How to Make Money on Social Media (All Easy!)

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Undeniably, social media has become a huge part of our lives. I honestly do not think that there are so many people out there that are not active on one or two social media platforms.

This is more reason why if you have a noticeable social media presence, you can make good use of it in the process of making money.

How to make money on social media

Social media to you, shouldn’t just be a place of fun and cruise. Even though we can use it to catch fun sometimes, we should also think of ways we can use social media to earn money online.

You can simply use a computer, smartphone and a good internet access to get it all started.

Also, research has shown that an average individual spends an average of about 2 hours on social media daily and even more for a social media addict.

Here, we are not going to condemn the social media addict because you can turn your addiction into money right? This will only happen when you use the same dedication you use in scrolling to intentionally make money online.

Social media is a very lucrative business if only you know what exactly to do and how to get it done.

At the same time, you do not need thousands of followers to make money on social Media. Brands are currently seeking quality over quantity, and this simply means that they’ll rather pay for a smaller audience with engaging followers .

Most upcoming brands are no longer looking for expensive celebrities to advertise their products, they’re now looking for ordinary people and influencers with active and engaging followers.

It’s really not about your number of followers on social media platforms, but who your followers actually are.

The outstanding social media platforms include: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Before you likely came across this article, I guess you must be looking for how to make money on social media.

This article will help you get started.


How to Make Money on Social Media

1. Pick a Suitable Platform

We all know that there are lots of social media platforms to choose from, so making a good choice is very necessary.

However, it is really advisable to have profiles set up on as many social networks as possible. But at the same time, one of them needs to be your most favorite.

Research has shown that almost all social media influencers always work more on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

I think it’ll interest you to know that as at 2018, up to 85% of social influencers chose Instagram to be their best platform. Just about 12% picked YouTube and less than the remaining 3% went for Facebook.

I guess that should probably be because about 77% of influencers have agreed to the fact that Instagram has the best tools you can ever think of, compared to other social platforms.

If other Influencers are not having issues using Instagram, I don’t think you should. Just follow their footsteps, and you’ll definitely didn’t so well too.

In choosing Instagram, it’ll be advisable to use your other social profiles to enhance your brand image and at the same time also expand your reach.

This simply means that you can use Facebook and Twitter  to get more followers on Instagram.

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2. Run an Online Shop

Owning an online shop simply entails advertising your products and services on virtually all your social media pages.

This makes it way easier for potential customers to view your products and place orders. At the moment, there are actually some social media apps that directly connects sellers to the buyers.

Apps like WhatsApp business greatly gives you the freedom to attach your products to the catalogue, and this makes the whole process easier for you. Customers get to view them by clicking on your contact information, yeah it’s that easy.

I’ll let out a business tip right away. “Always state your price publicly, the exact price of the item(s) you are selling”. Then go ahead to also let your customers know if the price is negotiable or not.

DO NOT make the mistake of asking your customers to slide into your DMs for the price of any item. This is so wrong, as most people won’t have the time to ask and you’ll end up looking like an unserious business person.

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3. Copywriting

To my best of knowledge, some people are actually always confused about what Copywriting really means. If you have perfect writing skills, with a good understanding of English grammar then this should be for you.

It’ll be a plus if you write and speak English very well.

The best part of Copywriting is that you can easily get to show the world your writing skills by intentionally posting intelligent write-ups on your social media pages. By doing this, you are simply putting yourself out there.

The best apps to do this are: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re able to consistently post your write-ups on these platforms, then this gives you the opportunity to network with publishers, websites and even blog owners.

They’ll simply reach out to you to write some articles for them and then get paid. Is that not simple and amazing?

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4. Belong to a Network of Influencers

This is one of the easiest ways to make money without so much stress.

With the help of these platforms, it’ll be easier for people to get connected to brands based on their followers and specialties.

For instance, let’s say you so much love yoga and you’re into it. And you share a whole lot of yoga related and health posts on your social media handles. You honestly might not get to know when your followers will pick up interest in your contents and will want to know more about it.

That’s how fast and easy social media works.

Because you’ve been able to effectively use social media to show off your love and interest in yoga, if a brand wants to work with an influencer to advertise their latest yoga mat or clothing they’ll easily get attached to you through these networks.

You could also choose to handle your community through these platforms too.


5. Promote Brands with Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is just another amazing way to monetize your social media following.

Some affiliate programs are owned by some brands and you can apply to them individually, you might just need to apply to several affiliate networks. An easier option for you might be to use a platform like CJ Affiliates. The good thing about CJ Affiliate is that it gives you access to up to 48,500 affiliate programs around the globe.

Rhiannon Ashlee is a perfect example of someone using affiliate marketing to make money on social media. On each of her YouTube videos, Rhiannon carefully lists out all the products she uses in her videos and attaches affiliate links to almost all of them.

Actually, anyone clicks on the links she puts out, Rhiannon will definitely get a commission on the total order value that usually ranges between 5 to 15 percent. It solely depends on the Brand’s affiliate program.

Well, in the case of Rhiannon she actually makes it clear which links she could make money by simply having a * just next to each affiliated link.

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6. Find Brands you Can Directly Partner with

This is a unique way of making money on social media. Someone who does this well is a YouTuber by name Julie Nolke. Julie actually partners with brands directly to sponsor her short and unique comedy videos.

We all know how large the social media world is, no man is an island. If you can do a lot alone on your social media platforms, trust me, you can do much more when you partner with other brands.


7. Boost Your Engagement Rates

Have you thought about why brands always want to work with social media influencers? It’s simply because they have historically had high engagement rates, and with this high engagement rates, every brand is sure of marketing themselves with ease.

To make yourself more appealing, you just have to show brands how high your engagement rates are with your followers. However, at the same time, for you to be able to increase your engagement rates you’ll also have to engage in the posts of your followers.

I know it might be time demanding especially if you have a whole lot of followers. But the main thing here is creating time to respond and actively engage with your followers. It’ll build a very good relationship.

If your followers comment on your posts, at least you should like their comments if you cannot respond.

You should always be conscious of the fact that you’re doing this as a job, if you want to make some legit money on social media outlets really have to dedicate a specific amount of your time each day towards making yourself an outstanding influencer.

It’s not that easy, I know. If it were easy, everyone out there would’ve loved to do it. But no, it is s really time demanding. That’s why you should put in your best and also expect the best.

A very good engagement with your followers will enable you have a very nice relationship with them. They’ll also get to trust recommendations that come from you. This will therefore make your strategy easier and more successful..

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8. Do Giveaways

I personally love giveaways, I sincerely cannot count the number of accounts I got to know about on social media, simply because of giveaways. Most of the time, my friends and followers shared their posts and that’s just how I clicked the follow button.

That’s the power of giveaways. Once you’ve started negotiating with brands, and finally have come to a conclusion about the kind of content you will be posting, you can then go ahead and suggest a giveaway.

At the same time, you don’t have to post anything you’re not completely comfortable with. Make an agreement that favours you with the brand.

If you’re trying to get more followers, then doing giveaways can just never be a bad option. It is one if the surest ways to get more followers on social media.




There is money in the world. The ignorance of most people has kept  them in poverty and relying on” 8am to 5pm” jobs. The world of today is not the same as the one of a hundred years ago.

Nowadays, people are making money without selling a product. I mean they’re making money from the comfort of their homes and even while sleeping.

You don’t necessarily need to work for anyone before you make it in life. Even without lots of followers, you can intentionally increase your following and engagement metrics to make yourself even more appealing to your clients, because your account needs to look real and genuine.

Making money online is no scam, it is real. I hope that this steps on how to make money on social media helps you to get started today.

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