Instagram Follow Limit (What it Means & Best Practice!)

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Instagram has announced that they will be launching some daily limits for users’ activities on the site. It is part of their updated ‘terms of use’, which is available on their platform.

A lot of Instagram users are unfamiliar with basic rules like follow limits and like limits.

Instagram Follow Limit: Best Ways to Stay Within Limit

So we usually see these types of questions online:

“Is there a limit to the number of people you can follow on Instagram?”

“Will Instagram limit followers per hour and day?”

“Is there such a thing as an Instagram like limit?”

“How many people am I allowed to unfollow on Instagram?”

Don’t feel bad if you ask this question occasionally. Instagram, like any other platform, is covered by rules.

These rules are guidelines that seek to protect users as well as improve the security and safety of the platform.

So, even if some of these rules appear a bit absurd to you, they are very justifiable. And when you intricately analyse them, you will realise they make perfect sense.

In this post, we’ll cover the latest limits set by Instagram to ensure things run properly on their platform. We advise you to read this guide thoroughly to avoid any ‘action block’ from Instagram.

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Why Does Instagram Set Restrictions Such as Instagram Unfollow limit, Like limit, and Instagram follow limit?

Consider this: Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. In addition, these users share around 100 million pictures and videos per day.

It already appears to be a heavily populated community; now, picture a scenario where anyone could do whatever they want, such as violating the Instagram follow limit. It will lead to chaos.

However, if Instagram users can perform actions without limits, most businesses and people would abuse the platform by indiscriminately promoting their accounts.

To prevent users from engaging in these activities, Instagram has instituted a few rules that have yet to be publicly announced.


What are the Most Important Factors Considered When Setting Instagram Like Limits and Other Restrictions?

Each user has their own Instagram like limit, and Instagram follow/unfollow limit. There is no universal limit.

This restriction is based upon several factors, the most important of which are as follows:


1. Your Activeness on Instagram

If you are an active Instagram user, you’ll be given more leeway to engage in more activity than an inactive user. To enjoy more Instagram features, ensure you remain more active on the platform.


2. Instagram Account’s Age

An old Instagram account is one that has been active for more than three months. So the more you use your account, the older it gets.

Do not set unrealistic expectations. Naturally, the number of followers you’ll get on the first day will be small. So don’t do something fishy to manipulate the algorithm.


3. Number of Followers/ Size of Follower Base

Instagram users with a large follower base can generally engage in more activities than those with a smaller following. These types of users enjoy better engagement rates.


4. Engagement Rates

Instagram engagement is a significant marker for assessing the number of activities you perform on the platform.

Instagram engagement is shaped by a range of variables, but it may be summed up as follows: likes, comments, shares, and saves.

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All Instagram Follow Limits

Let’s discuss Instagram’s Like, Follow/Unfollow, Comment, Tag, and other restrictions:

It is worth noting that Instagram has not made any official announcements about their policy on follow/unfollow, like, comment, and other restrictions. However, we have discovered Instagram’s limitations based on our own findings and survey from users.

As we have stated earlier, Instagram limits are not universal. They vary from user to user based on the nature of the accounts and users’ actions.

It is based on a bunch of factors, and it is not hard to figure out the exact amount of limits. As we have mentioned, these factors include:

  • Instagram Account’s Age
  • Number of followers/ Size of follower base
  • Engagement rates
  • Activeness

Conventionally, a new account’s limits will be considerably higher than that of an older account. High engagement accounts will be able to perform more actions than inactive accounts.

The Instagram algorithm is used to review users’ past activities to determine whether they appear natural or not.

To prevent your account from being blocked, you have to follow the guidelines on Instagram follow limit and like limit.


Here’s the Instagram follow, unfollow, like and comment limit 

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit

Instagram has a limit on how many people you can follow and unfollow. They consider unfollowing and following as one and the same actions.

Instagram users are limited to 200 follow per day and also 200 unfollow per day. Therefore, Instagram follow limit per day is 200.

And the Instagram unfollow limit per day is 200.

Following and unfollowing 10 times each hour will keep your account safe and prevent it from getting blocked. Furthermore, there are no limits on the number of users who can follow you at any given time.

It is advisable that you start slowly and steadily growing the number of users you follow and unfollow weekly.

For instance:

First Week: follow/unfollow 50 users daily

Second Week: Follow/unfollow 100 users daily

Third Week: follow/unfollow 150 users daily

Ensure you aren’t spamming Instagram. Exercise moderation. 

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Instagram Likes Limit

Instagram users are limited to 1000 likes per day. However, this varies from one account to another. Please ensure that your daily likes should not exceed 700 to be on the safe side and prevent Instagram shadowban.


Instagram Comments Limit

Comment limits for each Instagram user vary. The Instagram comment limit per day is within 180 to 200.

