How to Follow Someone on OnlyFans Without Credit Card

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OnlyFans is a popular, authentic platform, headquartered in London. Through the platform, content creators can trade, market and share their skills and expertise.

The website has assisted people in monetising their content whenever they share it with others. As of 2021, more than 30 million accounts are registered on OnlyFans. 

How to Follow Someone on OnlyFans Without Credit Card

The dominant video category on the site is adult videos. This has led people to believe the platform is more or less an adult site. 

During the lockdown due to COVID-19, adult models and other workers have seen their earnings plummet because of a lack of patronage.

OnlyFans became the only medium for them to make money. The basic concept of the site revolves around making more money by attracting fans. 

Like most video streaming platforms, users on OnlyFans have to subscribe to access content shared by creators. One of the most important questions users ask is if there’s a possibility of registering an account and maintaining anonymity on OnlyFans at the same time.

Yes, that can absolutely be done. To keep your identity concealed, you can set up a page and use any fake name. In addition to that, you can choose not to add a profile picture. 

Also, OnlyFans is committed to data protection. Hence, the company has done more to stick to its terms and policies.

For instance, user profiles are safeguarded by paywalls, and bank cards are never stored on the OnlyFans server to curb leaks.

Third-party payment portals have been utilised instead to prevent scammers and thieves from stealing users’ bank information.

These payment portals monitor and save transaction records and payment information.

Thus, to make payments to creators, you must supply your authentic email address and bank info.

These conditions have made customers reluctant to pay creators and subscribe to content they enjoy.  

But is there a way to enjoy content from your favourite creator without credit card information and a subscription? This article will explore all the options that you can use.

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How Does OnlyFans Work?

OnlyFans is a way for people to share quality, original, exclusive content without having to go through social media or traditional publishing methods.

It allows the creator to control the price at which they make their content available, and it provides fans with an opportunity to interact directly with the content they love and enjoy, without the distractions of the wider world.

While content creators can create accounts for free, when they earn money from the platform only fans they will be given 80% of their earnings while OnlyFans keeps 20% as a fee. This is a great platform for those that want to monetize adult content.

OnlyFans is one of the best ways to protect your own branded content. Not only can you share your photo or video with only those in your circle of friends, but you can also make your content private.

And, if a user tries to take a screenshot of your photo or video, it will go blank immediately. This is just a way of keeping all of your content safe.


Can I Pay for OnlyFans with PayPal Instead of a Credit Card?

It is normal for users to try all means to circumvent the use of credit cards in making payments to content-based subscription websites.

Most of these websites strive to build credibility by limiting the activities of fraudsters and cybercriminals. 

Over the years, they have tried to create a stronger and more secure payment system while simplifying data collection and billing processes for users. At this point, payment through Paypal is not possible on the OnlyFans website. 

Thus, the only way of subscribing to content on the platform is through the use of a credit card.


How to Follow Someone on OnlyFans Without Credit Card

All bank transactions and purchases you carry out with your credit card will show up on your statement of account. Therefore, your activities on OnlyFans will eventually be registered in your financial records. 

This can be embarrassing to a lot of people and can ruin their standing and public image. So, many people will like to keep their OnlyFans subscription concealed. In this section, we will explore solutions to this issue. Read below to find out more. 

There are currently three techniques that OnlyFans users can use to access content and pay for a subscription:

  • Payment subscription to OnlyFans Creator via Virtual credit card. 
  • Using a Prepaid visa to make payment for subscription to content on OnlyFans conveniently.
  • Are you a member of the Reddit community? If not, ensure you sign up to secure membership with helpful subreddits. For instance, there’s a subreddit dedicated to easy payment subscriptions called r/signupsforpay. It enables any user to pay conveniently via Paypal or Stripe. 

Are you interested in these remedies? Let’s analyse them to clear any doubt from your mind.


How do I Subscribe to OnlyFans content with Virtual Credit Cards?

To start, you have to have an idea about how a virtual credit card works. This card has a random number that is connected to and provided by your financial provider or bank. 

Similar to plastic bank cards, it is time-bound and has a specified date for expiration. It also possesses a security code. However, the virtual card is meant for temporary use.

It is very popular for use in electronic transfer platforms that do not require customers to be visibly present to use the card. 

It is easy to request a virtual card from your financial service provider. You will be charged a small fee. Note that not all banks provide virtual card services.

When you get your virtual card, you can conveniently buy products or pay for services online through the card number. 

