How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

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There are many ways to monetize your creativity and skills today.

Anyone can use social media to connect with people of similar interests, nurture a community or start a personal brand. The possibilities are endless!

Make Money on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face

However, running a successful brand online is always accompanied by popularity.

Even though creators are enthusiastic about sharing their content, most of them yearn for privacy and anonymity.

This can be a major challenge for content monetization on platforms such as OnlyFans, which thrive on adult content and explicit activities.  

We are always on the side of creative individuals who want to monetize their skills. Thus, this article will explain how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. 


Are Creators Allowed to Earn Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Their Faces?

OnlyFans user policy makes it compulsory for creators to satisfactorily complete a verification process that involves real pictures and passport information.

But this is not in any way asking you to expose your real name or picture for other users to see.

Even though OnlyFans is popular for its adult content, it also provides a diverse range of non-adult content.

For instance, lots of singers, coaches, athletic trainers, dancers, educators and therapists make money on the platform.

However, OnlyFans makes the most money from its overtly adult content section of the platform.

In essence, there’s no need to expose your face or reveal your name on the platform.

A smart strategy to stay anonymous and keep a separate identity is through the use of an online persona. It could be a pseudonym or an alias. Creators usually do this on OnlyFans. 


How to Use OnlyFans Privacy Tools

Before we explore how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face, we will analyze some of the privacy options available on the website for creators to use.

To ensure that the sensitive data of creators is secured, OnlyFans has put in place the following privacy measures:


Two-Step Authentication

A two-step authentication option is available on your profile menu. Once you enable it, you will be given a link to a different application.

After successful installation, you will be able to sign in via randomized login passcodes. With this setup, your account will be safeguarded from unauthorized logins. 


Login Sessions

You can review the mobile devices that are signed into your profile. Also, you can put off unnecessary sessions.

To find this setting, navigate to the “Login Sessions” page in your Settings menu. 


Add Watermarks to Pictures and Video Clips

To claim the copyright of your video or picture content, you can add a watermark using OnlyFans page ID.

While it doesn’t particularly make your profile anonymous, it safeguards your content from being stolen and reproduced on other platforms. 


Visibility Settings

There are plenty of options that allow you to restrict your data or make it visible to every user.

You can limit your account, making it accessible to specific users or entirely hide your account, blocking others from seeing your activities. The choice is yours. 

Furthermore, the platform empowers creators to ban troublesome users from seeing their content or accessing their page. 


How to Create Content on OnlyFans without Revealing Your Identity

Here are some strategies for creators who wish to keep their identity hidden on OnlyFans. 

  • Create the content on the website using a fictitious persona 
  • Ensure your alias or persona matches or complements your account’s theme or core idea.
  • Use the privacy tools available on the platform to safeguard all sensitive data in your account. 
  • You can also supply fake details as your user data. 
  • Never put out content that people can use to trace your whereabouts.
  • Try to publish only unique content. Don’t put out the video materials you have already distributed on other social media platforms.
  • Pay attention to your wardrobe while videotaping. Avoid making use of items that your family and loved ones can identify.
  • When producing content for OnlyFans, remove all materials, items or components that make reference to your biography. 
  • Review content before they are uploaded because it might reveal your sensitive information. 

Ensure you use these tips to monetize your content on only fans without showing your face.


Can I Monetize on OnlyFans Without Revealing my Face?

For those with a loyal following, creating and monetizing adult content without revealing your face can be clever and entertaining.

Furthermore, you can always promote your OnlyFans page to your followers, increasing your chances of making money. 

What if you have a low subscriber base? Your situation is pathetic.

This is because you can’t promote your adult content on popular social media sites like Facebook and TikTok.

And to worsen matters, it will be difficult to grow your subscriber base on adult sites like OnlyFans organically.

If you want to start putting out adult content without exposing your face, you have to try a platform with organic traffic.

A good example is It is widely regarded as an adult version of “TikTok”.

The platform lets anyone upload their video material and distribute it to other users. You can even opt to share your videos with subscribers for free.

One fantastic benefit of the site is that its algorithm posts these free videos in the recommendation section, making it easy for other users to view this content. 

This is the reason FriendsOnly is the best platform for making adult videos if you don’t want to reveal your face. 


Are the Pros and Cons of Anonymous Post on OnlyFans?

The decision to put out anonymous OnlyFans content is entirely yours. In this section, we will explore some of the pros and cons of posting content without showing your face on OnlyFans. 


Benefits of Publishing Anonymous Content on OnlyFans

The primary benefit of publishing anonymous content on OnlyFans is privacy. 

It is a good way of securing your sensitive data, bolstering privacy and limiting your followers. 

Although this will limit your subscriber base, you can connect with a devoted following. Only a limited number of subscribers can access your content. 

At times, an OnlyFans leak can go viral online.

These leaked videos are not caused by hijacked servers or compromised accounts.

Paid subscribers compile these pictures and video clips and then release them in an unauthorized way across the internet.

While privacy settings won’t totally prevent this from happening, it lowers the possibility of leaks and limits access to your page. 


Disadvantages of Publishing Anonymous Content on OnlyFans

The truth is that it is difficult to monetize your content on OnlyFans without revealing your face. 

The platform is not a great destination for anyone who wishes to anonymously publish their content.

Here’s why:



OnlyFans play host to over a million creators. It can be difficult to nurture and grow a subscriber base, even for creators who wish to reveal their identity.

This is because the website is highly-competitive. 



Audience. The audience always hits “subscribe” on the pages they find appealing or derive the most value from.

Many studies have shown that OnlyFans subscribers are more receptive to content that the actors show their faces. 



OnlyFans lack adequate promotional resources for creators. A great strategy most creators use is to drive traffic to their page via social media platforms.

This can be difficult for anyone who wishes to be an anonymous creator.


Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face FAQs


How do I promote my content on OnlyFans without revealing my face?

Promotion is one of the best ways to monetize your content and increase your subscriber count. 

Without adequate promotion, your page won’t get enough subscribers.

So the first step to promoting your anonymous content is to set up a new social media account. It shouldn’t have any links to your offline lives. 

However, your promotional strategy should include putting out free OnlyFans content. 

While it may seem paradoxical, it can serve as free ad space on the site. 

Your content is your most prized asset. They can earn you more revenue. 

The more your free content gets the attention of customers, the better the possibility of more subscribers. 

Don’t forget to add “linktree” whenever you are creating awareness for your account. This will drive prospective subscribers to your OnlyFans page and social media websites. 



Instagram is among the best social media channels to create awareness for your OnlyFans content. 

While adult content is banned, sensual and sexy content is allowed. 

Instead of looking around for a new subscriber base, it can simplify the entire process of looking for new fans.



Twitter also permits adult content on its site. This implies you can share your materials on it. 

Twitter is best for building a community through constant engagement, retweeting and replies.


Reddit and Other ImageBoard

You can share your OnlyFans content on Reddit and other ImageBoards and forums. 

Sharing your content on these platforms can grow your revenue and community. 


Influencers and Partnerships

You can collaborate with influencers on social media to create awareness for your content on social media.

This can help you build a following and add value to your promotional strategy. 


Can VPN help you become anonymous on OnlyFans?

Yes. You can use a VPN or virtual private network to conceal your whereabouts. It is a great privacy tool. 


Can I watch OnlyFans videos anonymously?

It is possible. The platform won’t expose your private details. You can always use a fictitious username. It will protect your identity on the website. 




Anyone can create content without showing their face on OnlyFans and still make money from it. 

This article helps you to strategize a means of monetizing your content without revealing your identity. 


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