How to Hide My Following List on Twitter (Takes 15 Seconds!)

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Last updated on March 9th, 2023 at 06:19 pm

While on Twitter, needing a sense of privacy is not out of place.

With the buzz of the platform, wanting to limit some of your details that are open to the public eye is perfectly okay.

Hide My Following List on Twitter

You may wish to have the list of those you are following kept away from the general audience. How to find your way around getting this done is what is going to be treated in this write-up.

So, if you are interested in learning how to keep your Following list on Twitter hidden, take a few minutes of your time and go through this article.

There are millions of people who make use of Twitter for different purposes.

Given the vastness of its active users, Twitter is a good place to leverage and build a very profitable network base.

You can learn a whole lot from the space on a daily by connecting with people that consistently add value to your life.

However, you may not be comfortable with having everyone know who you follow and connect with and that is perfectly fine.


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Can You Hide Your Following List on Twitter?

The list of people you follow can be kept away from the general public if you want it that way.

To keep your Following list hidden, there are a few options you can make use of. These options are discussed below.


How to Keep Your Following List Hidden on Twitter


Make Your Twitter Account Private

When you create your account, your Following list is made open to the public by default.

Anyone can access those you follow by checking out your profile and opening the Following section in your profile.

To keep your Following list hidden, you will have to alter the privacy setting of your account.

You can make your account Private to reduce the number of persons that can access your account to only those you follow and those following you.

Every other User of the platform that is not directly connected to you will not be able to access those you are following.

Making your account private is quite easy.

The steps below will serve as a guide for you to simply have this done.

  1. The first thing to do is to have your Twitter account launched. This you can do by either logging into your account using the Twitter official website or simply launching your Twitter mobile app.
  2. On the homepage that is opened, locate the menu to your left and scroll down to the More option and select it.
  3. Launching the More option will open up another menu page with a list of different sections and features.
  4. Choose the Settings and Privacy
  5. Under this feature, go to Your Twitter Activity and select the Audience and Tagging
  6. You will find the Protect your Tweets This is your privacy option. Toggling to select the option will alter the settings of your account and move it from its Public state to its Private.

Note that your Following list will not be the only detail hidden from the public when you make your account Private. Your tweets will also be hidden as well.



You do not need to make your account private if it is just a number of persons you will want to restrict from viewing those you are following on Twitter.

This is where the Blocking option comes into play.

Blocking is a tool that is made available by Twitter to help its user manage their audience.

If you have someone that you are not comfortable with seeing those you follow on Twitter, you can block the person.

However, when you block someone, in addition to not being able to access your Following list, the person will be denied access to your tweets, will not be able to follow you and will not be able to send direct messages to you.

To block a person on Twitter, go to the Profile page of the user and select the three-dot icon. From the options displayed, select the Block option to have the user blocked.


Create a Private List

Private lists make it possible for you to see the tweets of users that have been added to the list without necessarily following the account of these users officially.

This way, no one will know that you are following a particular account or a number of accounts because you are actually not following these accounts.

Here is how to create a private list.

  1. Go to your Twitter profile page and select the Menu
  2. From the options available, choose
  3. Launch the icon to create a New list.
  4. Choose what the list you are about to create will be called.
  5. Tap on Keep private to remove the list from its default Public setting to Private.
  6. Press the Save button to save the newly created private list.
  7. Go to the profile of someone you wish to add to the list and open the More
  8. Choose the Add to List
  9. You will need to choose the list you wish to add the user to.

Note that the maximum membership capacity for each list on Twitter is 25.


Third-party Apps

You can make use of external software to keep the list of those you are following hidden from the public if you are comfortable with doing so.

Download and install any of the apps you have vetted and are certain are safe enough for you to make use of.

Each application has its mode of operation of which you will be given instructions on what to do.

If you are not certain of the safety of an application, it is best to not make use of it as some third-party apps that claim to be able to help you keep your Following list hidden are harmful.


How to Hide My Following List on Twitter FAQs


Can I keep my following list hidden from those who are following me?

Your followers get to see your list even if you have made your account private.

The only way to prevent your follower from seeing who you are following is if you created a private list and added a user you are not following.

The other option will be to block the follower whom you do not want to see who you are following.


Can I secretly follow someone on Twitter?

With the creation of a private list, you can view the tweets, and other activities of an account without following such an account.

This is the closest you will get to secretly following someone on Twitter.


How do I hide my followers and following lists?

You can make your account private to hide your Following and Followers list; you can block people you are not comfortable with seeing your Following list; you can create a private list as well as employ the service of an external app.

All of these are the different ways to keep your following list on Twitter hidden from the larger public.


Does Twitter inform your followers who you follow?

Your followers are permitted to find out those you are following whether your account is private or public as Twitter recognizes them as those in your inner cycle.




You can still achieve some privacy on Twitter irrespective of the activeness of the platform.

If you do not want the detail of those you are following open to the general public, you can privatize your account.

You can make use of Twitter’s list to connect with people without following them.

Since you do not follow these users, it is perfectly safe for you if you want your connection to these accounts kept hidden.


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