Hence, you can access your favourite OnlyFans content via a paid subscription through this means. 

A great benefit of making payments via a virtual card is that your sensitive data and bank details are protected. In addition to that, it is easy to control or track your subscriptions online with this card. 

In the event that cybercriminals or hackers get hold of your card, they can’t, in any way, breach or use your card number. This is a big relief.

In fact, the card is technically useless to these criminals because they are meant for temporary use or one-time payment. So after making payments with your virtual card, it is invalidated, making it worthless.


How to Follow Someone on OnlyFans Without Credit Card FAQs


Can I Access OnlyFans Content on a Free Trial Plan?

Upon visiting the site, you’ll find a few creators that give you a limited free trial to enjoy their content before choosing to make a subscription payment.

Once the free trial has expired, your access to the content will be revoked. 


What are the Payment Options Available to OnlyFans Users?

At this time, OnlyFans supports these payment options:

  • Visa-issued debit and credit cards
  • Mastercard issued credit and debit cards.
  • Discover issued credit and debit cards
  • Maestro cards
  • Prepaid cards. 

It is not clear if American Express cards are approved for payment by OnlyFans. Still, some users experience payment difficulties with AMEX cards. 

We can conclude that American Express cards are not authorised for payments on OnlyFans.


Should I Access Websites with Free OnlyFans Content?

Websites that display free OnlyFans content are illegal. By visiting their site, you may become a victim of phishing scams or fraud. 

There are plenty of sites that offer free OnlyFans content from premium creators.

However, these sites have major disadvantages. They can steal your data and defraud you by collecting your money but offering you content that doesn’t match what you paid for. 

They can also steal your data and redirect you to malicious websites. These sites are not legit. They are content thieves. 

If anyone uses your content without your permission. Ensure you lodge a complaint with DMCA to delete photographs, video clips or other forms of content stolen.


Are There Payment Options that OnlyFans do not Support?

Yes. OnlyFans have explained in their FAQ section that PayPal and gift cards are not supported as payment options. 

In addition to that, OnlyFans will not approve transactions from cards without 3D secure authentication. This applies to prepaid cards too.

3D secure authentication is a smart security protocol that transmits data across payment vendors, card issuing companies and customers. 

It curbs the likelihood of card-not-payment scams and limits cybercriminals from using hacked bank cards for payments on the internet.

Due to this regulation, OnlyFans will not approve payment transactions made using mobile or e-wallets. This includes Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. 

Immediately after inputting your card details on the platform, you will be directed to a verification page by Mastercard or Visa to authenticate your subscription payment with a one-time passcode or authentication number.

If you fail to validate your payment, your payment will be cancelled or unsuccessful.


Why was my OnlyFans Payment Unsuccessful?

Your payment to OnlyFans can be unsuccessful due to a variety of reasons. A common instance is if you use an unsupported payment option or your card doesn’t offer 3D secure authentication. 

Other likely reasons include: 

  • You don’t have adequate funds in your account. 
  • The card has passed its expiration date.
  • Your card is newly issued, but you haven’t input the card details on OnlyFans. 
  • Your financial service provider or card company has cancelled the payment transaction because they suspect you are engaging in fraudulent online activities. 
  • Wrong card details. 
  • You have accessed the platform via VPN, and your financial provider requires validation of your IP address for authentication.


What exactly is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a website that unites or connects content creators and their fans. Content creators can freely peg subscription payment fees for content on the platform.

Fans can enjoy content through subscription payments every month. These fees can be set discretely by content creators. 

20% of the monthly subscription payment belongs to OnlyFans, while the remainder of the earnings will go to the content creator.

Fans can freely drop messages and tip creators for engaging content.

To illustrate this better, you can contact the creator if you want content tailored to your specifications. However, you have to pay a mutually agreed price to the creator. 

However, Onlyfans cannot be held liable for any contractual arrangement through messages. Also, tips paid can’t be refunded. 

To set up an OnlyFans account, users have to be above 18 years of age.



This article covers all the strategies you can use to enjoy OnlyFans content without the use of a credit card. Understandably, many users are worried that accessing the site with their legit bank card can damage their reputation. 

Due to the fact that OnlyFans is regarded as an adult website, users prefer to maintain anonymity while using the platform; OnlyFans recognises this.

With our aforementioned strategies, you will access the content while eliminating the need to use your bank card. Best of luck!


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