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Are you in search of the most effective Twitter private profile viewer online? This article will show you the best you need. 

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Twitter Private Profile Viewer Online

It has managed to remain at the forefront of microblogging innovation, introducing new features consistently.

One of its most recent additions is the ability for users to set up private Twitter profiles.

This implies that users can freely own both private and public Twitter profiles. The major distinction between them is who can view or access your content. 

While a private Twitter profile limits those who can access your content to those who follow your account, public Twitter profiles allow anyone to view your account, even when they are not on your list of followers.

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If you want to follow a private profile, you’d have to send a “follow request”. 

Lots of reasons exist for wanting to check out a private Twitter profile. For instance, you may want to snoop on your friend’s online activity or ensure that your kid is acting responsibly on social media. 

Let’s intricately analyze the best Twitter Private Profile Viewer Online below. 


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4 Best Twitter Private Profile Viewer Online 

I have rounded up the 4 best Twitter private profile viewers online for you to easily access hidden Twitter media.

From online tools to software downloads, these Twitter media viewers offer a quick and easy solution to see private Twitter profiles.



Twstalker is one of the most popular Twitter private profile viewers online. 

Here are some of its features:

  • The tool is fully online and can be easily accessible to any smartphone or PC. 
  • It can assist you in monitoring trends on Twitter. 
  • It can also help you discover famous Twitter influencers and get to know them better. 
  • You can also use the tool to discover and track viral hashtags that are trending on Twitter. 
  • It shows you the tweets and data associated with private profiles on Twitter.
  • It will also display follower counts, media and posts on all Twitter profiles. 


Here’s how to use Twstalker:

  • Access the platform by visiting
  • Then you will see a plain search field with the text “Search Username”.
  • In the search field, input the username of the Twitter private profile you wish to see. Next, tap the search option. 
  • Wait a few seconds, and a result listing will appear. Navigate down and select the private profile you are interested in. 
  • You can enter any profile page and check the data associated with the profile. 


How to check top hashtags with Twstalker:

  • First, access the tool and navigate to the main dashboard
  • You can easily discover a listing of popular hashtags. 
  • Select any of the hashtags to access the posts that contain them. 
  • Also, you can find the most popular posts and Twitter users by navigating to the primary dashboard of the platform. 



Foller is another super effective online tool for accessing private profiles on Twitter. It can give you all the data and information associated with the profile you are interested in.

This tool is highly credible, offers the latest information in real-time and is accurate. 


Here are some of its features: 

  • It is effective for accessing all Twitter profiles.
  • You can use the tool to evaluate stats and data associated with Twitter profiles. All you need to do is search. 
  • The tool can also display the date on which the Twitter profile was set up.
  • It can help you find the time zone of any Twitter account. 
  • The search results from the tool are organized into topics, mentions and hashtags for easy identification.
  • Search results are accurate and recent, i.e. from the latest tweets. 


Here’s how to use the tool:

  • Access the online tool via
  • Navigate to the upper right corner of the dashboard and locate the tiny grey text box. 
  • To discover and find the username of the private profile you need, input the username. 
  • Wait five seconds or less; the tool will reveal the details of the private profile. 
  • There is a tiny grey input box in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You must search for the profile you wish to view by entering its username.
  • After a brief delay, the tool will show you the profile’s details on your screen.


How to use the tool to find Twitter Analytics

  • Access the online tool. 
  • Locate the white search field. Input the username of the private profile that you wish to get analytics on. Select “Analyze”.
  • A new page will be opened. Here you will find the analytics associated with that profile. This includes account data, profile stats, hashtag activities, mentions, tweets and retweets. 



Another great tool is Twuko. It is a user-friendly platform that lets you access private Twitter profiles.

It is reliable and can help you discover and analyze all types of Twitter accounts, providing you with accurate statistics and information. 


