How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter

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Twitter has made it possible for its users to be able to manage their space and audience.

You can decide who should have access to you on Twitter and who should not with the blocking feature that is made available to users.

Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter

This of course is not a bad thing until you are at the receiving end of this action. If someone blocked you on Twitter, you will not receive a special notification to that effect.

This is because Twitter wishes to maintain the privacy of its users and some of their actions, as they should.

This then leaves you wondering who may or may not have had you blocked from their account.

With an understanding of how this may be somewhat of a concern, this article is meant to help you find out those that have blocked you on Twitter.

Take a few minutes to learn how to know if someone blocked you on Twitter by reading through this article.


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Can I Find out Who Blocked me on Twitter?

Twitter will not notify you when you are blocked by a user on Twitter.

Nonetheless, you can infer and confirm if you have been blocked by someone on Twitter by doing and checking out a couple of things that you will learn as you continue reading.


What is Blocking on Twitter?

Blocking is a feature that is made available on Twitter as with many other social media and applications that allows you to filter the people you want to be able to relate to you.

Making use of the blocking feature places an access restriction on whomever you decided to block.

Note that the feature is reciprocal. This means that all the restrictions placed on an account when you block such an account are equally placed on you.

The big difference is that if you did the blocking, you call the shots i.e. you get to decide if the other user should be unblocked or not.

To block a user on Twitter, you can simply go to the profile page of the user you want to block, search for the gear icon and initiate the icon. A menu of options will be dropped down. Select the blocking option to have the person blocked.

You can select the More icon ••• on the tweet of the user and select Block from the options that will be displayed.


Who Blocked me on Twitter?

If you are the recipient of the action i.e. if you are the one being blocked, here are a couple of things to check out that will help you confirm if the person you are suspecting has blocked you on Twitter.


Profile Page

You can find out if you have been blocked by a user by checking the profile page of the user.

To go to the profile page of the account in question, you have to know the username of the account.

If the suspected account belongs to someone whose username you do not know, then, you will have to sort that out first.

Follow the steps below to navigate to the profile page of the account;

  1. Open the Twitter platform. Do so by launching your mobile app or logging into the platform using a browser.
  2. In the search column of your homepage, enter the username of the account and initiate the search process.
  3. The name will appear on the result. Select the name to open the profile.

If you have been blocked, you will not be able to access certain details in the account. It will seem as though the account is a private account.

Things like the profile picture of the user, details on who the user is following etc. will be kept away from you.


Direct Message

The direct message feature is restricted for an account that has been blocked.

You will not be able to send a direct message to a user that you have blocked. The same goes if a user blocked you.

You can make use of this to find out if you have been blocked by someone on Twitter.

Try sending a direct message and wait to see if it will go through. If it does not, then, that might just confirm the fact that you have been blocked.


Followership Status

Once an account blocks you, even though you were either being followed by the account or you were following the account, your followership status will be revoked and you will not be able to follow the account anymore.

If you were already connected to the account, go to the profile page of the account and check if your followership status with the account has been revoked. If it has, you will find the Follow option now active.

Take a step further and try to follow the account. If you have been blocked, you will be sent an alert that you cannot follow the account because you have been blocked.

This is a sure way to find out if you have been blocked by an account.



Tweets are privatized and kept hidden from users that have been blocked.

If you have been blocked by an account, you will no longer be permitted to see the tweets made by the account even if the account is public.

So, if you noticed that this is the case with an account you feel has blocked you, you can try following the account to confirm.

In the same vein, the account will not be able to see your tweets as well.



You will not be able to tag an account that has blocked you.

So, you can create a tweet or a video and try tagging an account that you think has blocked you. If you are not allowed to do so, your hunch might just be correct.


How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter FAQs


Why do people block others on Twitter?

The reasons why people get blocked differ for every block case scenario.

On a general note, most times people are blocked as a result of a threat to the privacy and safety of the blocker.


Can I block someone who blocked you?

You can block someone who has blocked you on Twitter.

This way, even if you are unblocked by the user in the future, the settings between the two account will remain the way it is until you decide otherwise.

To do this, tap on the More icon close the last tweet from the account and select the blocking feature.


What happens when someone blocks me on Twitter?

When you are blocked by someone on Twitter, you will be denied access to the details on the profile page of the user.

You will not be able to send direct messages to the account and tagging the account in your tweets will be impossible.

Your followership status will be revoked if you were a follower and if you were not a follower, you will be allowed to follow the account.

Recent tweets from the account from the time when you were blocked will be hidden from you.




Being blocked by a user might come with different emotions. Except you are guilty and did earn being blocked, you should not worry.

There are times when people get blocked because the account holder is not comfortable with allowing these persons to see what they are doing.

If you are in the habit of being disrespectful and disregarding the codes of conduct of the Twitter community, then, you should desist from this habit.

Sooner or later, your account may be suspended from the Twitter community if you keep at what you do.


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