How to Tell if Someone is Stalking Your Facebook Page

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Facebook is one of the most-visited sites in the world. It has close to two billion daily active users.

This is unsurprising because Facebook has emerged as a social media behemoth that everyone these days pledges loyalty to. Most people use the platform to interact with their loved ones, colleagues and friends.

How To Tell If Someone Is Stalking Your Facebook Page

Businesses promote their services and connect with their customers through news feeds and pages. Facebook also allows people to watch videos, sell their secondhand products and even play games. 

But the biggest problem that has plagued Facebook for years is the lack of privacy. Because of this, some Facebook users complain that they are being stalked and their personal information stolen.

The mere thought of being stalked by strangers is terrifying. Finding out if someone is stalking your Facebook page or profile will help keep your account safe and prevent privacy invasion.

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How To Tell If Someone Is Stalking Your Facebook Page

Below are the signs that someone is stalking your Facebook profile or page


Friend Request

On social media sites like Facebook, it is not weird for users to get friend requests from strangers. It could perhaps be a new colleague, neighbour or a mutual friend. 

However, it is often the most obvious sign that someone is attempting to find out everything about you. This should put you on guard.

While it might sound commonsensical, you should desist from accepting friend requests from strangers. 

Even if you receive friend requests from acquaintances, we advise you to consider them carefully before tapping the “confirm” button. 

It is okay to cancel or decline a friend request on Facebook. Trust your intuition. Just because a stranger is bombarding your profile with multiple friend requests doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. 

In some extreme cases, some stalkers can set up new profiles with the aim of resending friend requests even when you have declined them initially. Although Facebook frowns on users creating multiple accounts, stalkers usually do this. 


Old Pictures

While it is normal for someone to mistakenly tap the “like” button on an old Facebook picture, it could spell danger sometimes.

Since stalking is a persistent and maniacal behaviour pattern, it could explain why someone is obsessively going through your old profile picture and “liking” them. This can present a scary situation and stark evidence that you are being stalked on Facebook. 

In simple terms, if someone repeatedly likes your old Facebook pictures and posts to the extent that you have to be on your guard or feel threatened is a sure sign of cyberstalking. 

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Facebook stories usually display the names of those who have watched your short-form videos via your profile. This is similar to Instagram or Snapchat stories. 

If you have noticed that a name surfaces on the list multiple times, it’s a clear indication that you are being stalked on Facebook. 


Account Hack

This is the most extreme form of stalking. Someone trying to access your Facebook profile without your authorisation is an obvious sign of privacy invasion.

At times, this person may try to “hack” your account through some unconventional means. When this occurs, you must act fast.

Fortunately, Facebook will notify you via email whenever someone tries to access your account. Even if it’s a terrible experience, there are some steps you can take to safeguard your account. 

First, you can monitor or update your Facebook logins via the account centre. Navigate to your security and login options to find devices that have authorised access to your Facebook account.

You will also see other information like time and place of login. 

If you are not familiar with a particular location or you desire to authorise only one device for logins, select the hamburger icon to access your menu. Next, tap log off. 

If you are a victim of cyberstalking, you can get in touch with the authorities. They will guide you on what to do. 

If you have lost access to your account, make sure you inform your family and friends.


Best Methods to Find Who Stalked Your Facebook Profile


Page Source

Although this method is not entirely perfect, it is better than nothing. It is important to note that you can only use this method on Facebook’s web version.

It’s not meant for the Facebook mobile app.

Here’s how to use your page source to identify Facebook stalkers:

  • Type in in your browser URL. Ensure you log into your account.
  • On your Facebook profile or newsfeed, use your mouse to right-click the page.
  • Next, click “view page source” on the dropdown menu. This lets you access your Facebook page source.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + F” when the page sources open. This will enable you to find specific items on the page via the search bar.
  • Next, input “BUDDY ID” and click enter.

After this step, a listing of Facebook profile IDs will be displayed to you. You can find it beside the “BUDDY ID”. You can copy one of the IDs. Then, on another tab, input “ ID”. You will see the Facebook profile of the stalker. 

