How to Hide Someone on Facebook Without Blocking

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Sometimes there’s a person in your friend circle you don’t like, but you tolerate them anyway. They’re highly socially active, and you get a lot of notifications about their posts or messages all day long.

When you look at them, you may secretly wish they would go away. Yes, this is possible. It may not be the best option for you, but it is possible.

How to Hide Someone on Facebook Without Blocking

We’ll be right there with you till the end, and when we get to your questions about hiding someone without blocking them on Facebook, we’ll answer them.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with how to hide someone on Facebook without blocking.

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How to Hide Someone on Facebook Without Blocking

The average user has more than 200 friends. Facebook users quickly accept friend requests from people they know in real life.

There are never enough friends on Facebook. It is time to join Facebook if you are not already a fan.

With a bit of effort, you’ll find yourself surrounded by friends who share your interests, who know about you, and who keep you up-to-date on the latest events in their lives.

You can modify your Newsfeed Preferences to exclude or include people you want to see. You can manage your favourites, so you know what you are reading.

If you find an update annoying, it may be a good idea to block or unfriend them. Unfollowing them is one way to ignore them.

Perhaps you have never unfollowed someone on Facebook before. We will guide you on how to do


1. Unfollow Them

The first way to hide someone on Facebook without blocking it is by unfollowing. To unfollow someone on Facebook, follow the steps below:

Step 1: You must log into your account if you haven’t already done so on your phone.

Step 2:  Tap on the magnifying glass icon to open your Newsfeed. The magnifying glass and message can be seen in the top right corner. You can open the search bar by tapping the former. If you type in the name of the person you want to keep an eye on, their profile will show up in the search results.

Step 3: If you tap on it, you can visit their timeline. The friends and message buttons are on just under their bio, profile picture, and cover picture.

Step 4: You’ll see a list of options from the menu when you click on the Friend option. Scroll to Unfollow from the list and click on it.

You may also decide to restrict the user. The option to restrict this person can be found in the floating menu in step 4. Wondering what it will do? If you restrict them, they won’t be able to see any post you make, except those with a public view.

2. Hide Your Online Status from Them on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a popular chat app used to communicate with friends and family. It’s a great way to send text messages, videos, pictures, or share something quickly with your friends.

You can have conversations with people without seeing their updates on your newsfeed, or you can block people from contacting you on the platform.

Here’s how to hide your online status from them:

Step 1: Go to in your web browser and sign in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: You’ll notice that the floating menu is on the left of your Facebook home screen with Chat written on it. Click on it to view a floating menu. The first option with a cogwheel icon beside it is the Preferences; go ahead and click on it to launch the preference tab.

Step 3: Proceed to Turn off the Active Status option at the Preference tab just below your username and profile picture.
Step 4: Once you click the Preference tab, the Active Status will be displayed on the screen with three options:
  • Toggle off the active status for all contacts
  • Toggle off the active status for all contacts except
  • Also, toggle off active status only for some contacts

With the knowledge of the different options here, all you need to do is check the third option and type the name of the person in the blank box under it.

When you do it, you can see their profile when you select it and click the Okay button at the bottom of the tab.


How do you hide a Facebook post that shows up in your Facebook Feed?

To hide a post from showing up on your feed:

  • Navigate to the post you wish to hide in your post.
  • Select (x) in the upper corner of the post.
  • If you change your mind and wish to unhide, select Undo.


Other methods for hiding a post from your feed

There are various methods you can use to hide a post from your feed. The easiest way to do this is to select more in the upper corner of the post and tap the following options:

Hide post: This helps hide individual posts.

Snooze (username) for thirty days: Momentarily hide posts from an individual user, group or page from your feed. This won’t unfriend the user or unfollow the group or page.

Unfollow (name): This hides posts from individual pages, groups or pages from your feed. This won’t unfriend or unfollow the user, group or page.

If the post violates Facebook’s community standards, you are expected to report it. Select “More” in the upper right corner of the post. Next, tap Find support or “Report Post.”


Hide Someone on Facebook Without Blocking FAQs


How do I toggle on or off my Active Status on Messenger?

The “Active Status” feature is a great way to showcase if you are online or recently online. Once you toggle off your active status, it will still show either online or recently online from other areas unless you toggle off active status in those areas as well.

To toggle on or off your active status in Messenger:

  • Navigate to Chat and select your profile photo in the upper left.
  • Select Active Status.
  • In the upper section of the screen, toggle on or off your active status.
  • Select toggle off to deactivate your active status.


How to view or hide active users in Messenger?

To check who’s online on messenger:

A simple way to find out people who have been online or recently online on Facebook or Messenger is to check the people tab or the green icon.

You will also find unread messages together with community chats in the upper section of your chat list.

After toggling on your active status, it will show you online and recently online and among those users who are your friends and contacts.

You can always turn off your active status whenever you like. If you do not want a specific user to access your active status, you can choose to block them on Messenger.

To hide a user from your contacts:

  • There is a way to hide a user from showing up among your contacts on Messenger, for instance, in the people tab or the upper section of your chat list.
  • Look for the user you wish to hide from the upper section of the Chats or People tab.
  • Tap and press on the person’s picture or name.
  • Select Hide Contact.
  • Hiding someone is different from blocking. Facebook won’t send notifications to users you have hidden. However, you can still send them messages and interact with them.


Is it possible for other people to see who my friends on Facebook are?

To make sure that nobody sees who your Facebook friends are, we suggest you use the “only me” option with regards to selecting your friends list audience.

There is a feature called the “mutual friends” list, which is available on a friend’s profile depending on how they set their privacy options.

If you and your friends set your privacy option to “only me” with regards friends list audience, you won’t find anything when you access their profile and vice versa.

Don’t forget that other users will be able to explore your friend lists if you don’t make your friend list more private.

For instance, if you set their privacy option to “public,” for instance, you will display them in their friends list.


When you unfriend anyone on Facebook what do you see?

Facebook does not notify anyone that has been unfriended; they will no longer be found on your friend list. Once the person you unfriend checks their friend list, they may find out that you aren’t listed there anymore.




Following this guide on how to hide someone on Facebook without blocking will only help you keep up with the content you wish to see.

I hope you find this guide resourceful.


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