Reactivate Deleted Twitter Account (In Seconds!)

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Mistakes and errors are a basic component of our everyday life. In a day we may or may not be able to name and number the mistakes that we make.

While some mistakes are simple and do not cost anything, some come with heavy consequences.

Reactivate Deleted Twitter Account

Doing things that we should not be doing either accidentally or principally can happen even in the online space.

Of the many mistakes with heavy consequences that one can make as a Twitter user, deleting your Twitter account stands tall.

If for any reason you deleted your Twitter account without intending to do so, you may be tempted to be anxious.

However, you do not need to be especially if this course of action is a recent one. There is a way around your current situation. Instead of panicking, read through this article.

This article will also serve to put you through if you deliberately deactivated your Twitter account a short while ago and now wishes to have it recovered or reactivated.

Okay, you are not in any of the mentioned scenarios above?

Well, finding out what to do in a situation where you need your Twitter account reactivated is a necessary piece of information you should have as an active user of the Twitter platform.


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How to Reactivate Deleted Twitter Account

The first thing to note is that account reactivation from Twitter is only feasible within a 30-day window.

This means that if your account has been deactivated for a longer period, there is no standard procedure made available by Twitter to help you recover your account.

If your case fits into this position where your account was deleted in less than a month, then, you can reach out to Twitter to reactivate your account.

The “How” of this procedure is simpler than you would have imagined and can be done both with your mobile device and with your Personal Computer.

It is explained below in a stepwise manner.

  1. Visit the Twitter platform login page. You can do so by either going to the Twitter website @ or launching the Twitter app from your mobile device.
  2. On the login page, simply put in the login details of the deactivated account.
  3. You will get a prompting to verify or confirm if you want your account to be reactivated.
  4. Accept the option of account reactivation. As a result, you will be directed to your homepage.

Note that the full restoration of your page will take a while, but the bulk of the work has been done.


Do You Have Issues Reactivating Your Deleted Account?

Did you deactivate your account in less than 30 days and are having issues reactivating your account?

Find out the possible solutions to the issue you are having from the different case scenarios being examined below by reading along.


Issues Reactivating Your Account Because of an Error in Your Login Details

The problem many people that need to reactivate their Twitter account may face will be to provide the right details of their account, especially their password.

This is because after opening your Twitter account, you probably have never needed your password.

The solution, if you are in this situation, is to reach out to the Twitter support system.

You can go to the Twitter Help Desk and select the “Contact our support team” feature.

Follow the instructions provided and have the team help you with the reactivation of your account.

Afterwards, you can request a password reset using the mail affiliated with your account.

This time around, look for what to associate the password with for remembrance in the future should you need the password.


Issues of Your Account Being Hacked and Deactivated

In a situation where you did not deactivate your account yourself and you suspect some fraudulent activities where your account was possibly hacked and deactivated by someone else, immediately reach out to Twitter’s “Hacked” Help Page to find out what to do.


Issues with Irregularities with Your Account After Activation

After reactivating your account, did you notice any form of irregularity with your homepage or details in your account? For example, the accuracy of your tweet being affected etc.

You do not have to panic. It will take a while for everything in your account to be set in order as it was before the deactivation.

However, if after a couple of days things are still not properly set up, reach out to the Twitter contact team and lay a complaint.


Twitter Account Suspension

It is possible that you did not deactivate your account and it was not hacked, but that your account was suspended by Twitter.

Accounts that violate the guideline of the Twitter community is liable to be suspended.

It is important that every user acquaints themselves with the rules that govern the Twitter community as a violation of these codes can come with the consequence of account suspension.

If you suspect your account has been suspended and you do not feel you did anything to warrant the suspension, you can reach out to Twitter and make a complaint about the state of things.

If you are in the wrong, you will be notified about why your account was suspended.

However, should you be right that this was an error from the operators of the Twitter community, your account will be reactivated.


How to Reactivate Deleted Twitter Account FAQs


Can I recover my permanently deleted account?

Recovering your deleted Twitter account will be dependent on the length of time by which the account has been deactivated.

If you deleted your account within 30 days, then, recovery of your account is possible.

However, an account that has been deactivated for a longer period cannot be recovered under the Twitter policy.


What happens when Twitter permanently suspends your account?

If your account has been permanently suspended by Twitter, it will be deleted from the Twitter platform.


Can a Twitter account that is deleted be traced?

Twitter has a good record system of its users and their activities, so, Yes, a deleted Twitter account can be traced.

However, the possibility of a trace reduces with an increase in the length of time the account has remained deactivated.

If you recently deleted your Twitter account, tracing it is easier, but harder when your account has been deactivated for a long period.


Can I still access tweets from my deleted Twitter account?

Tweets from your deleted Twitter account is maintained in Twitter’s servers alongside tweets from other deleted Twitter account.

You can make use of the archive tool to have access to the tweets.


Can I reactivate my Twitter account without email and phone number?

You need either your email address or your phone number to reactivate your deleted account. Not having either of the two will make the recovery process impossible.


After being suspended by Twitter, can I have a new account created?

You can create a new account after your old account has been suspended by Twitter. However, you will not have the luxury of making use of your previous username.




You do not need to be scared if you peradventure had your account deactivated without meaning to do so.

Even in a situation where you feel that your account was hacked, you still do not need to worry.

You can have everything sorted out without doing much. Just go to the Twitter log-in page, fill in your account details and initiate the reactivation of your account.

In a situation where you suspect that your account was hacked, visit the Twitter Hacked Help Page and you will find what you need to do.


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