Here are some features of Twuko: 

  • It offers you recent and genuine data associated with Twitter profiles. 
  • It lets you easily save photos and video clips from Twitter for offline viewing. 
  • It is forever free.
  • You can find information about trendy profiles and recently searched profiles by other Twitter users. 
  • You can also check which Twitter post is the most talked about and see their engagement retweets, likes and comments. 


Here’s how to use the tool to find private Twitter profiles:

  • Input the URL in your web browser to use the Twuko tool:
  • Locate and click the search button (magnifying glass symbol) on the primary dashboard. 
  • Then, a new search page will open. All you have to do is input the username of the private profile you are interested in. 
  • In the search field that has the label “search Twitter here”, input the username and tap to find the profile. 
  • Then, you have to select “people” and navigate to the results list to discover and tap the profile you wish to access. 


Other uses:

  • Access the online tool. Navigate to and select the upward button to discover the most popular Twitter hashtags. 
  • Whenever you select those hashtags, you’ll be able to check the posts that contain them. 
  • On the website’s main dashboard, you will find the hottest search profiles. 
  • You can also organize your search by selecting the magnifying glass button; you will find relevant posts, users, pictures, and video clips associated with your search term. 



Mspy is a widely used profile viewer platform. It is known to be a hidden and stealth mobile spy tool. It can also be installed in an app format. 

It is easily the perfect app for having access remotely and finding data and details about any smartphone. 

Here are some features of Mspy:

  • The tool helps in discovering the whereabouts of any smartphone remotely. 
  • You can track sent and received SMSs and even calls. 
  • It enables you to get notifications once a call gets to the target’s phone.
  • The tool is highly accessible and can be installed on iOS and Android devices. 
  • No need to root the smartphone to use the app.
  • After you have downloaded this application on the target’s phone, it becomes fully unnoticeable. 
  • 24-hour customer support is available in various languages. 
  • The tool is budget-friendly.
  • You will get updates about your target’s activities in real-time. 
  • You can access pictures, video clips, search activities and the history of your target’s device. 
  • It tracks the activities of targets on social media. 


Here’s how to use the tool to view Twitter private profiles online:

  • To begin, access the mSpy app. You will have to select and purchase any subscription plan you wish to use. 
  • Then, install, save and activate the app on the mobile phone of your target. 
  • Ensure you properly sign into your mSpy account to access the dashboard. 
  • Once the target user logs into their private Twitter profile with their smartphone, mSpy will access its data. 
  • The app will display all the data associated with the Twitter profile for your viewing.


Twitter Media Viewer Online FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Twitter media viewer.


What does Private Profile mean on Twitter?

A private profile on Twitter is one in which the owner has changed to private in order to protect their tweet. 

As you first set up your Twitter account, your profile will automatically be set to public. This allows everyone to access your tweets, whether they are on your list of followers or not. 

However, you can protect your tweets and control who can access your tweets. All you have to do is set your profile to private. 

A private profile on Twitter makes it easy to limit who has access to your tweets. This is because those who aren’t yet on your follow list will be barred from seeing your tweets and have to send a request. Feel free to decline or approve it. 


Why should I bother to check a private profile on Twitter?

There are valid reasons why you should check out a private Twitter profile. Here are some of them:

  • If your teenage kid has recently changed her Twitter profile to private, then there’s a likelihood that they don’t want you to find out their tweets. 
  • Or, if your spouse has a private profile, then you may want to find out if signs of their infidelity are splattered on Twitter. 


Is It Okay to Check Out a Private Twitter Account?

As long as you check out the private Twitter profile of a person you are acquainted with or have some relationship with, then it’s fine. 

If you follow this rule, you won’t have to feel threatened about legal ramifications along the line because it is fair. 




In this article, we explored the four best tools for accessing private profiles on Twitter. They include Twuko, Foller.Me, mSpy and Twstalker.

We also analyzed their feature and how they can be used to check the analytics of all Twitter accounts. 

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