How to View a Private Twitter Account Without Following

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People choose to set their Twitter account private for different reasons and that is perfectly fine as long as they are not making use of it to hurt or harm others.

Account privatization is feasible in almost all social media accounts including Twitter. There are users of the platform that manage their accounts as private accounts.

View a Private Twitter Account

For accounts like this, what can you do when you need to check through the account but you are not a follower of the account and do not have the luxury of being a follower?

You may even wonder if it is possible to check out a private account on Twitter without following the account. All these questions will be answered in this guide.

So, if you are interested in finding out more, dig in!

As a fan, you may be limited and restricted from seeing the tweets of your favourite celebrity because you are not a follower of the account.

You may need to confirm the identity of a user but not have access to such information even when it is very important to you because the account in question is private.

The bottom line is that there will be legitimate reasons why you may need to check out a private account on Twitter without following the account.

How to do so might seem like a problem until you learn ways around making this possible.


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Ways to View a Private Twitter Account Without Following the Accounts

To begin with, you can view a private account and even protected tweets using one or the combination of more than one of the methods explained below.

However, before you go on to learn these methods for viewing a private Twitter account without following the account, understand that you are not permitted to make use of any of the methods discussed for fraudulent activities.


Method 1: Create a Proxy Account

There are accounts on Twitter that can be created to allow users to access private accounts. This account is referred to as a proxy account.

Proxy accounts can allow you to track the account of a private user and give you access to their tweets. To make use of this account, you need a strong and stable internet connection and an active email.

There is a limit to the number of private tweets that you can have access to. The restriction is pegged at a maximum of 5000 tweets in a week.

With the limitation rate, you can select the tweets you wish to see as this will not afford you the luxury of covering all the tweets that are protected that you may be interested in.


Method 2: Tracking

Tracking the phone of a private account user is another method of checking out the details in a private account on Twitter without following the account.

The mobile device of a user operating a private account can be tracked without the installation of tracking software into the device of the user.

With this, you can access many things including the details and tweets of their private Twitter account.

This method is not advisable except under permitted conditions as this is a breach of privacy.


Method 3: Proxy Services

Proxy services are another tool that can be employed to view a private account without following the account.

Proxy websites allow you to check out the profile of a user on Twitter indirectly.

This means that you will not need to follow the account to have access to the account. They are simple to use.

Decide a proxy website to use, enter the details such as the username of the private account you wish to view and you will be redirected to the account directly.

It is important to note that the use of proxy websites to obtain private information can be potentially harmful.


Method 4: External Application

Software and external applications generally referred to as third-party apps can help you view a private account on Twitter without the need to follow the account.

Most of these applications are easy to make use of. All you will need to do is to have the application installed on your mobile device or your PC.

Then, have it configured and linked to your Twitter account.

When you have the software set up, you can put in the username of the account you wish to view on Twitter that is private and the account will be made open to you without you having to follow the account on the platform.

You will be able to access details of the account including tweets generated from the account.


Method 5: Followers List

If following a particular private account is seeming impossible, you can make use of the option of following a follower of the account.

You can check out other platforms to get recommendations of who to follow among their followers.

A close acquaintance as seen on another platform like Facebook, a blogger etc. may be a better candidate to follow as you may get more info about this account from these categories of people than from others.

You can reach a user you know follows the account you need details about and ask your questions if you only need to find out a few things about the account.


Method 6: Create a New Account

If the problem is that you do not want your current account to be featured under the Following list of a particular account that is why you have decided not to follow the account, then, you can try the alternative of creating another account.

You can make use of details that you are comfortable with being displayed on the Following list of the account.

Thereafter, you can simply follow the account and get to see all you need to see about the account firsthand.

You will need an email address and phone number that is different from the one you use in opening your current account to create a new account on Twitter.


How to View a Private Twitter Account Without Following FAQs


Can I view a private Twitter account without following the account?

The norm is that the content in a private Twitter account is only opened to the people that the account is following or that are following the account.

Other Twitter users that do not fit into this category will not have access to a private account. However, there are a few tools that can be used to gain access to a private account that you are not following.


Why can I not view protected tweets using a proxy account?

Proxy account creation is a means of accessing private tweets. Nonetheless, there is a limit to the number of private tweets you can view per time.

In a week, you are only allowed to view 5000 private tweets.

The reason you may not be able to access private tweets with your proxy account can be a result of the exhaustion of the number of tweets you can view in a week.

The other reasons can be app or device dependent. You can check your network connection as well.




Note that everyone owns the right to their privacy, as such checking out a privatized account for fraudulent reasons is offensive and comes with its consequences not only on the Twitter platform but in a legal sense.

For whatever reasons you have to check out a private account on Twitter without following the account, ensure it is for an important cause that is not aimed at causing harm to the holder of an account.

If being a follower is not a big deal to you, you can simply connect with the account and find out as many details about the account as you would please.


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