How to Add Music to Instagram Story or Post

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Instagram Stories are simple to create; however, if you want to improve their engagement, you’ll need to put some effort into them.

Fortunately, Instagram provides a variety of features to assist you in making your stories as enjoyable as they can be. 

How To Add Music To Instagram Story Or Post

Perhaps you have some amazing photographs or video clips, as well as some creative effects and stickers to add to the mix. Still, one crucial element is lacking in your Instagram story: music.

Instagram plays music through its own collection and popular streaming sites such as Soundcloud, Spotify, and Itunes. Everything you need to know about music and Instagram is right here.

In this article, we will explore all the important facts about adding music to an Instagram story or post. 


How to Use a Sticker to Add Music to an Instagram Story

Since the launch of the music feature on Instagram, lots of strategies for adding music to Instagram stories have emerged.

But the easiest and most popular method anyone can use to add music to their video clips or videos is the stories sticker. 


How Can I Put a Music Sticker on my Instagram Story?

These simple steps will guide you in the process of adding music to your Instagram story through a sticker:  

  • Launch the Instagram app on your phone.
  • In the upper-left corner of your screen, click the Story symbol (which resembles your profile image).
  • Swipe up to use your Camera Roll. Alternatively, you can record or capture it with the Story camera to post your story.
  • Next, swipe up or tap the sticker icon near the upper edge of the screen.
  • Select the Music option.
  • You can either input the title of the music you like into the search field or explore by theme, genre, or what’s trending right now.
  • Simply tap on any song to add it to your Instagram story.
  • Next, in the upper area of the screen, tap Done.
  • Simply drag and drop your sticker anywhere you want around your Stories.
  • At the lower part of the screen, tap the “Your Story” option.
  • There’s the possibility of listening to a preview of a song prior to adding it to your story. Simply tap the play icon near the left side of the song to begin listening.


Why am I Unable to Use Music in my Instagram Story?

Are you experiencing difficulties adding music to your IG Story? Here are a few explanations for why you’re having trouble:

The version of the Instagram app you’re using is outdated. If the music feature isn’t showing up in your Stories, it is advisable to uninstall and reinstall the app.

All it takes is a simple update to enjoy the latest features.

Your country does not have access to the music feature.

If you update the app and still don’t see a sticker, it’s possible that your region is not in the group of countries that can add music to Stories.

So far, just 60 countries currently have access to these features.

They include the United States, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and Portugal.

If your country isn’t mentioned, you can try using VPN to access the Instagram Music feature. The VPN (virtual private network) will link your smartphone to an IP address in a region where the Instagram music feature is available.


How do I Change the Music Sticker in My Story?

After adding a music sticker to your Instagram story, you’ll realise that there are options to enable seamless editing of the song.

For instance, you can fast-forward, rewind or cut a particular clip from the song. You can also edit: 

  • The song clip’s duration or running time (maximum of 15 seconds)
  • The song sticker’s colour.
  • Sticker design and length
  • Whether the lyrics should be shown rather than the sticker
  • The lyrics’ typeface

You can make a series of edits to your music sticker through the following method:

To edit the icon or go into lyricsmode, simply select the music sticker—swipe left on the items just above the music player to make the edit.

You can also update the music sticker or lyrics’ colour by using the colour picker located at the upper edge of the screen. 

Select the Done button.

To share it, go to the lower-left corner of the screen and select the Your Story icon.

What if you don’t want the sticker to show up on your story, but you still want the music feature? Then, you will have to remove the sticker from the screen. 

To share it, go to the lower-left corner of the screen and select the Your Story icon.

You can remove the sticker from the screen if you want music on your Instagram Story but don’t want it to be visible.

It will no longer be visible in the Story preview, but you’ll definitely be able to listen to the music and view the title of the song and musician at the top right of the screen after it has been posted.


How do I Add Song Lyrics to Your Story?

The process of adding music lyrics to your Stories can be a bit confusing at first, but we’re here to help! The following steps will show you how to identify and access the editing feature:

  • Launch the Instagram application on your phone.
  • In the upper-left corner of your screen, tap the Story button.
  • Swipe up to use your Camera Roll or photograph it using the Story camera to post your story.
  • Slide up or tap the sticker icon on the upper part of the screen.
  • Select the Music option.
  • Choose the music you want to use.
  • Add music to your story by tapping on it.
  • To access more font selections, slide left from the word button right over the music player.
  • Choose any font that you want to use.
  • Tap the Done button.


