twitter space, you may want to find out the length to which the public can know certain details about you like the people you wish to follow on the platform.

Can Others See Who I Follow on Twitter


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Can Others See Who I Follow on Twitter?

The answer to this question and how to go about whatever decision you make based on this answer are the pieces of information you will get as you read through this article as well as questions that are frequently asked on this subject.


Brief Note on Twitter

Twitter stands as one of the most active social media platforms with an activity rate of over 500 tweets per day from about 100 million active users on a daily basis.

It is a text-intensive platform that can be used to stay connected to all that is happening around the globe from messages sent by users of the platform known as Tweets.

You get to connect with people from different walks of life and stay in touch with friends using the platform.

In addition to this will be the added advantage that Twitter gives business brands that have the right marketing strategy.

Given the elements of the Twitter community, a new user can easily be overwhelmed and intimidated even with its easy-to-navigate feature.

Understanding how certain things work like details open to the public and how to manage such details might seem ambiguous to the new Twitter user.

If this is you, you do not have to fret! Of the details you are interested in getting, are you concerned about who can see those you follow on Twitter?

Do the idea of the public knowing those you follow work for you? What can you do if your following list being open to the vast audience on Twitter does not sit well with you?

Find out all this here.


How to See Following List on Twitter

Before we see how to check the Following list on Twitter, let’s answer the question of those that can view those you are following on Twitter.

At its default state, your account is configured to permit the public to see those you are following on Twitter.

Any active user on the platform has access to the information of who you are following except decided otherwise by you.

Don’t worry we’ll get to how to manage this feature if it does not favour you and your intent for being on Twitter.

Below is how your Following List can be accessed on Twitter. This process is the same when you choose to access your Following list as well.

The list of people you are following can be accessed either on your mobile device or your computer.

How to achieve this with either of the two categories of devices is explained below.


How to See Following List on Twitter Using a Personal Computer

The steps below should serve as a guide to help you access the list of people you are following on Twitter using your computer.


Step 1: Launch the Twitter Platform

  • Go to your web browser and enter the official website of the Twitter platform.
  • You will be directed to the login page where you will be required to fill in the details of your account.
  • When you are done entering your account details, click on Login to enter the homepage of your Twitter account.


Step 2: Open your Profile

The next thing to do now that you are on the homepage of your account is to open the profile of your account.

  • To access your profile, navigate to the left side of your homepage.
  • There you will find a menu of options.
  • Click on the Profile option to open your profile.


Step 3: Check the list of those you are following

  • When you open your profile, you will find the “Following” section just beneath the detail of when you joined the platform.
  • Click on it to see the people that are following you. You will also find the list of people you are following in this section as well.


How to See Following List on Twitter Using a Mobile Device

The is no difference in the overall steps to viewing the Following list with your mobile device as with your PC.

The variation is in the location of certain features and icons as a result of the device you are using.

Follow the steps provided below to check your Following list on Twitter using your mobile device.


Step 1: Go to your Twitter Homepage

You can go to the Twitter website, enter the details of your Twitter handle and log into your account or make use of your mobile app to open the Twitter platform.

This will automatically direct you to the homepage of your account.


Step 2: Launch your profile

At the upper left end of your homepage, you will find the profile icon, press the icon and select “Profile” from the options in the menu.

This will launch your profile page.


Step 3: See those you are following

  • On the profile page, search for the “Following” section.
  • You will find this section under your date of birth details. Press the option (Following) to see those who are following you and you are following on Twitter.


How to Hide Who You Follow on Twitter

It is possible that as a person, you do not appreciate the idea of having your details publicly displayed.

If you do not wish to have just any Twitter user see those you are following, you can change the settings of your account to accommodate your preference.

What you have to do is to privatize your account. When you do this, only those whom you are following or those who are following you will have access to the information in your “Following” section.

To do this, make use of the steps below:

  1. Log into your Twitter account or launch your mobile app.
  2. On the homepage that is displayed, find the “More” option on the left side and select the option.
  3. Choose “Settings & Privacy”.
  4. Then, select the Privacy and Safety option.
  5. Afterwards, open the Audience and Tagging column.
  6. Enable Tweet protection by toggling the option.

With this done, you have privatized your account. Your Tweet will not be the only data kept from the public, but your Following list as well.


Can Others See Who I Follow on Twitter FAQs


Can other people see who I follow on Twitter?

When you create your Twitter account, the default setting is that the information of those you follow on Twitter is made public. Hence, other people can see who you follow.

However, you can change the privacy setting of your account from Public to Private to limit those who can access this detail to only those you are following or those who are following.


What can the people following me on Twitter see?

Those who follow you on Twitter can access your tweets and details in your account such as your date of birth, date of joining the Twitter community, the list of people you are following etc.



The information of who you are following is made public on Twitter until you decide otherwise.

Then, you can have the privacy status of your account changed to restrict the persons who can see those you are following.

You can do this by hiding your Following list from the general public or creating a private list and adding up those you do not wish to access this information.


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