How to Find Someone on Instagram by Phone Number

Social networking websites like Instagram allow you to connect with others all around the world. You can follow other people and see what they post online.

It is a great way to learn about new things and to share experiences with people from different places.

You can easily follow people on Instagram by entering their usernames in the search box. All the people who use Instagram are usually active on the social media platform.

How to Find Someone on Instagram by Phone Number
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Instagram is a great tool for those looking to learn about something. You can follow people who are sharing their knowledge. This is the best thing about Instagram. People share different information in their posts.

Instagram users also have a tendency to share phone numbers on their profiles. Therefore, it is easy to search for someone’s phone number if you know their username.

But sometimes, when you enter a username in the search box, you may get multiple results. This is because some people share the same username on Instagram.

To avoid this, you need to use the phone number search feature instead of the username search feature.

This article will show you how to find someone on Instagram by phone number.

How to Find Someone on Instagram by Phone Number

If you must find someone on Instagram by phone number, ensure that the user has their phone number connected to their account and you have the number saved on your phone.

To search for someone on Instagram with a phone number, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Instagram app and login to your account
  • Click on the profile icon located at the button on your screen
  • Tap on the three-line bars to see the Menu tab (in a pop-up format)
  • Locate the Settings section and click on it
  • From the settings page, click on Accounts
  • Scroll down and choose the Contacts Syncing option
  • Proceed to enable Connect Contacts to automatically sync phone numbers from your contact
  • Navigate back to your profile page and click on the See All in the Discover People section
  • You will find Instagram profiles that you have saved and have them linked to their profiles
  • Select a profile that you would like to follow or view
  • If you see no contacts available, it means that the phone number is not associated with the account.

Please note that perhaps you’re using this Instagram feature for the first time, you will notice a dialogue box requesting you to ‘Allow Instagram to access your contacts?’

Make sure to grant access to Instagram to your contact by clicking on the ‘Allow’ option. This will enable the application to recognise the people that are listed in your app already.

Once that access is approved, your contacts will now be automatically synced with your Instagram account.




Finding someone on Instagram with a phone number is easier than finding someone without one.

Following the steps highlighted in this article, you should be able to find someone on Instagram using a phone number.


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