How to Add Music to Instagram Stories without Using any Stickers 

What if you don’t like music stickers? Is there any other option? There are a few options to use when adding your favourite music tracks to your Instagram stories. 


How to add an Apple Music song to your Instagram Story

Do you enjoy listening to music on Apple Music? Well, Instagram Stories is an easy technique to share whichever song you’re listening to with your followers.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch the Apple Music application.
  • Go to the piece of music you want to share and tap it.
  • Near the centre-right corner of the screen, tap the 3 horizontal lines.
  • Tap Share.
  • Swipe through the programmes until you locate Instagram (tap More if you can’t find it).
  • Let Instagram launch on its own.
  • On the lower part of the screen, tap the Your Story option.
  • Remember, the song won’t play immediately on your IG Stories; however, it will be available for listening to on Apple Music if you press it.


How to Use Spotify to Add a Song to your Instagram Story

If you enjoy Spotify, you’ll be relieved to know that sharing music from that app is just as simple. Here’s how to go about it, step by step:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your phone.
  • Go to whichever song you want to share and tap it.
  • Near the upper corner of the screen, tap the triple horizontal lines.
  • Choose Share from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap Instagram Stories
  • At the lower part of the panel, tap the “Your Story” option.

In order to publish your favourite song on Instagram, follow these simple guidelines: It’s worth repeating that the track will not play right away on your IG Stories.

However, if anyone taps on the story, it will take them to Spotify to listen to it.


How to Use SoundCloud to Add Music to Your Story

You can easily share SoundCloud tracks on Instagram Stories by following the same steps as Apple Music and Spotify.

Instead, when any of your followers tap on the IG Story, they will be taken to the SoundCloud page for the song.

Here’s how to use SoundCloud to add any piece of music to your Stories:

  • Launch the SoundCloud app on your phone.
  • Go to the song item you want to share and click it.
  • At the lower part of the panel, tap the 3 horizontal lines.
  • Choose Share to Instagram Stories from the menu.
  • In the corner of the page, tap the Your Story option.


How to Use the Shazam App to Add Music to Instagram Stories

While Shazam is best known for analysing and identifying songs you presently listen to, it can simply be used to stream music and share it on Instagram stories.

Launch the app and give it permission to detect the song presently listening to. 

  • To share any piece of music, launch Shazam, and then select More > Share.
  • Select the Instagram button to add the song to your Instagram stories.
  • You can return to the Shazam application via Instagram after your story has been posted.
  • To achieve this, browse Instagram’s story and select the Open Shazam option to have the song played on the app.

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How to Add Music to Instagram Story or Post FAQs


How do you add songs to Instagram Reel?

In August 2020, Instagram launched the Reels functionality. Reels are among the simplest ways to share anything on Instagram, especially music, due to its uniqueness. Here’s how you can add music to your reel:

  • On the Instagram home page, select the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the “Reels” tab.
  • Take a look at the left-hand side panel and tap the “Music” button at the top.
  • Pick the song you want to add to Instagram Reel.
  • Choose the song segment you want to add to the Reel using the slide at the lower part of the screen.


Are there third-party apps that can help you add music to Instagram posts?

It’s worth noting that you can’t add songs to your Instagram posts automatically. Instagram currently allows users to upload songs to their stories and reels.

Although some users may think they can circumvent the process by adding music to a video clip and downloading it to reupload, it won’t work.

If you intend to add a song to a video and share it as an Instagram post, you’ll need to tweak the video first.

There is a plethora of online video editing software and tools that enable you to integrate any song into your videos.

When you’re finished, you can easily post the clip to your Instagram account.

Some of the most feature-rich and user-friendly free video editing tools available include:



One way to make your Instagram story stand out from the crowd and enhance its engagement is by adding songs to it.

It’s our goal to make this guide a valuable resource for you, so please use it whenever you’d like to enhance the quality of your Stories.


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