Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Twitter Account (In Seconds!)

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As a Twitter user, you may have encountered a fake account before.

Sometimes, the weird activities and antics of some Twitter users may make you suspect if the account is genuine.

Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Twitter Account

A good way to find out if an account is fake on Twitter is by investigating the account ownership. 

After finding out the account activity and its ownership, you won’t have a problem knowing who’s behind the account.

To know for sure whether an account is fake, you can also monitor the user’s location and internet protocol address. Fortunately, there are plenty of IP address monitoring platforms online to choose from. 

Another strategy for finding out if a Twitter account is ingenuine or fake is by examining the email address associated with the user.

This implies that email addresses can give you a very good clue if an account on Twitter is authentic or fraudulent. 

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This article will explore the methods you can use to find out who’s behind a fake Twitter account.

However, it can get very complicated to find who’s the owner of a private Twitter account.

Still, there are some signs you should pay attention to when trying to check if a Twitter account is fake. 

This article will equip you with knowledge about identifying fake accounts on Twitter. 

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What Are The Signs of Fake Accounts on Twitter?

If you want to know some signs of fake accounts on Twitter, there are some signs to watch out for.

It’s important to know the fake accounts and the genuine ones. We will be exploring them in this section. 


Copied Tweets

One sign of a fake account is plenty of copied tweets. Assuming you encounter plenty of copied tweets emanating from an account, it is likely fake.

On some occasions, you will find that the user’s tweets have the same exact tweets or replies. This shows that the account is inauthentic and fake.

But this is not a very effective method of finding out if an account is fake or not.


Egghead Profile Picture

This is common. The word “egghead” is used to define Twitter accounts without a profile picture. Plenty of real accounts have profile pictures.

However, some eggheads are a result of the laziness or nonchalance of account owners. Other times, they may be a result of bots. It’s up to you to decide. 


Stock Profile Picture

While this step may be an upgrade from having an egghead as a profile photo, this is usually poorly done by fake accounts.

You will find that they use stock pictures or profile pics popularly used by other fake accounts. 


No Bio

The absence of a bio on Twitter is almost a sure sign that the account you are checking out is fake.

This underused space is important because it tells your followers (or prospective followers) about your identity and what they stand to gain.

Not having a bio isn’t just a sign of being carefree but a major sign that the account may be ingenuine. 


Confusing URL/Handle Combination

This one is common. You should pay attention to the Twitter handle and the URL.

Now, look at the URL of the profile, and you’ll see what reads like “”, but if you look at the profile and the names present in the bio, it has zero connection to the URL.

For instance, you’d see a name such as “Sam Chuks”.This is clearly unconnected to the URL “Michael Blaze”.

Another tell-tale sign related to URL and Twitter handle combination is when you find a nonsensical URL such as “”.

When you check this URL, you will understand why the profile is inauthentic; there is no relationship between the URL and the profile. 

While it is not in every case that every profile will have a close relationship, if the URL has no real phrases or words, it is a major indication that the profile was autogenerated by an AI. 


Incomprehensible or Meaningless Tweets

Fake accounts usually post self-serving tweets. For instance, they may share links with direct links to their website.

But the majority of the time on Twitter, you will find plenty of fake accounts that just send out weird or meaningless ideas that no one understands.


Not Posting a Tweet for a Long Period

When Twitter started gaining steam and popularity in late 2009, some unscrupulous elements exploited automation to spam the platform.

But today, things have changed for the better, and Twitter has upgraded their API access and rules, preventing these malicious bots and automation from functioning. 

So, a great way to identify a fake Twitter account is by looking at the last time they tweeted, if they haven’t posted a tweet in months or years.

It shows that the account is inactive.


Lack of Interaction or Engagement

A fake Twitter account rarely interacts with other accounts. Social media thrives on interaction. So accounts that do not engage in any form of interaction are managed by bots.

A fast method that you can use to check if the account is an interacting one is by looking at the recent tweets.