The next strategy for identifying who has been stalking your Facebook page is by using a third-party app.

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Who Viewed My Profile

A quick search on the Google Play Store on this subject will lead you to a list of apps with some capabilities.

We have gone through most of the apps listed there and discovered that “Who Viewed My Profile” is the best. 

The app is effective at sifting out stalkers who can’t get enough of your Facebook account. The app’s developers also claim it works on Whatsapp and Instagram as well.

To access the list of persons who have stalked your Facebook profile, install the app from Google PlayStore and sign in to your account. After that, you will see the information about your Facebook stalkers.

The app has a paid version that is free of advertising, paywalls or any form of usage restrictions. It gives you immediate and full access to the stalker list. The good thing is that the paid version is available for cheap.


How to Protect Your Facebook Page from Stalkers


Privacy Check

Privacy settings are a source of confusion for most Facebook users. Facebook realised this and designed a widget that guides you around your current setup.

It also explains how to update things if you need to.  

Sign in to your Facebook account via your PC. On the top right side of your page, click “Privacy Checkup” and go through the instructions.

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See How Other People View Your Profile

It is easy to see how other Facebook users view your profile. Here’s how:

Using your PC, navigate to your profile section and click on the triple dots icon on the upper right side. Click on “View As”.

This setting lets you customise your profile page to limit others from seeing certain sections. This will deter stalkers (hopefully!).


Limit who has Access to Your Facebook Content 

If you want to go to extreme means to protect your privacy and discourage stalkers, you can limit strangers from accessing your Facebook posts, pictures and videos on your timeline when you lock your Facebook profile.

On the upper side of your post, select the menu. You can click to limit your post to your friends, the public, you alone, etc. 

There’s also an option to completely remove the post from your timeline. Click “Hide From Timeline” from the menu listing if you want to post an update without displaying it on your timeline.

This will effectively hide your content. 


Avail Your Posts to a Small Group of Friends

You can set up a custom friend list if you want to post content to a restricted group of people on Facebook. 

To create one, navigate to the friend’s page on the right side and select “create list” in the upper area. This method will only work on the web version of Facebook.


Review Tags

To control tagged posts and pictures that appear on your timeline, reviewing them is the best option. Navigate to the tagging and timeline section and change the settings to start reviewing tagged posts before you approve them on your timeline.


Two-Factor Authorisation

Two-factor authorisation is the most effective strategy against account hacking. Facebook Two-Factor authentication is highly recommended.

To do so, navigate to the security settings, and you can set up your account to receive notifications in the event of new logins from unauthorised devices or web browsers. 

This login approval will help create a second layer of protection against hacking. When trying to sign in to your account on a new device, you will be asked to input a unique code sent solely to your mobile number.


Use the Block Feature

When faced with harassment, trolls or cyberbullying, it might not be enough to unfriend the culprit. You can use the block feature to cut off their ability to contact you via Facebook.

Head to their profile page and click “block” in the top left area.


How to Tell if Someone is Stalking Your Facebook Page FAQs


Can I find out who has checked my Facebook profile?

Although there is no official way of finding out who has checked your profile, we analysed other strategies anyone can use to get the information.

For instance, a Page source allows you to see the profile ID associated with a Facebook user who regularly views your profile. 

Here’s a detailed guide on How to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile


How can you view someone’s Fb without their knowledge?

This is what everyone does. There is no Facebook feature that notifies users whenever someone views their profile. 


How do I see how others view my Facebook profile?

It’s easy! Navigate to your profile page. In the upper right area, select settings. Click “view as” on the menu listing to view your account from a visitor’s perspective.


Is it a crime to look at someone’s Facebook profile?

No, it is not a crime. But when you use Facebook to stalk and harass someone, it is considered a criminal activity in some cases. 




Getting stalked on Facebook is a serious issue. Although it is quite difficult to identify stalkers on the platform, we have put forth solutions that will help safeguard your privacy and curtail the activities of your stalkers.

Have you experienced stalking on Facebook? How did you rectify the issue? 

Kindly share the article with your thought on social media so others can take measures too.


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