How to View Private Facebook Profiles (Takes 15 Seconds!)

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Facebook is known to be one of everyone’s best social media platforms in this current age. It is one of the smartest and most effective platforms.

This amazing platform has not just made connections easier, but it also helps you convey important information through your statuses, news market brands, awareness, and lots more.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles

With it, you have access to connect to new people and also easily view their profiles as long as the profiles in question are not private.

But then, it is always an entirely different feeling when you are at the other side of the fence and not being able to view another’s profile.

Perhaps the profile is private? Oh well, you don’t have to get it all worked. We will put you through how to see a private Facebook account.

And at the same time, if your Facebook account is private and you would like to know how some restricted users still have access to your profile, then you should keep reading.

You should also know that your security is not at stake with Facebook. With the recent updates on the app, you can be assured of top security with every update you need. 

Asides from other options, Facebook also gives you the liberty to either set your profile to be public or private.

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What Happens When a Facebook Account is on Private

When a Facebook account is private, no one can have access to view it. That means that no one can check you out if you don’t want them to.

You don’t have access to private Facebook profiles if only you are a friend of theirs.

Once you view a private Facebook profile, without being a friend you will only have access to the user’s Facebook name and a low-resolution profile photo, although in some cases, you may not even have access to a profile photo. 

All of this helps protect the identity of the user, data, and even the information of mutual friends.


Is There Really a Way to View Private Facebook Profiles?

I guess it won’t be so difficult to imagine yourself needing that unrestricted access to someone else’s Facebook profile, and unluckily for you, his or her profile is private. You do not have to tell me how frustrating this is, because it is frustrating.

Maybe they could be one of your competitors, and you are so eager to know what he or she is up to. Well, this means you need to jump protocols and act fast and smart.

This brings us back to the question ‘’Is there a way to view a private Facebook account?’’ The answer is simply a yes. The help of some tools and tricks can put you through. Now let’s see how it works.

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How to View Private Facebook Profiles

To see a private Facebook profile, follow the steps below:


1. Send a Friend Request

Normally, a private Facebook account can only be viewed by users that are friends with the account users.

This simply means that sending a friend request to the owner of the account is one of the ways to have your way around this restriction.

Once your friend request has been accepted, then you will have access to the profile, and you will be able to view their data, updates, and any other information they decide to share with their friends.

You also have access to their older posts and archives as well.

The issue here might just be that you do not know how long it might take this user to accept your friend request. It might take days, weeks, or even months.

There might also be a chance of your request being ignored since Facebook also gives the option to ignore friend requests sent and this is just one of the ways to view a private Facebook profile very easily.

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2. Socialize More

One of the amazing things about Facebook’s account privacy settings is the fact that they can be adjusted as you wish.

Most people that activate private mode restrict people that are not friends with them from viewing their profile but allow access to friends of friends.

And this means that you might be able to view your target’s profile if you both have at least one friend in common. Isn’t this an easy way to view a private Facebook profile? 

The smart way to make this work is by sending a friend request to one of your target’s friends. The one downside to this approach, in particular, is that the target’s friends list might be restricted, and this will make it difficult to locate mutual friends.

You just have to try. You might be lucky. No one knows.


3. Create a Fake Facebook Account

Sometimes sending a friend request to unlock a private profile might not work most especially if you do not want to expose your actual identity to your target. 

Although creating a fake Facebook account might be risky if the target has any doubts about your identity, he or she might decide to get you blocked. Or you might be reported to Facebook for violation of User’s guidelines.

If you want this trick to work, you have to be very creative and do away with whatever reveals your identity or that might seem deceitful.

The best way to do this is just to try impressing the target and also their decision.


4. Learn More About Facebook’s Account Privacy Policy 

Earlier on, it was known that Facebook’s account privacy tools were relaxed. Nowadays, the platform seems to be tighter on security than ever before. And this makes it even more difficult to access private profiles and data. 

There are still tricks that work and one of them is tagged photos.

If your target has been tagged in a post, you can find them easily by using the search button on Facebook. To do this, you have to:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Tap on “search”.
  • Input the following into the text field (Photos of <name>)

For instance, if your Target’s name is John Woods, you’ll type in; Photos of John Woods.

Once this has been done, Facebook will run a quick search and display all of the person’s tagged photos.


5. Use Google

This is another way to view a private Facebook account. But your question might be “How?”

Sending a friend request to your target might be easy, but this approach might leave you uncertain. As you can’t tell when he or she will respond.

Using Google works because not everyone immediately sets their Facebook profile to private just after opening the account. Some just work on their privacy settings after gaining a good number of followers or friends.

Using this approach, if you want to search for content a Facebook user shared with the Public, you just have to enter the search box and include “Facebook” in your query to focus your results.

Google will then go through Facebook archives and will display the information it can find. This is yet another way to view a private Facebook profile without so much stress.

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6. Make use of PictureMate to View Facebook Profiles

Have you heard about PictureMate? It is a free Google chrome extension that you can use to view your Target’s Facebook profile without having them as your friend.

It is such an exceptional tool especially if you want to view Facebook profile pictures secretly.

You can also view tagged pictures of your target with PictureMate. 

These steps will be of help to you.

Step 1: Simply visit PictureMate and then go ahead to add the Google Chrome extension to your browser.

Step 2: Restart the browser after you must have installed the extension. The extension will come up at the top corner.

Step 3: You can now do a Facebook search and view photos of your target. The extension will also go as far as offering you results of all the pictures posted by someone else on which the targeted person was tagged.




There are so many ways to have access to a private Facebook account. Some might be considered legitimate and others might not. 

However, with the above tips, you are most likely to get access to a Private Facebook account. Revisiting or recording the information as well as deleting the fake Facebook account will be up to you.  

I hope we have been able to help you access that private Facebook profile that has probably been giving you a tough time.


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