If you find that within their most recent 15-25 tweets, you can’t see a single retweet or @replies, there’s a high likelihood that the account is controlled by a bot or fake. 


Absence or a Low Number of Followers 

Another classic indication of a bot/fake account is one that no one seems to follow back.

This can typically be found in accounts with 2,001 users on their following list but only followed back by very few accounts. 

Even though there are genuine reasons for a user not having to follow an account, for fake Twitter accounts, it could be that their account has no worth to anyone.

Everyone on Twitter is wiser and can tell when someone merits a follow back. 

A good way to increase your followers is by becoming more engaging, and active and sharing interesting items with your followers. Some users share funny memes and video clips to raise their engagement. 


An Outrageous Number of Tweets

If sensibly used, automation plays a valuable role on Twitter.

However, a fake Twitter account usually has a ridiculous number of tweets that is probably theoretically impossible for a human user to put out. 

For instance, you may find an account that has as high as 110,988 tweets, with no correlation to the growth of followers. This is a sign of a fake Twitter account. 


How to Check the IP Address Behind a Fake Twitter Account

Twitter does not publicly share the IP addresses of its users. However, there are online tools that you can use to find out which accounts are authentic and which are inauthentic.

With these tools, you can accurately and instantly identify the IP address of any Twitter account.

Once you start tracking someone’s IP address, it’s easy to find details about the account beyond the location.

A good tool that can help you discover an account’s internet protocol address is the IP logger. 

You have to pay attention to this step because it’s key to identifying someone’s IP address.

For instance, you can either use Grabify URL shortener or any IP logger to check a user’s IP address.

Here’s how to use a Grabify URL shortener for that purpose:

  • To begin the process of tracking, you will have to utilize the Grabify URL logger. It may become necessary to shorten the URL before you track it. 
  • Get the URL of the Twitter profile you wish to track and copy the URL. Ensure you paste the copied URL into the space provided and click the “Create URL” button. 
  • Next, the process of shortening the URL will take place, and a tracking code will be displayed. You can also review the logs for the URL you have pasted. 
  • Now navigate to Twitter with the copied URL. Hand it over to whoever you believe runs a fake account on Twitter. Request them to open the URL link. Next, proceed to the Grabify website. 
  • At this stage, you will find all the details about the user when you open the shortened URL.
  • Grabify will supply you with data related to the user’s IP address and information such as the user’s device and browser’s details. 
  • On the Grabify website, navigate to the Tracking Code section and select the popup that appears. 
  • Once you select the Tracking Code, it will give you all the juicy details and vital data about the user you are monitoring, such as whereabouts, device details, hostname, internet service provider and more.


Find Out Who is Behind a Fake Twitter Account FAQs


How do I report a Fake Twitter Account?

Twitter encourages users to report any account that impersonates or uses a fake identity. 

If you know an account that is fake and annoys you, then you can file a report to Twitter. Here’s how: 

  • To start, enter the Twitter report page
  • Next, tap the “An account is impersonating me or somebody else” option. 
  • Now, choose “An account alleges to be or represent my organization, company or brand”, and you will be required to choose among a few options relating to the reasons why you are filing the report. 
  • Complete the other details required of you and tap the “submit” button. 
  • You will be updated with information regarding your reports via your email address. Apart from fake accounts, you can file a report against a tweet that harasses, verbally assaults or threatens you. 
  • The goal of Twitter is to create a safe environment for you to express yourself. 


Can law enforcement officials monitor fake accounts on Twitter?

Absolutely. Law enforcement officials can monitor any fake accounts on Twitter if they engage in any hostile or unlawful activity.


Can you find your data on Twitter?

Yes. Access Navigate to the lower corner of the page and select settings. You will be directed to personalization and data settings. From there, you can download your Twitter data. 




This article explores how you can find the IP address or who’s behind a fake account using Grabify Logger.

We’ve also looked at ways you can differentiate a fake Twitter account from an original. Ensure you share this article with your loved ones and friends via the share button below. 


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