Don’t repeat the same comment multiple times. Instagram detects spam comments and will penalise your account as a result.

Also, don’t post emojis as comments if they aren’t backed up by text; they may be mistaken for spam.


Instagram Caption and Comment Character Limit

All Instagram users are limited to 2200 characters for captions and comments.


Instagram Direct Message Limit

Try to stay within 50 to 80 new chats every day. Anything exceeding that falls in the danger zone.

Note that new Instagram accounts have a daily activity limit of 500. This covers actions such as liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing.

They can also send between 20 and 50 direct messages daily.


Instagram Hashtag Limit

Hashtags can increase your post’s outreach and awareness, resulting in more followers and likes. But don’t abuse them. Users should limit hashtags per post to 30.


Instagram IGTV Limit

Instagram introduced IGTV roughly a year ago, which allows you to upload videos. You can make videos that are approximately 10 minutes in length, although some users can make videos close to an hour-long.


Instagram Story Limit

Instagram recently placed a limit on users who share an excessive number of stories. Users can share around 100 stories per day.


Instagram Story Highlights Limit

Luckily, users are free to post as many story highlights as they want.


Instagram Mention Limit

If you want to mention other users, keep in mind that the limit is 20.


Instagram Tag Limit

For every post, you can tag no less than ten Instagram users.


Instagram Account Name Character Limit

The character limit for Instagram account names is 30. So every user should stick to that.


Instagram Bio Characters Limit

The length of the bio should not exceed 150 characters.


Instagram Daily Post Limit

All Instagram users are allowed to upload as many posts as they like daily, and there are no limits to how many posts they can make.

Therefore, there is no Instagram post limit placed on accounts.


Instagram Maximum Following Limit

There’s a maximum following limit on every Instagram account. Users cannot follow more than 7500 accounts on Instagram.

Once you hit that number, you can no longer follow anyone on Instagram.


Sharing photos and Video Limits

Instagram frowns on users who steal other people’s content and claim it as their own. Nudity is also prohibited, except for artistic reasons.


Instagram Follow Limit per Hour

As a rule of thumb, ensure that you don’t follow more than 10 Instagram account per hour.

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Best Ways to Stay Within Instagram Follow Limit

Even though some restrictions, like the Instagram like limit, appear difficult to circumvent, there are methods you can use to stay within limits.

Some automation tools can help you with this. These tools frequently monitor the Instagram algorithm and take all appropriate steps to protect your account and keep it secure.

There’s no need to worry; unlike typical bots, these tools use bots that won’t harm your account.

Let’s explore two of the best of them:



With Kicksta, you can administer multiple Instagram accounts, post comments, auto send a broadcast message and schedule posts. You can also access the Instagram scheduler feature that can speed up the process of sharing posts.

Kicksta automation tool does not break Instagram’s regulations or limits in any way. It allows you to select your targets based on hashtags, location, and numbers of followers.

Through automation, Kicksta improves your follower engagement on Instagram based on the targets you set until you hit your daily Instagram restrictions.



AiGrow is among the best Instagram growth tools. It will assist you in correctly promoting your account on Instagram. Some Instagram users struggle due to Instagram’s limits, but AiGrow uses automation to bypass these challenges.

With AiGrow, you can mass unfollow users on Instagram without getting banned or blocked. It has an excellent mass unfollow feature.

You might be wondering how to use AiGrow to bulk unfollow users on Instagram. All you have to do is choose which actions (unfollow, follow, and like) you want their professional account specialists to handle on your behalf.

Using AiGrow’s mass unfollow features won’t result in your account being terminated. Everything is done by a professional team physically operating your account while adhering to Instagram’s limit policies.

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Instagram Follow Limit FAQs


What Happens if You Go Over Your Daily Instagram Limit?

Although these limitations may frustrate you, they are necessary for our safety.

These limitations are put in place to restrict spammy behaviour and bots. To secure the platform, Instagram restricts these types of practices.

Any user who continually flouts these limitation rules will be subjected to a pre-ban notification and, eventually, an outright account ban.


Can I Get Banned from Unfollowing on Instagram?

If your unfollow count goes above 100–150 per day, Instagram will temporarily suspend your account. This is why many users complain that “Instagram is stopping me from unfollowing.”

Here’s the basic rule: if you behave like a bot on Instagram, your account will get banned.


What is the Timeframe for the Instagram UnFollow Ban?

Instagram’s temporary ban can last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days. In other cases, it can last for over 2 weeks. This depends entirely on your actions.

However, the average ban length is one or two days.



To avoid having your Instagram account banned, you must be mindful of the limits that Instagram places on accounts. This may slow down your account temporarily; it’s for the best of reasons.

You can always use automation tools to go past these limits without risking a ban.


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