Can I See Who Viewed My Videos on Facebook (YES, but…!)

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Even though Facebook began as a platform where everyone can freely connect and share experiences, it now has a widely popular video streaming platform.

Whether it be Gerald Huston posting a prank video from a store in Atlanta or a brand sharing a video to market their flagship product to create awareness, it’s almost impossible to scroll down your news feed without viewing a video. 

Can I See Who Viewed My Videos on Facebook

If you have posted a video on Facebook, you’ll realize it is possible to access data about the number of views your video has accumulated.

However, you may find it difficult to pinpoint the Facebook accounts that have specifically watched your videos.

This article will explore that possibility — the question of “can I see who viewed my videos on Facebook”.


Can I See Who Viewed My Video on Facebook?

This section will explore whether it’s possible to “see who viewed your video on Facebook”. In a nutshell, the answer is “yes, you can”.

For instance, you can find out who’s currently streaming your Facebook Live video while it is broadcasting in real-time.

And when you are done with your Live video, you can access data on the number of views that the video has accumulated.

This means that while you can see “numbers”, you can’t see the names of viewers.

Let’s show you how to check the number of views on your Facebook video. 

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How to Check the Number of People Who Viewed My Videos on Facebook 

Can I check who viewed my video on Facebook?

Facebook only limits you to find out the number of views your video has accumulated over a period of time. If your video is not a private video and you are curious as to whether you can check the view counts on Facebook.

The answer is: “Yes”.

You can access the data underneath the video. If you are uploading a video to your Facebook page, you can also get insights on who has viewed your video, engagement rates and viewing behavior. 


Who has seen my video on Facebook?

Can I find out who has seen my videos on Facebook? Are there strategies to check viewers of my video or Facebook profile?

Can I do this officially? 

Let’s explore these questions. But before we start, ensure you have the latest version of the Facebook app — whether you are using an Android or iOS phone. 


How to check who has seen your Facebook Video on iOS

Here’s how to check who viewed your Facebook video on IOS devices:

  • First, launch the Facebook app on your mobile device. 
  • Ensure you are correctly logged in by inputting your password and email address/phone number. 
  • Tap the menu option. 
  • Navigate to the Privacy and Settings option. 
  • A menu listing will appear; select “Privacy Shortcuts”.
  • Then tap “Who viewed my Facebook” to find out who viewed your profile/video on Facebook. 

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How to check who has seen your Facebook Video on Android

For Android users who are interested in finding out who has viewed their Facebook video, follow these steps:

(Don’t forget to update your Facebook Android app to the latest version.)

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app on your phone.
  • Tap “Privacy Shortcuts”
  • Tap on the “Show More Privacy Settings” option.
  • Finally, navigate to the “Who viewed my Facebook” tab.

Check who has viewed your Facebook Profile Via Chrome Extension

Is there a 3rd-party tool that can help you find out who has seen your Facebook video?

Yes, there is. This extension is exclusively available on Chrome browsers and can be installed by following the steps below:

  • First, access the Chrome browser store and search for “Flatbook”.
  • Next, click the “Add to Chrome” button and wait a few seconds for installation.
  • Then properly sign in to your account on Facebook.
  • Navigate to the upper corner of your browser and select the Flatbook icon.
  • On the options page, select “Profile Visitors”.

You will be shown a listing of 20 Facebook users who have accessed your Facebook profile. 


Can I See Who Accessed my Video on Facebook?

There’s no official method you can use to check who has viewed your Facebook video.

Facebook differs from Instagram, where the names of video viewers are readily accessible. However, the feature has not yet been introduced on Facebook. 

An alternative is to stream a live video to your page or profile. Once you publish your live stream, you can see who is viewing it in real-time.

You will specifically see the viewers and view count in the session. 


Can I find out the number of times a Facebook video has been watched?

We have already explored this possibility. Yes, you can find out the number of times or how many views a video has on Facebook.

This feature is available on PC, IOS and Android devices. Here’s how to check a video’s view count. 


Check Facebook Video Watch Time on iOS & Android Devices

Using the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device, you can find out the view count for a video underneath the video. 


Check Facebook Video Watch Time on PC

Using a desktop computer or laptop, you can easily find out the number of times a video has been viewed.

Navigate to the watch icon, and you’ll see the number of views for any video below it.

Additionally, you can access analytics and insights relating to engagement rates and demographics if you are the uploader of the video. 


Can I see who watched My Facebook Story?

The answer is an emphatic “yes”.

Facebook recently introduced this feature for both Facebook page users and profile owners to stay abreast of how visible their stories are and to identify friends that engaged with it. 

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Can I Check Who Viewed My Page on Facebook?

No. According to Facebook’s help center, Facebook users are not allowed to monitor who has viewed their profile or page.

They also claim that third-party tools are incapable of offering this feature. You are mandated to report any tool that promises this functionality whenever you stumble upon them. 


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Is it possible to see the names of users who viewed your Facebook Video?

Currently, it is not possible for Facebook viewers to check who specifically has viewed their uploaded videos.

The major reason for this is that videos usually accumulate a very high view count on the platform.

This complicates the entire process of curating and compiling the data for videos uploaded. 

If you factor in the possibility that generally, videos a) reach a wider audience and b) grab attention and have higher engagement than a typical Facebook post, you will realize there is a possibility that the list of people who have viewed your video will be unending.

As of now, Facebook has not yet added this functionality to the platform. 

However, you can never tell. In the near future, Facebook can add this feature, but they haven’t yet hinted at the possibility of introducing this feature to users. 


Can I see who has viewed my Facebook profile?

To check who has viewed your Facebook profile, follow the instructions below: 

  • Enter Facebook’s official website ( and sign in via your email address/phone number and password. 
  • Navigate to your Facebook profile 
  • Do a right-click. 
  • A dropdown menu will appear—Click View Page Source from the list of options. 
  • A page will be opened and filled with HTML text. Hit ctrl + F on your keyboard. If you are using a macOS, try Command (⌘) + F on your keyboard.
  • Copy/paste this into the search box provided: “Initialchatfriendslist”.
  • At this juncture, you will find a lot of digits. Don’t worry. These are profile IDs belonging to Facebook users who check your page regularly. 
  • Copy/paste the profile IDs to
  • As soon as you hit “Enter”, you will be directed to the Facebook user who views your page frequently. 

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How do I see who is currently watching your Live Video on Facebook? 

Facebook totally allows you to see who is watching your live video in real-time.

Since it is almost impossible to accumulate millions of views within a short live video compared to a video post, Facebook has found it fair to introduce a feature that will let you see anyone who is watching your broadcast. 

So each time a new user starts streaming your live video session on Facebook, you get a notification popup.

In addition to being notified, you will also get data about the username of the person that is watching as long as you have them on your friend list.

If they are not on your friend list, you will get their username when they engage (love, like, comment) with your video. 


How do I find stats for my Facebook Page Video?

To access the data and statistics on the video uploaded to your Facebook page, navigate to Insights. Next, tap Videos and review the data.

There’s also insight available for every video you post. To view it, navigate to your page and click on Publishing Tools.

Next, select Video Library and pick the video you want. You can also access diverse statistical data that revolves around video performance, including audience demography and engagement.

For instance, you can find out the number of people who liked your video or dropped a comment. Please note that for you to access these stats, the video must have a minimum of 100 views. 



In this article, we explored if it is possible to see the users who have watched your Facebook videos. We also analyzed the steps involved in checking the number of times a video was viewed.

This will be helpful if you want to grow your engagement on Facebook. Lastly, ensure you have a fast internet connection to enjoy Facebook video content. 


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