How to Get OnlyFans Account Back After Being Banned

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OnlyFans is a digital content subscription platform that allows creators to post content and their followers (or fans) to pay for subscriptions to access them.

Although it has a very clear and straightforward business model, it has garnered notoriety in recent years.

Get OnlyFans Account Back After Being Banned

The reason is that OnlyFans is a preferred channel for all sorts of content.

However, as long as users stick to the community guidelines, the platform is great for showcasing creativity, authenticity and artistry.

It has also become a source of earnings for so many people.

In recent times, many creators and fans on the OnlyFans platform have complained about their accounts being banned.

Because OnlyFans facilitates engagement between fans and creators, it takes its community guidelines and user privacy seriously.

However, these rules are constantly changing, and there have been events where account hijacking and misreporting have occurred.

This is why it is essential to know how to get an Onlyfans account back after being banned. 

Before we explore ways of recovering a banned OnlyFans account, let’s analyze the reasons why your account may have been banned:


Reasons Why Your OnlyFans Account May Have Been Banned


Breach of OnlyFans Community Guidelines

There are so many actions that can lead to an OnlyFans account ban. A common one is breaching OnlyFans community guidelines.

As we have stated earlier, OnlyFans is strict with its policies, and any form of infraction can cause your account to be banned automatically.

Ensure you reach out to OnlyFans customer support if you don’t know why your account is banned. They will be delighted to help you fix any issues you may have. 


Taking Screenshots

OnlyFans frown at users for taking screenshots on their websites. This can result in an outright account suspension if you are caught trying to screenshot their content.

The rules for this are severe as the platform tries to combat content theft and privacy. This may be the reason why your account was banned. 


Illegal Content

Users who upload content that goes contrary to OnlyFans community guidelines attract permanent suspension of accounts.

For instance, uploading content that advocates or supports criminal activities can result in being banned from the platform.

Thus, use your discretion while sharing content on OnlyFans. 



Content that portrays violence, terrorism or criminal activities is banned on OnlyFans. This includes visuals that depict or encourage violence.

OnlyFans also explicitly forbid content that encourages bigotry or racism. It also prohibits visuals that promote substance abuse or alcoholism.

Creators who contravene the terms of service had their accounts suspended because of this. 


Hate speech

If you upload content that portrays hate speech or racism, OnlyFans will permanently suspend your account.

Its community guidelines and policies are constantly changing. If any of your visuals have racist undertones, OnlyFans will restrict your account. 


How to Recover Banned OnlyFans Account 

After deactivating your account, OnlyFans usually sends an email confirmation. This also happens when your account is banned.

You may find it difficult to receive subscriptions, or watch any visuals or content, like their premium clips, pictures and other items.

You will be restricted from utilizing any services or features available. The best way to get your OnlyFans account back after being banned is to contact the OnlyFans support team

This is very important if you suspect that your account was banned by OnlyFans by error.

The OnlyFans customer support team will be happy to guide you through getting your account back.

Ensure you review the FAQ or help center before making inquiries or requesting assistance. 

Also, if you can’t successfully sign in because you have forgotten your password, get in touch with the OnlyFans support team for help.

Although the likelihood of a successful account recovery process is slim when you have been banned, it’s still worth trying. 

For hassle-free account recovery, ensure you supply the following information when contacting the OnlyFans support team via [email protected]:

  • Name
  • Home/ Work Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • An explanation of your issue: The event surrounding the banning of your OnlyFans account. 
  • Reason for Compliant: Appeal for permanent suspension/ban of OnlyFans account
  • Supply evidence that will corroborate your claim: If you have further information that will assist your account ban appeal, make sure you offer them. Some examples are proof that your account was hacked or compromised and screenshots. 


If my OnlyFans Account is Banned, are there other Alternatives to Switch to?

If my Onlyfans account is banned, are there other alternatives to switch to? Yes. There are many subscription-based websites like OnlyFans.

You can direct your users to them and begin sharing your content there.

In my opinion, I have seen two websites that are modeled after OnlyFans but are even better in terms of revenue sharing. 

Below are OnlyFan alternatives:


Fanvue has an identical publishing strategy to Medium, but the amazing thing about the platform is that it has undergone lots of innovations.

Users can enjoy new features and add-ons weekly. Another advantage is that Fanvue lets you withdraw from your earnings in 30 minutes or less.

The revenue split is also attractive. You get 85% of revenue within your first year of sign-up, and later on, it will be lowered to 80%.

For this reason, many see Fanvue as a superior alternative to OnlyFans. To sign up for Fanvue as a creator, click here



Friendsonly is another platform just like OnlyFan.

It also doubles as a social media site because it facilitates the interaction between followers and creators.

It is known for its short-form vertical videos, similar to TikTok. If you are thinking of a great platform to earn money similar to TikTok, FriendsOnly is the best option for you. Click here to sign up for Friendsonly


How to Get OnlyFans Account Back After Being Banned FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions on how to get OnlyFans account back after being banned.


What next if your OnlyFans profile is reported?

If another user reports your OnlyFans account, the privacy team will swing into action, reviewing your account immediately.

If they find out that your account has breached their community guidelines, it may result in a permanent suspension or ban on your account. 


Can I get my OnlyFans account back?

Yes, it is possible to get your account back. If by error, the OnlyFans team banned your account, it can be restored.

You have to get in touch with OnlyFans support for further assistance.

If you think your account has been unjustly banned or suspended, you can always make an appeal.

All it takes is patience and determination, and with time, your account will be restored to its status quo. 


How Can I Get Back My Old OnlyFans Account?

If you have forgotten the email address and username linked to your OnlyFans account, you can still get the login credentials via your social media profiles. 

A good way to do this is by attempting to sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account.

If you have linked these accounts to your OnlyFans, it should instantly generate logins to your username and email address box. 

However, if this is not the case and you haven’t linked your OnlyFans account to your social media profile, all hope is not lost.

All you have to do is to do a Google search for your username. As soon as you discover your profile, identify the URL with “ .”This is your account profile. 


Can I still create another OnlyFans account?

Absolutely yes. You can create a second OnlyFans account. OnlyFans users are allowed to set up no more than two accounts.

These accounts can be set up as free or premium. 


Can OnlyFans IP Ban You?

Yes, OnlyFans can ban your IP address. If this happens, you won’t be able to watch any content as long as you use the banned IP address.

OnlyFans can also ban users from certain geographical regions from accessing the site. Countries like Russia, UAE and Belarus can’t access OnlyFans content. 


I have been blocked by OnlyFans. What happens now?

If an OnlyFans user blocks your account, you will be barred from accessing the person’s content, updates, posts, profiles and messages.

In simple words, you will be blocked from seeing that user’s activities on OnlyFans. 


Am I allowed to screenshot OnlyFans content?

While screenshotting content on OnlyFans is not explicitly banned, ensure you do not distribute captured content on other social media platforms or sites.

This is a serious violation of their terms of use. 


Does OnlyFans have an App?

Yes. OnlyFans has an app for mobile devices. You can access it using your smartphone. It revolves around content and engagement.

This simplifies the process of viewing content and keeping tabs on your favorite creators.




OnlyFans is an exciting platform for creatives who wish to build a follower base and earn streams of revenue.

However, you must ensure that you adhere to their community guidelines to avoid a ban or suspension of your account. Following this guide, you can get your OnlyFans account back after being banned with patience and determination. 

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